May 10th 10:43am

Apprentice Or Not, NeNe Leakes Is Still The Hottest Housewife By Far

Although Nene Leakes won’t be named Donald Trump’s ‘apprentice’, there’s one title we’re sure she’ll maintain; Bravo TV’s ‘hottest housewife.’

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May 10th 10:43am

Oh Behave! Celebrities Caught Doin’ The Nasty When They Least Expected It

We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re in public, and you feel a lil somethin somethin in your nose, a wedgie building in you pants, or something

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May 10th 10:33am

Dayuummm: Microsoft Acquiring Skype For $8.5 BILLION

Not sure if this Skype acquisition will put Microsoft back on the map, but they’re hoping to compete Google with this expensive purchase:

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May 10th 10:06am

Ladies, Would You Hit This??

Here is U.S. Representative Aaron Schock (IL) on the cover the June issue of Men’s Health flexing his lil Congressman-Banger abs.

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May 10th 10:05am

What The Hell??? Gary Coleman Still Hasn’t Been Buried

Gary Coleman died on May 28, 2010. And not one of the horrible people who were in his life has managed to get it together enough to give the man a proper burial.

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May 10th 9:31am

In White Folks News: Alicia Silverstone Welcomes Bouncing Baby Boy

Actress Alicia Silverstone finally dropped that load and gave birth to a baby boy on Friday

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May 10th 9:20am

Divorces: It’s A Wrap For Maria Shriver And The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger

After 25 years of matrimony-dom, Maria Kennedy Shriver looks like she might be ready to chunk Arnold the deuces.

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May 10th 9:11am

The 16th Minute: Bristol Palin Is Moving In With 2 Black Men To Stay Relevant

SMH at Bristol Palin and her son Tripp moving in with Chris and Kyle Massey for Reality TV:

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May 10th 8:55am

Rumor Control: One-Time Confirms Bobbi Kristina Was Involved In An ‘Incident,’ But…

Sometimes, statements that are supposed to shut down rumors just make matters worse.

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May 10th 8:40am

Congratulations On Covert Matrimony-dom: Did Luda Secretly Wife Up His Banger?

Rumor has it Luda put a ring on it… and we can’t say we blame him a bit!

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May 10th 8:29am

We Didn’t Even Know He Had A Baby… The Mother Of Jermaine Dupri’s 7-Month-Old Is Already Suing

Yes, Jermaine Dupri has a 7-month-old. And he’s already fallen behind on his child support payments already.

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