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15 Celebrities Who Revealed How Many People They’ve Slept With

You ever want to know how many people your favorite celebrities have been with? Well, you don’t have to wonder long. These celebs were happy to reveal the amount of people they’ve been with and they had no shame about it. Take a look.


Wilt Chamberlain – He wrote in his book that he slept with 20,000 women in his lifetime.

Erica Mena-California-WENN

Erica Mena – There’s rumors going around that she is saying in her new book that she slept with 300 in her life.

Lindsay Lohan-Spain-WENN

Lindsay Lohan – She revealed a list of 36 celebrities she slept with…for no reason whatsoever.

Harry Styles-Weymouth-WENN

Harry Styles – This One Direction standout has admitted to a number that’s somewhere between 10 and 50. Hmmmm…

Anna Faris-California-WENN

Anna Faris – She revealed that she’s only had five partners in her whole life. Not bad.

Hugh Hefner-London-WENN

Hugh Hefner – He has mentioned that he’s been more than 1,000 women (and a couple of men).

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Simon Cowell-WENN

Simon Cowell – He’s admitted to 2,000 partners through is time running rough-shod on the dating scene in the 80s and 90s.

Dennis Rodman-New York-WENN

Dennis Rodman – He also admitted to having 2,000 women, too. How, Sway?

Charlie Sheen-London-WENN

Charlie Sheen – His number is upwards of 5,000, but he’s admitted to paying for some of them. Does that still count?


Fidel Castro – He had women delivered to him every day for a long time so the estimate is 35,000 in his life. Ew.

warren-beatty-Beverly Hills-WENN

Warren Beatty – According to his biography, he had a different woman from age 20 to 55 and that adds up to more than 12,000.

gene-simmons-Los Angeles-WENN

Gene Simmons – He’s at more than 4,000.

ron-jeremy-Los Angeles-WENN

Ron Jeremy – He’s been with roughly 4,000 women…mostly because it was part of his job. Maybe.



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