May 7th 11:14am

Guess The Tatted Up “Basketball Wife’s” Backs

Can you guess which “Basketball Wives” cast member was caught tootin’ her tangerine clad booty up?

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May 7th 11:08am

For Discussion: Do You Trust The Police???

The black community hasn’t always had the best experiences with law enforcement, specifically the police.

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May 7th 11:01am

Shady bin Laden Home Videos To Be Released, Officials Say He Was Hiding In Pakistan For 7 Years

We will never see pictures of bin Laden’s dead body, but we will get to see his home videos!

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May 7th 10:39am

Thandie Newton Is Gorgeous For UK’s InStyle Magazine

Here is Thandie Newton on the cover of UK’s InStyle Magazine looking quite beautiful…

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May 7th 10:37am

Wanda Sykes Calls Donald Trump An Attention Whoring Racist

Gotta love it! Wanda is tellin’ it like it is!!!

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May 7th 10:16am

Are You Feelin These Get Ups??? Salt N Pepa Do The Kentucky Derby

Sandra Denton and Cheryl James also known as Salt N Pepa were at a party at the Kentucky Derby rockin these fits….

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May 7th 10:11am

Ted Williams And His Golden Voice Head Back To Rehab — But Not For Drugs

After jumping ship from his January stint in rehab, Uncle Ted is headed back to rehab.

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May 7th 9:58am

Kobe Bryant And The Lake Show Lose Again….

This could be it for the Black Mamba and his precious Los Angeles Lakers:

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May 7th 9:45am

That Dirty Dog Jesse James Is Still Running His Mouth: Kat von D Is “100%” Better in Bed Than Sandra Bullock

After whining and complaining about not being to be little Louis Bardo’s daddy, Dirt McGirt Jesse James is going in on how his skanky tatt queen is better in the sack than Sandra Bullock:

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May 7th 9:29am

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week: What Have These Celebrities Taught Us?

This week has been Teacher’s Appreciation week, so we hope you treated the special teachers in your life right.

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May 7th 3:06am

Whose R&B Kid Is This Giving The Paparazzi The “Back Up Off Me” Face?

When you think “R&B” you think cuddly wholesomeness. But this kid looks like he’ll knock your block off if you fawk with him.

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