July 19th 2:00pm

Major in This, Get A Job!

Not all coursework created equally.

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July 19th 1:50pm

Vows And Miranda Rights: Woman Gets Arrested At Her Own Wedding For Identity Theft

We’ve heard that marriage was like getting the shackles put on, but this is on another level.

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July 19th 1:45pm

Someone Bring Football Back And Save These Clowns: Look At This NFL Player’s Dumb Tattoo

See what happens when these clowns have so much free time on their hands?

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July 19th 12:52pm

Man Throws Pie At Rupert Murdoch And Wife Performs Kung Fu On His Face! [Video]

Peep the history on Rupert’s wife “Wendi Deng Murdoch” below.

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July 19th 12:22pm

Bangers: La La Vazquez And Kelly Rowland Show You How To Workout BFF Style For Shape Magazine

La La Vazquez and Kelly Rowland did a spread for Shape Magazine showing how BFF’s can partner up and workout together…

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July 19th 11:07am

Hot And Bothered: Atlanta Man Popped For Setting A Teenage Boy On Fire During Sex!!

This guy clearly took the idea of “hot and steamy” waaaay too far…

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July 19th 11:01am

Girl Code: 5 Common Courtesies You Owe Every Woman

There’s this nasty, little lie that women are so catty, they just can’t seem to get along with one another.

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July 19th 10:35am

How Is This All White U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Team Inspiring To Inner City Girls? [Video]

We really wish the U.S.A. Women’s National team was an actual reflection of the talent in the U.S., but sadly it’s not

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July 19th 10:15am

Question Of The Day: Should Evelyn Be Mad That Jen Called Chad What He Is An Attention Whore?

Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” showed you the moment we told you was coming… the tension between BFF’s Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams reached an all time high

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July 19th 10:00am

ChitChatter: Hovi Hov Explains How Constantly Biting Biggie’s Lyrics Keeps His Legacy Alive [Video]

Back when he was plotting out his extended promo-hoeing of his book “Decoded,” Jay-Z opened up about being criticized for using a Biggie verse in every third song.

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