June 28th 5:00pm

What is Planking & Why Are Your Favorite Rappers Doing It? [Photos]

If you have logged onto any social network websites within the past couple of days, then you probably have heard the word planking as it continues to take over the internet.

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June 28th 4:29pm

5 Ways to Defend Marriage Equality to the Bigots

Friday night New York State took a big step in securing that all the people of this great state are afforded specific civil liberties.

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June 28th 4:25pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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June 28th 4:22pm

Brooklyn Mother Suing Cornell Frat: “Hazing Killed My Son”

He was kidnapped in on Feb. 25 by fraternity pledges “who bound his wrists and ankles with zip ties and duct tape, then forced him to drink until he passed out, according to the suit.”

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June 28th 3:57pm

The Bossip Boombox: The “Marvin’s Room” Special Edition

Now that Drizzy has regained control of his “Marvin’s Room” buzz by shutting down the remixes with a video, we figured it was time to ask: Who owns “Marvin’s Room” so far?

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June 28th 3:56pm

Congratulations: Tia Mowry Gives Birth To A Precious Baby Boy!!!

Aw shiggity get the champagne and cigars! Tia Mowry’s gut full has popped…

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June 28th 3:22pm

Check Out The Thick A*s Thighs On This Alicia Keys Madame Tussaud Wax Figure… Flossin’ In Them Tight Leather Pants

‘Licia “Luscious Thighs” Keys is the latest celeb to be duplicated in wax for Madame Tussaud’s and it looks like we aren’t the only ones who have noticed her thunder down under…

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June 28th 2:45pm

Guess Which Reality TV Dirt Dog Is Trying To Unload This $19.9 Million Crib

This house belongs to the most notorious, unseen dirty dog in Reality TV history to date… For now. But he’s been trying to get rid of it for two years. Too bad his ex jump-off’s new baby daddy can’t afford it…

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June 28th 1:44pm

BET President Stephen Hill Cops To Screwing Up The Viewer’s Choice Award With C-Breezy-Rih-Rih Mix-Up

That awkward moment when you and your ex-girlfriend who you beat up both win an award at the same time…

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June 28th 12:54pm

In Sick FAWK News: 81-Year-Old Pedophile Busted For Trying To Kidnap A Preteen

At 81 years of age, you would think a child molester would be trying to get closer to God … not a 12-year-old!

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