November 10th 6:07pm

Halle Berry’s Baby Does Not Play! Nahla Gives The Paps The Stankface

Halle Berry was spotted toting around her precious toddler Nahla on a Beverly Hills shopping trip this afternoon. Nahla’s expressions are priceless. We can’t wait til she starts talking, but we’re a little afraid she’ll be cussing out the paps just like Mommy! Fame Pictures

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November 10th 5:29pm

EFF A Thug: Rapper Shyne Says He Can Read The Torah and STILL Whip His Lambo!!

First let’s all take a minute to give Shyne aka Shyne Po aka Jamal Barrow aka the newly christened Moses Levi, the Gary Coleman face. Seriously, who does this dude think he is Cassius Cl- er, Muhammad Ali or somebody?!?!?

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November 10th 4:37pm

Dear Bossip: I Slept With My Best Friend’s Husband

Dear Bossip I have a problem that I can’t share with anyone close to me. My best friend and I grew up together and since the day we met when we were 11 we were inseparable. We did and still do everything together.

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November 10th 3:26pm

Did They Or Didn’t They??? 15 Alleged Hollywood Hook-Ups

Celebrities are known for having a good time, but what happens when that “good time” includes a fellow celebrity?

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November 10th 2:19pm

Kill Yo’ Self!! FDA Approves Using Pics Of CORPSES On Cigarette Warning Labels

Today the Food and Drug Administration along with the Department of Health and Human Services made a shocking announcement. In the near future, cigarette companies will now be required to use EXTREMELY graphic warning labels including corpses, cancer patients, even pictures of cancerous lungs!

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November 10th 1:07pm

Solving The Unwed Mothers “Problem”: Should We Stop Glorifying Hip-Hop Culture, Shut Down Welfare, Choose Better Partners Or Give Up Sex Entirely?

Yesterday’s “For Discussion” story on the recent news that 72% of black children are born to unwed mothers sparked quite the debate in the comments section, so we are returning to the topic again today — this time looking for solutions.

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November 10th 12:25pm

Celebrities Walk A Fine Line With Alcohol Endorsements

Jazmine Sullivan’s “Holding You Down (Going In Circles)” is probably one of my favorite songs playing on the radio right now. Okay, I know its kind of old (in this have-it-now world, two months is considered old school) but the catchy 90s-R&B swing throw-back beat combined with her sultry voice had me in full “like”…

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November 10th 12:24pm

Fountain Of Youth: Iman Looking Gorgeous As Ever For Harper’s Bazaar

It doesn’t get anymore beautiful than this woman right here!! Iman and her ageless looks are gracing the pages of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

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November 10th 12:08pm

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Sister 2 Sister Magazine celebrated their 22nd Anniversary last night in Atlanta with an over the top gala that attracted all kinda folk! But for now let’s focus on the bangin’ ones…

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November 10th 10:45am

How Celebrities Go From Ashy To Classy

Biggie talked about going from ashy to classy and these celebs took those words to heart.

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November 10th 10:29am

When T.I. Gets Out The Big House He Won’t Even Be Able To Take A Sh*t Outside Georgia Without Asking For Permission First!

Dayuuum… The State of Georgia must be sick of T.I.’s probation violating azz! The terms of “The Inmate”‘s year-long post release probation forbid him from driving a car, owning anything destructive and leaving the state for more than a week!

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November 10th 10:21am

W’s Revenge: The Today Show Makes Kanye Cry On Twitter And Quit The Press

George Bush’s “Woe Is Me, Yeezy Hurt My Feelings” campaign is doing more than just selling his new book. Yesterday it gave him a chance to embarrass Kanye on national TV too.

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November 10th 10:12am

RihRih Toots That Thang Up For Italian TV

RihRih donned some floral bloomers and a petal embellished bra to perform on Italy’s version of “X-Factor” last night.

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November 10th 10:08am

Cry Me A River: Kim Kardashian Whining About Being The “Single Sister” And “Wanting To Fall In Love”

SMH. Is this broad still complaining about this ish??? Kim Kardashian is embracing something she never thought she would: the single life.

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November 10th 9:11am

Keyshia Cole And Her Boo Boo Boobie Bunned Up On The Set Of Her New Video

Yesterday we posted behind the scene shots of Keyshia Cole and Onika Maraj’s new video “I Ain’t Thru”, and here are a few more photos of Keyshia with her hubby-baller-baby-daddy Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

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