March 16th 10:00am

Let’s Leave The Devil Signs Alone, ‘Kay?

Some folks got mad when we challenged Weezy and Drake last week for throwing up gang signs, so we did a little more digging and discovered a video that breaks down all the hand signals. This ish is scary… Even Nickelodeon and The Black Eyed Peas??? Continue

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March 16th 9:44am

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Michael Jackson Estate Signs $250 Million Contract With Sony

Michael Jackson’s estate is making history nine months after his death, signing the most lucrative recording contract in history. His estate has agreed to a seven year contract with Sony Records worth an estimated $250 million. Continue…

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March 16th 9:19am

Kelis… Please Tell The Real King Of New York That Outfit Ain’t It!!!

Kelis was on the party scene the other night kickin’ it with her friend, promoter Damon Peruzzi. We know Kelis is the Queen of Killer fashion, which will literally kill you because it’s so awful at times and now her friend Damon takes the crown for King… What the Hell was he thinkin’??? Actually, We’re…

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March 16th 9:13am

Damn, Who Knew That Rob Kardashian Was Such A Mack Daddy??

Rob Kardashian kinda has that Nick Cannon “I’m sorta dorky, but hot chicks dig me” steez going on. He’s currently “dating” Angela Simmons, and now we have some pics of him kicking it with models Rosa Acosta and Shakur. Pop it for more pics…

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March 16th 8:20am

Swizz Beatz Hits The Red Carpet With His Soulmate Alicia Keys… Damn Mashonda What Were You Then???

Alicia Keys hosted the Gotham magazine Gala last night and brought Swizz Beatz as her date. Since Swizzy finally broke his silence about his relationship with A. Keys and confirmed that his divorce is almost final, maybe Alicia will put that bubble machine engagement ring back on. Pop the Top for More Pics of These…

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March 16th 8:12am

Updated: Lady Gaga Says “Telephone” Was Meant To Be A Lesbo Dance Dance Revolution

Not everybody loves the new Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce video for “Telephone” and so Gaga decided to try and explain how she and BeyBey set out to CHANGE THE WORLD. Pop the hood for Gaga’s take.

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March 16th 7:36am

New Music With The Odd Couple: Lloyd And Twista Are Looking For A “BAD GIRL”

Lloyd just released another new jawn “BAD GIRL” featuring Twista, the fastest rapping dude that raps about nothing. We can’t declare this jawn a certified banger yet but let us know what you think… Hate It or Love It?!?!

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March 15th 7:46pm

Nicki Minaj Gets Dissed: “Them Raps You Got… That Sh*zzz Sounds Faker Than That Azz You Got!!!”

Nicki Minaj… STEP YO GAME UP BECAUSE THE STREETS IS COMING FOR YOU!!! Rapper Keys from Baltimore has went all the way in on Nicki Minaj and it ain’t pretty at all. Everything she’s saying is exactly what we’ve been saying ever since this chick hit the scene. Flip the Lid for a Peek…

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March 15th 7:44pm

ChitChatter: Gilbert Arenas Says He Was Holding 500 Firearms At His Crib, He Deserves To Be Punished

Agent Zero, who is soon changing his number to 6 speaks out on his current situation with Esquire Magazine: Gilbert Arenas says he deserves to be punished for bringing guns to the locker room.

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March 15th 7:38pm

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Say He Wasn’t A Freak That Like To Play Butt Darts, He Had 2 Chickens!!!

When Michael Jackson was alive the tabloids would kill his image by calling him a pedophile, claiming he was gay and all sorts of random ridiculous things. Well, now three men, Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon “BJ” Beard, are writing a book about their former boss and his lifestyle. They are tired of all…

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March 15th 7:21pm

Angela Simmons Trying “Something New” Again With Robert Kardashian

Sources say Angela Simmons is swirling it up with the Kardashians. Pop the top for the details.

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March 15th 7:20pm

Poor Thang…David Beckham Tears Achilles, Soccer Player Out Of Action For A Minute

Of course this is just a good excuse to post half-naked pictures of David Beckham, but BOSSIP has learned that the soccer star has severely torn his Achilles tendon and may be out for over 6 months. Details and another pic on the flip….

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March 15th 5:46pm

Will.I.Am Is A Swirling Save-A-Ho???

Black Eyed Peas rapper and producer is happy his “friend” Cheryl Cole is getting divorced… because he’s ready to move in on her. The rapper recently gushed about how wonderful the British singer is and how he plans to ease her pain. Pop the hood for details.

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March 15th 5:40pm

First Rihanna Meets the Parents Now She Shows Up At Matt’s Training Camp… Interesting!?!

Rihanna and Matt Kemp keep playing with the media when it comes to the “status” of their relationship. They say that they’re just friends but she met his parents and now she’s showing up to his training camp in Glendale, Arizona. Rihanna and Matt Kemp… It’s Ok, You Ain’t Gotta Lie to Kick It!!!

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March 15th 5:35pm

Chicago Clergy Calls For Ban On Blunts

A Bishop in Chicago and other anti-drug supporters are calling for a ban on “blunt wraps”, a type of tobacco leaf paper often used to roll marijuana. Continue

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