June 7th 10:51am

Q&A With the Director of Congolese Crime Thriller ‘Viva Riva’

Djo Tunda Wa Munga’s novel idea? A fun African film!

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June 7th 10:48am

Arnold Isn’t The Only One: Celebrities Who Fathered Illegitimate Children

Although Arnold may be in the hot seat for his latest scandals, he isn’t the only well known male to father an illegitimate child.

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June 7th 10:39am

What Kind Of fkery Is This???

We understand these fashion types are all about being creative but really What The Fizzzuck?

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June 7th 10:39am

Got Your Man, Ditch Your Friends???

When you’re single it’s easy to be a loyal friend; it’s easy to be there when you’re needed, to be a pillar of support and readily available.

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June 7th 10:05am

Do-Gooders: Kobe And Wife Vanessa Bryant To Start Foundation To End Homelessness In LA

This is a great look for the Kobester: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has formed the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to reduce homelessness in Los Angeles.

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June 7th 9:58am

A “Lil Positivity” Michael Vick Set To Release New Book “Finally Free”, Speaks On Rebuilding His Life Post-Prison

Hopefully this book will give the naysayers more insight into how Vick has changed due to his actions.

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June 7th 9:48am

Some Father/Son Preciousness: Swizzy And His Mini-Me Make It Rain In Brooklyn

Here are Swizz Beatz and kid two of four out in Brooklyn yesterday.

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June 7th 9:32am

EFF A Music Career!!

Here is Solange Knowles for Rimmel London with her face game on point!

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June 7th 9:17am

Who Looked More Bangin’? CFDA Awards Edition

The 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards went down in NYC last night and all the model bangers and actresses were in the building.

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June 7th 9:10am

For Discussion: How Long Can A Couple Remain Unmarried After They’ve Had A Child?

Kourtney and Scott have been together for years, broken up, had a son, and got back together, but still no wedding ring…

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June 7th 8:53am

Momma There Goes That Man: Mark Jackson Is Leaving The Broadcast Booth To Coach The Golden State Warriors

If you’ve been watching the NBA Finals, you may have heard the catchphrases, “Momma There Goes That Man” and “Hand Down, Man Down.”

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June 7th 8:49am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

We all know that Lady Gaga is weirdo when it comes to a lot of things, especially when it comes to her attire.

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