June 24th 8:38am

Brandy Covers 160g Magazine Looking Kinda Bangin’ … Would You Wife Her?

Brandy is still doing her best to prove she isn’t going anywhere… The singer was chosen to cover 160g Magazine and she’s lookin’ pretty good in what is supposed to be a behind the scenes shot with fashion photogs. Pop the hood for details

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June 24th 8:31am

Man Gets Life Sentence After Sexually Abusing Baby Daughter And Freezing Her To Death

This disgusting f*cker deserves everything he gets: William Page told the judge he’s innocent, said he got an unfair trial, and then was sentenced to life in prison for leaving his 23-month-old daughter outside to freeze to death after sexually abusing her.

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June 24th 8:30am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

The Jersey Shore boys are on the cover of The Village Voice…something is kinda strange about this shot, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you can help. What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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June 24th 7:30am

Lala Is Slim And Trim… Thanks To Kim?

LaLa Vazquez should look great walking down the aisle at her wedding this summer, thanks especially to Ciara and Kimmy Cakes giving her some free training sessions with their trainer. Pop the hood for details and some before and after pics

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June 24th 12:25am

Barack And Michelle Obama Are The “IT Couple”

Barack and Michelle Obama are the hottest couple in the American public right now. Yeah, we said it! Jay-Z and Beyonce have nothing on them! Pop the hood to check out some of our favorite photos of them.

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June 23rd 11:12pm

Jill Scott Says After The Show, Its The After-Party

So, you all know that Jilly from Philly is currently on the road with Maxwell, right? Well, what you may not have known is that in select cities Ms. Scott is doubling your aural pleasure… and she’s bringing a few friends along. Pop the hood for more.

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June 23rd 6:05pm

Some Afternoon Family Fun Swirl

Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted walking with their brood in New York City. Pop the hood for more shots

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June 23rd 6:03pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Gayest Video Ever: Boys Battle Ciara With “Ride” Dance: CLICK HERE Brandy Behind the Scenes For 160g Magazine Cover Swimsuit Photo Shoot: CLICK HERE 1-Year Old Singing Chris Brown’s “Crawl”: CLICK HERE USA Algeria World Cup: USA Josie Altidore Pass For Game Winning Landon Donovan Goal!: CLICK HERE Jatara Jones’ Ex-Boyfriend On Judge Judy “I…

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June 23rd 5:34pm

Young Jeezy’s New Lyrics: “White Bent, White Benz, I Even Got A White B*tch… All White Everything!!!”

Young Jeezy’s new jawn “All White Everything” is everything but creative. Exactly how much longer are we going to allow Young Jeezy to glamorize trappin’??? Word is he looks up to some of the so-called prominent figures in Hip-Hop and last time we checked… They stopped rappin’ about selling drugs when they changed clothes. Hate…

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June 23rd 5:28pm

Who Is My Model Mommy?

Check out lil man having some fun in the sun this weekend with his Mommy’s boyfriend who happens to be a rapper. Can you guess who his mom is? Here’s a hint. She’s been in looooooooooooots of videos. Pop the hood to find out

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June 23rd 5:23pm

Kwame Kilpatrick Indicted On 19-Counts, Could Face 20 Years In Prison!!

Kwame Kilpatrick is being indicted for his shady past: A 19-count federal indictment accuses former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of carrying out a scheme, hatched 11 years ago

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June 23rd 5:09pm

Stanley “Mr. Out Of Pocket Comments” McChrystal Resigns, Gen. David Petraeus Takes Over

It’s a wrap for your boy Stanley McChrystal: A day after his disparaging comments about America’s civilian leadership surfaced and dramatically struck a nerve in the White House, the top commander in Afghanistan has been relieved of his post.

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June 23rd 4:51pm

Lil Kim Disses Drake, Nicki Minaj & Diddy, Talks Roc Nation

Lil Kim is continuing to take shots at two of Young Money’s biggest stars along with her longtime friend and Bad Boy affiliate. Pop the hood to find out what she’s sayin’ now Continue

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June 23rd 4:37pm

Tiger Woods… What’s Wrong With This Picture???

Tiger Woods will never live down the embarrassment of getting caught cheating with those cheap scalawags. On the other hand this pic above is priceless!!! What’s Wrong With This Picture???

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June 23rd 4:28pm

Bow Wow Tweets It Up With BOSSIP About Music, His New Movie And That Three Year Relationship With…

Bow Wow recently tweeted it up with BOSSIP on his future projects and why he won’t be partaking in any celebrity threesomes, but prepare yourself to be surprised when he opens up about his softer side Continue…

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