December 14th 12:02am

That’s Not Keepin’ It Gangsta: John Gotti’s Grandson Is A “Rat”

John Gotti Jr, son of Peter Gotti, grandson of “The Teflon Don” (No, not Ricky Rozay) John Gotti pleaded guilty to possessing a pellet gun when he and his friends were arrested for firing the weapon into a group of kids on Halloween night.

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December 13th 7:20pm

Some Evening Preciousness: Nahla And Mommy’s Girls’ Day At The Beach

Halle and Nahla ditched their respective Frenchmen for a girls’ trip to Malibu Beach.

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December 13th 6:45pm

Word On The Street Is…There’s A New Guy Putting On Tiger’s Old Green

Ohhh sh*t, look who’s hopping back in the saddle. Elin Nordegren may have a new man in her life, according to British newspaper The Sun. The paper reports that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife and mom of two met her new beau–a 35-year-old South African–at a college in Florida where they both are studying. “There’s been kissing…

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December 13th 6:31pm

NeNe’s About To Be A Grandma… Happy Birthday?!

Today, on her 42nd birthday, NeNe Leakes is dealing with the news that her good-for-nothing, live-at-home 20-year-old knocked up some broad in Atlanta.

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December 13th 6:06pm

Sorry Cougars: Cam Newton Is Taken, And Shorty Is A Cutie With A Booty

We know Cam Newton’s Heisman win had many of you ladies out there having Pilar Sanders dreams. But unfortunately, someone already beat you to the lovin’.

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December 13th 5:33pm

Hi Hater: VA Judge Declares Major Provision Of Obama’s Health Care Bill “Unconstitutional”

In a major blow to the White House, a federal judge in Virginia ruled Monday that a key provision of the new national health care reform law is unconstitutional.

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December 13th 5:22pm

Born Fierce! 10 Most Fashionable Young Celebs

Some say style comes with age and maturity but for these ten celebrities, all under 30, age is nothing but a number.

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December 13th 5:12pm

Antoine Dodson Is Having The Best 15 Minutes Ever!!!

We really have no clue how this happened, but Antoine Dodson is pushing past his 15 minutes of fame, into the annals of history.

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December 13th 4:22pm

This Guy Sure Is Handsome…

Wow. Here is fine-behind Darren Sharper doing good deeds and ish in New Orleans.

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December 13th 3:56pm

Twitter Files: You Knew 50 Was Gonna Have Something To Say About Ja Rule’s Sentence

Another day, another rapper heading to prison. Ja Rule pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in a New York City courtroom and was promised a two-year prison sentence. 50 wasted no time in taking it back to ’03 all over again and taunting his rap rival. Flip the page to see Ja’s…

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December 13th 3:50pm

Another Fly Miami Crib…Dayum This One Might Be Better Than Bron Bron’s

LeBron James’ teammate Chris Bosh has a brand new home in Miami as well:

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December 13th 3:48pm

I Know Jim Jones, The Real Jim Jones: 5 New Artists With Cult Followings

For some artists, it can take years to build a solid fan base. Others never get a stronghold on any population’s listeners. And then there are those who seem to have subliminal mind control over their flock of followers through their music.

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