February 23rd 2:31pm

Sticky Fingers Lohan Showed Up In Court Begging For A Plea And Got…

Lindsay Lohan toned down her look for court today, hoping to catch yet another break by landing a plea deal.

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February 23rd 1:59pm

Which Of These Women’s Men Is Shaunie O’Neal Stirring Up Drama For Now?

We already know that between Suzie Ketchum and Royce Reed, the “Basketball Wives” cast is going to be short at least one non-wife next season. Word is, Shaunie has recruited one of the ex girlfriend of one of these women’s boo to fill the slot. Can you guess who?

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February 23rd 1:59pm

New Survey Shows That Hate Groups Are On The Rise Across America

And Sarah Palin and those Tea Party b*tches want to act like they don’t contribute to this bullsh*t…*side-eye*

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February 23rd 1:26pm

There’s No Future In Your Frontin': One “Source” Says Rih Rih BEEN Letting Ryan Phillippe Smash, Another Says “Hell No!”

Rih Riiiiiiih you got some ‘splain to do! *Ricky Ricardo voice* Rihanna’s got a steamy new collaboration! Though one source told Us Weekly the singer, 23, appeared to blow off Ryan Phillippe, 36, at a Gucci/Roc Nation brunch in L.A. on Feb. 12, a second insider says it was actually just the opposite — and…

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February 23rd 1:20pm

The Game Recap: All Are Playing Fair

Last night’s episode of “The Game” began with a few foul balls

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February 23rd 1:06pm

Aretha Franklin To Fantasia’s Boycott: In This Business, You Don’t Always Get What You Want…

Aretha Franklin has decided to respond to Fantasia’s GRAMMY boycott:

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February 23rd 1:01pm

Curtain Call: 10 People Oprah Should Interview Before Her Show Goes Off The Air

Oprah has seemingly interviewed everybody in her decades on the infamous couch.

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February 23rd 12:27pm

Inside Rihanna’s 23rd Birthday Party (Photo Gallery)

Remember we told you Rihanna’s 23rd birthday was poppin???

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February 23rd 12:04pm

Caption This

Here is Baron Davis talking to someone in the the stands this past weekend.

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February 23rd 11:31am

In Those Genes: 10 Women With Natural Curves

In a world where artificially enhanced parts are becoming more and more popular, HipHopWired wants to highlight some of the ladies with good genes and NOT just good docs.

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February 23rd 11:30am

Is Motor City “Running on Empty” Or Are Reports of Detroit’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Has Detroit reached its tipping point? Is the implosion of the American auto industry a kind of man-made Katrina for the Motor City?  Or will Detroit rise up from its ash heap of urban devastation and round a corner as adroitly and smoothly as a newfangled gas-electric hybrid?

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February 23rd 11:00am

So Grown A$s Women Are Fighting Over Girl Scout Cookies Now???

This story is pure random ridiculousness: Police say a brawl between roommates over Girl Scout cookies led to assault charges against one of them.

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February 23rd 10:33am

Celebs Your Man Should Dress Like

The men on this list fly in private planes, throw parties at the Hamptons, and have millions, literally millions, in the bank.

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