September 15th 7:00pm

Covergirls: Mary J. Blige Gives Ebony Two Faces For October 2011 Issue [Video]

One cover can’t possibly capture fantastic wonder that is Happy Mary at 40.

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September 15th 6:37pm

SMH: A HoodRat And A Roach Catch Fade On SpongeBob [Video]

Los Angeles is full of foolery, Which is probably why its the only place anyone would see SpongeBob get into it with two greased up chickens in the middle of Hollywood Blvd…

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September 15th 6:34pm

Let’s Try This Again: “T.I. Is ‘The Inmate’ No More, Officially Released From Prison This Morning”

Now that “the man” has found another rapper to take T.I.‘s place in jail (hold ya head, Gucci…)

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September 15th 5:18pm

Tupac Shakur Career Highlights: Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of His Death

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur. Check out 10 highlights of his illustrious career.

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September 15th 5:17pm

America’s Next Top Model’s Favorite “He-She” Is Back!: Isis King Is On His Her Its The New Cycle [Video]

Isis is just trying to inspire all the lil Fee-Fee’s and Antoine Dodson’s out there! Whaaaaat?

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September 15th 3:48pm

Whaazuup! : 30 Hip Hop Lyrical References To Martin

Martin was must see TV. From 1992-1997, busting a gut off ol’ Marty Mart and his cast of characters was a Thursday night ritual for many in the black community.

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September 15th 3:42pm

Japanese Dogs Jump Rope Breaking Record [Video]

Damn dogs are so frickin cuuute!

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September 15th 3:38pm

Here’s One Great Reason Why Halle Berry Shouldn’t Go Back To Long Hair Don’t Care…

Not only does Halle Berry have a bangin’ body but those short tresses on the top of her dome give her that extra “I’m That Chick” edge. While on set filming “Cloud Atlas” in Europe, a couple of pics were snapped

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