August 26th 6:21pm

The White Rapper Show: Hip-Hop’s 10 Most Popular White Rappers

Does anyone remember egotrip’s The (White) Rapper Show?

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August 26th 6:11pm

The-Nightmare Opens Up About Destroying His Marriage To C-Milli And Implies It Was Her Fault For Marrying Him In The First Place

Hold up, did this dirty dog think he could throw shade at Christina without us picking up on it?

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August 26th 5:40pm

Hurricane Irene Forces NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Order Mandatory Evacuations For The First Time In History!!!

That Empire State of Mind is nice and all but it’s time to get the heck out of dodge folks!

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August 26th 5:10pm

Exclusive: Eazy E’s Daughter E.B. Wright Talks New Music, Not Being A Spoiled Brat And How She’s Not Like Her Dad

Erin Bria Wright a.k.a “E.B. Wright” who some will say has inherited the “It Factor” from her late father (Eric “Eazy-E” Wright), is definitely the new generation of celebrity seeds that’s worth more than just her famous last name and affiliation.

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August 26th 4:38pm

Katt Williams Starts Fight With Ignorant Insults To Mexican American Fan Who Still Loves Mexico [Video]

Katt, this is just racism learned from the originator. We’re sure that Fat Sheriff Joe out there is very proud of you, Katt…

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August 26th 4:34pm

Pimpin’ All Over The World Part 3: Ten Private Islands With “For Sale” Signs

Yes, even in this recession, people are buying and selling houses that come with their own private Island.

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August 26th 4:24pm

Is This A Banger Or Not?: New Jason Derulo “My S__t” [Video]

This song has a real R&B feel to it. Are you feeling Jason’s new jawn?

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August 26th 3:42pm

SMH: Montel Williams Gives The Shady Salahis A Ho Sit Down For Attempts To Tie Him To Their Fraudulent Event

Those shady Salahis are up to their usual skullduggery but Montel Williams ain’t having it!

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August 26th 2:59pm

Hi Hater: Chris Brown’s Neighbors Keep Reporting Him To His Probation Officer, Trying To Get Him Revoked

We are hardly the ones to champion for Chris Brown, but let that kid live already!

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August 26th 2:41pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up??

Cee-Lo Green performed at the DIRECTV Old School Challenge rockin a glittery gold get up.

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