August 5th 5:21pm

Some Pre-Weekend Preciousness: Brit Brit and Her Babies Have Some Fun In The Sun With Her Better K-Fed

While Nicki was off somewhere scarring Barbs for life with her nip slip, Britney took advantage of this little break from their “Femme Fatale” tour to kick it the men in her life.

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August 5th 5:13pm

Breaking News: Big Sean Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

Sounds like the young MC is in some big trouble.

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August 5th 4:53pm

And Your Next Super-Hero Comic Book Will Feature…Michael Jackson?!

Michael Jackson did everything in his time on earth, but never this.

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August 5th 4:30pm

The Summas Mine: Which Rapper Has Had The Hottest Summer?

While heat waves and high temperatures have consistently kept most on the country in 100 degree weather

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August 5th 3:57pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 5th 3:57pm

Uhhh Poor Thang…Rent Is Too Damn High Dude Being Evicted Because His Rent Too Low

Poor Jimmy McMillan is getting kicked out of his crib to make room for people who want to pay more scrilla for his East Village apartment in NYC:

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August 5th 3:14pm

We Never Believed You, You Needed More People! When Stars Hold On To Their Lies For Dear Life!

“Two things I hate, liars and thieves they make my blood boil” – Andre 3000

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August 5th 1:22pm

That’s What They Said: 7 Revealing Quotes and Quotables From The Week

There were other things in the news this week besides the debt ceiling deal, believe it or not. Here’s a few things that you may or may have not missed.

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