May 10th 6:24pm

Bangers: Sanaa Lathan Celebrates Opening Night Of Her New Play

Congratulations to Sanaa Lathan, who celebrated the opening night of her Off Broadway show “By The Way, Meet Vera Stark” last night.

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May 10th 5:45pm

How The Decline of Black Skepticism Undermines Our Legacy

Just because there’s a black man in the White House doesn’t mean that it’s now impendent upon us to adopt the ideological perspectives of white America.

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May 10th 5:08pm

Elsewhere In The World: Uganda Is About To Pass A “Kill The Gays” Law

It looks as though the highly controversial “Kill The Gays” law in Uganda is about to become a reality.

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May 10th 5:02pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Breezy was spotted hanging with the homies at L.A.’s Grove shopping center before bumping into Mario Lopez.

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May 10th 4:56pm

You Knew This Was Coming: Bin Laden’s Seeds Call Shenanigans On The U.S. For Murking Their Pops

Surprise: the sons of bin Laden are not very happy with how their father was taken out of the game once and for all.

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May 10th 4:32pm

Some Afternoon Cakes Courtesy Of Masika Kalysha

It might be difficult to pronounce her name correctly (Ma-see-ka Ka-lay-sha), but it doesn’t take an English professor to pronounce “F.I.N.E”

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May 10th 4:22pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Dabawi Man Jumps Off Worlds Tallest Building After Vacation Request Was Denied!!

There had to have been a shorter building that this guy could have jumped off to get the same affect…

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May 10th 3:36pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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May 10th 2:49pm

New Couple?? Is Miley Cyrus Using Her Salvia Smokin’ Swag To Seduce The Governator’s Son???

Young Patrick Schwarzenegger might need a lil consoling after his mom and dad’s divorce.

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