November 15th 3:10pm

Where Are Our Parents? Two Of Kate Gosselin’s Bad Azz 6-Year-Olds Get Kicked Out Of School

So it turns out all this being on T.V. all their lives, retarded father, more retarded divorce and having mommy fly back and forth to dance with the stars hasn’t left all of the Gosselin sextuplets well adjusted. Please try not to let the shock disrupt your afternoon too much.

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November 15th 2:49pm

Tiger’s Top Tramp Rachel Uchitel Says She’s Really Just A Sucker For Love, And THAT’S What Makes Her A Ho

Tiger‘s top tramp Rachel “U-Can-Tell-I’m-A-Ho” is still talking about her ho ways to anyone who’ll listen. Actually, she’ll do it even if no one is listening.

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November 15th 2:18pm

When It Comes To ‘The Single Black Women’ Conversation, Is It Time To Change The Subject???

Last week’s conversations about the “unwed Black mother problem” and its potential solutions had many Bossip readers saying ‘Here We Go Again…”

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November 15th 2:13pm

Diddy Says You Just Don’t Understand… Then Gives Kim Porter Hope

Oh wait. Y’all thought Diddy was really hurt? Just cuz Jay Electronica’s Bromance with Jigga Man is gonna actually make them some bread? Diddy tricked you!

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November 15th 1:56pm

Twitter Files: Game Still Wishes To Reunite G-Unit

Game wants peace with 50 Cent and is asking for a chance to reunite the entire G-Unit crew. Continue…

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November 15th 1:17pm

Hate It Or Love It: New Michael Jackson – “Hold My Hand” Featuring Akon

The first, official, accepted, undisputed, you-cant’-tell-us-that-ain’t-Michael, Akon-was-there-when-it-was-recorded song from the new Michael Jackon album “Michael” was release last night.

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November 15th 1:09pm

Garcelle Beauvais Spends Some Quality Time With Her Twins And Her Soon To Be Ex-Hubby, Their Dirty Dog Dad

Garcelle Beauvais Nilon spent some time with her soon to be ex-husband Mike and their 3-year-old twin boys Jax and Jaid yesterday at L.A.’s Farmer’s Market.

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November 15th 12:43pm

Soulja Boy Speaks on Kat Stack’s Deportation: “Once Karma Comes To You, What You Gon’ Do?”

Soulja Boy has decided to take some timeout to address Kat Stacks and her deportation situation.

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November 15th 11:49am

How She Started Her Shoe Design Business

Candra Palmer’s story of successful entrepreneurship isn’t the typical one peppered with anecdotes about jumping in feet first, making lots of mistakes, and struggling toward stability. Her business started out as a carefully, meticulously-planned venture that involved a number of calculated decisions including working for free, selling clothing in a mall, and making products at…

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November 15th 11:48am

WTF: 16 Years After His Own Death, Dirty Old Man Gets Knocked For Killing A 12-Year-Old

In 1994, Thomas Steven Sanders’s family had him declared dead. This weekend, he was arrested in Mississippi for killing a little girl who wasn’t born until ’98.

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November 15th 11:22am

Someone Else Is After Sheree Whitfield’s Dough, And They’re Airing Her Out To Her ‘Employers’

Dayum! Atlanta ‘Housewife’ Sheree didn’t pay ANY of the people who helped her take her baller ex Bob Whitfield to the cleaners in their divorce.

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November 15th 10:50am

The Ultimate Break Up Playlist

That man is at it again. Seems like he has no act-right in him and this time, it’s really done

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November 15th 10:43am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Bernie Madoff’s Auction Makes Gwap For Victims

Gotta love it when Karma comes back around so swiftly for someone who has taken advantage of so many people.

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November 15th 10:18am

Take That: Diddy’s 10 Biggest Temper Tantrums

Diddy, Diddy, Diddy. He’s been a multi-platform superstar for almost two decades now and his public acts have been legendary.

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