May 31st 10:41am

Bangers: Halle Berry And Rihanna Soaking Up Some Sun…

Halle Berry was spotted out in Miami on the beach with some dudes… Pop it for more pics of Halle and some of Rihanna in a bikini…

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May 31st 10:14am

Swizzy Pays Up! Mashonda Gets Her Overdue Child Support While Alicia Keys Plans Her Wedding

Swizz Beatz has finally paid up on the nearly 350 stacks worth of back child support he owed ex-wife Mashonda. Pop the hood for details on that and his excitement over homewreckin’ fiancee Alicia Keys’ gut full of Swizzy

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May 31st 10:09am

Uncle Luke’s Daughter Exposes Him As Woman Beater and Bad Father

Luke’s daughter is putting him all the way on blast: As Uncle Luke faced scrutiny and court appearances for the lewd language and alleged nature of his group, 2 Live Crew, his problems at home are becoming something that require more attention. The daughter of Luke, legally Luther Campbell, who was featured on his reality…

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May 31st 10:08am

Matt Barnes Is A Man Of His Word… Puts Shaunie O’Neal And The Basketball Wives On Blast!!!

Earlier this month, Gloria Govan’s fiance Matt Barnes of the Orlando Magic’s said that he would have a mouthful for Shaunie O’Neal and the rest of the ladies of VH1′s Basketball Wives as soon as his NBA season was over and he definitely kept his promise… Pop the Top and See What He Said to…

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May 31st 10:06am

True Or False: OchoCinco Has No Love For Black Women???

With all the fracas over black male celebrities consistently picking non-black women over sisters, we were hoping that wouldn’t be the case with Chad OchoCinco’s new reality show “The Ultimate Catch,” which started filming yesterday. Pop the hood for details

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May 31st 9:43am

Some Memorial Day Fu*kery

For those of you stuck in the crib or at work for Memorial day, here are some pics of some folks “living it up” in Miami for Urban Beach Week. More foolishness on the flippy…

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May 31st 9:41am

Bill Maher Cracks Jokes On Obama…Is It Racist Or Are People Taking His Jokes Too Serious???

Bill Maher recently made some jokes about President Obama not acting like a “Black” president on his HBO show. Continue…

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May 31st 9:22am

More Dirt On The Shady Swirling Former Man “Alexis Houston”

More information has surfaced on that shady lying a$s “former man” Alexis Houston who Matt Lauer was allegedly chopping down:

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May 31st 8:43am

SMH: South Korean Couple Convicted Of Starving Premature Newborn While Feeding Their Internet Addiction

A South Korean couple were convicted Friday of abandoning their newborn daughter, who starved to death while they addictively played an online game raising a virtual child.

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May 31st 8:30am

R.I.P.: Ali “Ollie” Woodson Formerly Of The Temptations Passes Away

Ali “Ollie” Woodson, a former lead singer of The Temptations, died Sunday in California. He was 58.

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May 31st 8:17am

In White Folks News: Celine Dion Knocked Up With Twins

Celine Dion is going to be a mommy again, and is toting a gut full of twins: The singer, 42, is pregnant with twins after undergoing her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of a pregnancy,

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May 31st 8:14am

Kelly Rowland And Beyonce No Longer Beefing???

Although Kelly Rowland is always denying that she has beef with Beyonce, rumors still continue to swirl that there is continuous tension between the two. Now, new reports say that the ladies are “cool.” Details on the flip…

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May 31st 7:54am

Dirty Dog Diaries: Tiki Barber Tries To Be A “Decent Individual” Spends Time With Sons

Just a week after Ginny Cha has given birth to twin girls, Tiki Barber was spotted spending quality time with his sons…

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May 30th 6:58pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Malawian Gay Couple Freed, Madonna Speaks

BOSSIP reported yesterday that the Malawian gay couple jailed for 14 years were pardoned, now they have been freed thanks to international support:

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May 30th 11:39am

Mack Maine On Kat Stacks And Her Whore Mongering Ways

Mack Maine decided to clear his name and remove himself from the filth that is Kat Stacks. Details when you…

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