April 20th 10:54am

President Obama Puts His Foot Down … No More Sending U.S. Jobs Overseas

Does this mean the days of our customer service calls being transferred to India are over? It’s hard not to get frustrated with someone dealing with your money, credit card and cell phone accounts when there’s a gaping language barrier.

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April 20th 10:47am

Who Is My Legendary R&B Daddy?

This young lady’s famous daddy is a living legend who also has a famous, formerly troubled adopted daughter who has already given him two grand babies. Can you guess who it is?

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April 20th 10:39am

Tyler Perry Says “They Are Trying To Kill Madea” And Tells Spike Lee “Go Straight To Hell”

Spike, why are you taking up all that real estate in Tyler Perry’s mind? Madea just went the HELL off!

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April 20th 9:34am

Bottoms Up! Yet Another Tot Gets Slizzed Thanks To Dummies At A Chicago Chili’s

This time these fools swapped a milkshake for a mudslide. SMH.

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April 20th 9:30am

While We Whine The World is at War: Libyan City Official Pleads to NATO, ‘If They Don’t Come We Will Die’

Bossip Fam, sh*t is real in other parts of the world. Living in constant fear that this type of unrest could go down at any given moment is unimaginable. Even though Washington has taken the hands off approach, at what point is it negligent to do nothing? Misurata, the only rebel-held city in western Libya,…

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April 20th 9:21am

For The Stans: The Knowles-Carters Have A Dinner Date In Paris

Here are Beyonce, Jay-Z and Julius celebrating their love in Gay Paris.

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April 20th 9:02am

#Winning: Diddy Gets His Dirty Money In Dirty Jersey, Promoters Pay 75 Stacks To Host Afterparty

We knew SOMEBODY would pay, and it sounds like he got a lot more than the 45 stacks we reported previously.

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April 20th 8:49am

Who Looked More Bangin?

It seemed like all of Black Hollywood showed up for the Los Angeles premiere of Tyler Perry’s latest flick “Madea’s Big Happy Family” last night

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April 20th 8:28am

Put On Blast: NBC Exec Says Ol’ Toupee Face Is Talking That Presidential Yang For Ratings

Surprise! Donald Trump is an attention whore who will do whatever it takes and throw anyone under the bus to blow his sh*t up.

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April 20th 7:54am

Bron Bron’s Mom Doesn’t Like Haitian People

Now we can add hating immigrants to the long list of things Gloria James does to embarrass LeBron publicly.

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