April 14th 10:23am

Get Your Life Together: Kirstie Alley Seen Looking A Sloppy A$s Mess Leaving DWTS Rehearsal

Man. Kirstie Alley needs to get it together. She was spotted outside of DWTS rehearsal looking all disheveled and crazy.

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April 14th 10:21am

Rumor Control: Teyana Taylor Denies Beating A Beeitch Down Over Chris Brown

Teyana Taylor took to Twitter yesterday to claim she is innocent of allegations she beat the dogsh*t out of a broad who was talking isht about her “brother” Breezy.

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April 14th 10:00am

Fill In The Blank

Here is Jamie Foxx on 106 & Park the other day posing and stuff.

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April 14th 9:48am

The King Of R&B Expecting Another Baby With Wife…

Last time we saw Bobby and his wife Alicia Etheridge, they looked like they reeked of kush, cheesesteaks, and Newports. Now the couple is revealing that they are expecting another baby..who will be Bobby’s 6th child:

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April 14th 9:48am

Guess Which Sexed-Up Pop Star Khloe Kardashian-Odom Wants Her Brother Rob To Date???

Khloe Kardashian-Odom wants her little brother to try dating a “different” type of woman.

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April 14th 9:27am

WORSER: Surviving Boy Shares New Info On The Trifling Mom Who Drove Her Kids Into The Hudson River

It turns out Lashanda Armstrong had nothing to do with the fact that her 10-year-old survived her murder/suicide mission the other day.

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April 14th 9:07am

Who In The World Is Going To Eat This 1200 Calorie “Meat Monster” Sandwich From Burger King???

Some folks in Japan thought it was a good idea to create “The Meat Monster” sammich complete with two hamburger patties, a chicken breast, three pieces of bacon, and two slices of cheese?!?!?!?!

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April 14th 8:58am

Beyonce And Her Cakes Bent Over For Her New Video

BeyBey and her bootylicious cakes were all bent over in the sand

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April 14th 8:39am

Janet Jackson Sports Her 40+ Year-Old Banger Body While Out On A Lunch Date With Ballin’ A$s Boyfriend

Here is Damita Jo and her swirly baller boo, Wissam, out to lunch in Cali the other day.

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April 14th 8:19am

SMH: Bugsy Makes His Fans Look Stupid In NYC

We truly cannot understand 50’s motivation sometimes.

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April 14th 8:09am

When The Race Card Goes Wrong: Barry Bonds Found Guilty in Federal Steroids Probe Trial

Barry Bonds was found guilty by a jury of obstructing a federal probe into steroids in a verdict that a former baseball commissioner

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April 14th 7:24am

WTF?!?! Sarah Palin Gets A Restraining Order Against A Stalker Who Threatened To Rape Her Daughter!

According to TMZ reports: Now we’ve always said that this broad is about as sharp as a brick wall, but no one deserves this…

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April 13th 7:29pm

Why Do Some Women Really Have Sex?

Men like sex; and actually many women do too.

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April 13th 6:28pm

Breakin’ On Down: Catherine Zeta-Jones Checks Into The Looney Bin For Bi-Polar Disorder

Seems as if it happens to the best of ‘em at some point, but she has endured a helluva year.

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