July 30th 9:14am

Let’s Talk About Jump-Offs

This will not be your ordinary jump off bashing post

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July 30th 7:00am

Gone Too Soon: Stars We Lost Before The Age Of 30

The recent Amy Winehouse tragedy has caused many to look at stars that died at 27, but unfortunately there’s a longer list of stars that died before they saw their 30th birthdays.

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July 29th 5:42pm

Watch The Throne: The Best Photos Of Jay-Z & Kanye West

Let’s be clear, just because Jay-Z and Kanye West decided to name their album “Watch The Throne,” doesn’t mean we just started watching them.

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July 29th 5:36pm

Pimpin’ All Over The World Pt. 2: The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Nowadays, most people are just one “Kayak” search away from finding the dopest, posh-est hotels anywhere for dirt cheap.

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July 29th 4:59pm

The Boombox Edition: The King’s Court Edition

New Music Bridget Kelly, Huge, K.Koke, Rita Ora and Alexis Jordan

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July 29th 3:35pm

Congratulations: Amber Rose Starring In “Gang Of Roses” Sequel… But Who Owns The Title Of Hottest Vixen Vigilante?

So that “Western” movie role Amber Rose has been talking about turns out to be the sequel to “Gang of Roses”

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