September 1st 11:24am

Eff A Pig: Shady Florida One-Time “Mistakenly” Murks Mentally Disabled Black Man Carrying Toy Gun

This is sad: North Miami Beach Police are piecing together an officer-involved shooting and killing of mentally disabled man. He man was originally thought to be carrying a gun

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September 1st 11:00am

Top 9 Reasons For An Economic Stimulus Program That Targets Blacks

It’s not so much a matter of special treatment but understanding.

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September 1st 10:54am

For Discussion: Should Professional Athletes Be Allowed To Carry Weapons??

Are they endangering themselves or protecting themselves?

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September 1st 10:29am

German Interracial Rapper’s “Jihad” Chants With Shout Outs To Bin Laden Has Officials Shook! [Video]

The man German security officials call a major security risk looks like a figure from a rap video, especially with the tattoos on his hands. The right one says “STR8,” and the left one “Thug.”

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September 1st 10:16am

Would You Let Your Little Girl Rock This Shirt??

SMH at JCPenney: JCPenney has pulled a controversial shirt from its website that consumers declared “sexist.”

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September 1st 10:14am

Get Well: Venus Williams Pulls Out Of US Open To Deal With Painful Autoimmune Disease

Sorry Tennis fans, looks like you might not be seeing a Venus vs. Serena match any time soon…

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September 1st 10:07am

Get Your Isht Together! A Gallery Of Celebs Caught Pickin’ Up Doggie Dookie

Rich? Famous? Beautiful? We don’t care! Pick that isht UP!!

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September 1st 10:06am

Quote Of The Day: Marc Anthony On Why He And Jennifer Lopez Split “This Is Not A Funeral, We Broke Up Just Because It Wasn’t Working”

Hmmmmm…. Marc Anthony says that he and Jennifer Lopez split for the simple reason their marriage didn’t work anymore.

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September 1st 9:51am

Some Super Overweight Swirl Lovin’ Gone Wrong: World’s Fattest Jawn Wants To Go On Diet After Black Fiance’ Got Her Fat, Hit It, And Quit It!!!

Poor thang. After being dumped by the dude who got her this fat in the first place, the “world’s fattest mother” now wants to lose weight:

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September 1st 9:37am

Dear Bossip: My Ex Is On The Down Low & He Wants Me To Lie About Us & Be His Beard

Dear Bossip, I have a 40-something year old male friend that’s in the closet and on the Down Low (DL).

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September 1st 9:13am

Twitter Files: Drizzy Does His Damndest Not To Fall Under Erykah Badu’s Spell

Drake has been showing Erykah Badu a lil Canadian hospitality during her visit to Toronto… and the singer couldn’t help but to make a few jokes about the urban legend regarding her prowess over rappers.

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