October 6th 12:42pm

Pink Slip Time: ESPN Fires Hank Williams, Jr. For His Comments Comparing Obama To Hitler

Keep your apology to yourself, Mr. Williams, Jr. ESPN sent his a$$ to the unemployment office.

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October 6th 12:38pm

Ho Sit Down: Herman Cain’s 7 Most Outrageous Statements

Folks thought Cain was down for the count but thanks to his frequent bouts of verbal diarheaa, Cain is still circulating in the press and on the minds of voters.

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October 6th 12:30pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 6th 12:23pm

Side Eye: Terrell Owens Says He’ll Be Ready To Return To Football In One Month

Terrell Owens is back to his attention whoring ways. Again.

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October 6th 12:14pm

RIP Steve Jobs: 10 Of Steve Jobs Most Important Products

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56, but he left the world with an incredible array of visionary products that he helped design and create what Apple is today.

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October 6th 11:52am

90′s Dance Moves You Wish You Could Still Do In The Club

What were your favorite moves back in the day?

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October 6th 10:34am

LOSER!!: Chad Ochocinco Banned From Twitter For 3 Weeks After Losing Mystery Bet With Unknown Person

We never thought we’d see the day that Chad’s attention whoring would cease…

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October 6th 10:24am

Some Illuminati Community Giving: Hovi Hov’s NYC Carnival Raises A Milli For The Kids

Hovi told y’all his greatness is all about making these little hood children great too.

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