November 17th 9:32am

Quote Of The Day: Rihanna Goes In On Hatin’ A$s Blogs And The Losers Who Read Them

Rihanna had an epiphany, and just now figured out that everyone who writes on and/or reads blogs hate EVERYTHING about themselves: I read the blogs sometimes, it depends on what it is I am trying to find out. I’m a lot more numb to it now only because I understand what it is.

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November 17th 9:00am

Poor Thang! Brandy Breaks Down Crying After Bristol Palin Sends Her Packing On Dancing With The Stars!

Perfect tango or not, Dancing With The Stars fans were not about to give Brandy and her wig front swag anymore shine.

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November 17th 8:27am

Congratulations! P!nk Confirms She’s Got A Gut Full Of Husband-Again!

R&B singer turned rocker P!nk went on the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday to show off the permanent gift she just got from her formerly estranged hubby: her very own mini-me.

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November 16th 7:13pm

*Exclusive* Mike Epps & The Rock’s New Movie Trailer For “Faster” [Video]

This THANKSGIVING, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back and ready for action in FASTER. Directed by George Tillman Jr., the upcoming revenge thriller from CBS Films, follows Driver on his hunt to avenge his brother’s death.

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November 16th 6:36pm

We Knew Waka Flocka’s Mom Was Gangsta… Now We Know Why

The most intriguing person Gucci Mane has introduced to the world through his career is his auntie/manager, Waka Flocka‘s momager Debra Antney.

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November 16th 6:22pm

Random Ridiculousness: Crazy Broad Tries To Slice Tattoo Of Her Name Off Her Boyfriend’s Neck

This is comedy: Following an argument with her boyfriend, a knife-wielding Nebraska woman allegedly attempted to cut off a tattoo of her name from the man’s neck, cops charge.

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November 16th 5:54pm

SMH: Driver Who Killed Five In Car Crash Last Easter Could Be Home In Seven Years

Two weeks ago, Aimee Michael was sentenced to less than fifty years for taking five lives in a hit run last year. The judge ordered her to spend 36 years of her sentence behind bars, with the other fourteen years to be spent on probation.

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November 16th 5:13pm

Dude Looks Like A Lady: 10 Celebrities Caught With Trannys!

Although it may be embarrassing to get caught with a Transvestite, it’s twice as bad when you’re a celebrity and get caught in the public eye.

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November 16th 4:53pm

Is Tony Parker Ready To Trade His Cougar Wife Eva Longoria In For A Newer Model?

TMZ reported earlier that Tony Parker had finally gotten tired of being Eva Longoria’s bitch and had file for divorce

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