November 9th 12:16pm

Is “For Colored Girls” Perpetuating Black Male Bashing On The Big Screen?

A rapist, a war crazed, drunken, child murdering father and an HIV-infected husband on the “down low” are all black male characters you will find in Tyler Perry’s film “For Colored Girls”.

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November 9th 12:15pm

Certified Links

Donell Jones Talks About New Album “Lyrics” & His Relationship With His “Father” Gospel Singer Bobby Jones (GO) Schwarzenegger: ‘No One Cares If You Smoke a Joint’ (GO) Adriana Lima’s Big Mom T*ts in a Photoshoot (GO) Wiz Khalifa Officially Charged With Three Counts & Released On Bond (With Mugshot) (GO) Should Black Folks Consider…

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November 9th 11:30am

11 Black Real Estate Moguls Who Continue to Profit From Buying, Selling and Developing

These days, some first-time investors may be approaching the real estate market with a little trepidation. But some have not only navigated the troubled waters but continue to sail on success: Here’s a list of 11 of the top black real estate moguls in the country: See the list at The Atlanta Post

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November 9th 11:05am

Poor Thang: T.O. Isn’t Only Losing On The Football Field, Sells NJ Home For Major Loss (Photos Of Crib Inside!!)

Despite Terrell Owens’ effort (he is now in the 150+ career TD club with Randy Moss and Jerry Rice), sorry a$s Carson Palmer, bitch a$s OchoCinco, and the rest of the 2-6 Cincy Bengals managed to get their butts whooped by the Pittsburgh Steelers Monday night:

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November 9th 10:37am

Who Looked More Bangin?

Last night Janet Jackson showed up for Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards at Carnegie Hall in NYC, while Brandy made an appearance at the TV Guide Hot List party in Hollywood.

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November 9th 9:44am

For Discussion: Seventy-Two Percent Of Black Babies Are Born To Single Mothers. How Concerned Should We Be?

A new study shows that way more Black babies are being born to unwed mothers in America. That number is much crazier than you may realize.

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November 9th 9:39am

Fu*k A Clinic??? Now Mobile Phones & Computers Will Be Able To Diagnose STD’s In UK

This is a bit bizarre…some wacky medical British Blokes have discovered a way for cell phones and computers to let folks know if they got that herp, the sauce, crabs, or the clap: Mobile Phones and computers will soon be able to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases under innovative plans to cut the UK’s rising rate…

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November 9th 9:08am

No Sh*t Sherlock: Eminem Tells ‘Rolling Stone’ “I Have Trust Issues”

Besides collaborating with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, Eminem has also been getting a little shine on his own these days. The rapper covers the new issue of Rolling Stone.

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November 9th 9:06am

Are You Feelin Weezy’s Fruity Fit???

Here is everyone’s lil favorite sperm donor, Weezy F. “I kissed Baby” posing something tough in this fruity “Fruition” fit…

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November 9th 8:53am

Quote Of The Day: Usher Says He And Tameka Are “Still Friends”

SMH at Usher saying “his career” was the reason he and Tameka split: R&B star Usher enjoys a better friendship with his ex-wife Tameka Foster now they’re divorced – because the “pressure” of his career was too much of a strain on their marriage.

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November 9th 8:49am

The Real Reason Monica “Quit” Twitter, But Didn’t ‘Kill’ Her Twitter Page

When Monica said goodbye to Twitter but kept her Twitter account, we were a bit confused. But it all makes sense now.

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November 9th 7:56am

GASP! They Found Weed On Wiz ‘Roll It Up’ Khalifa’s Bus?! Unbelievable!!

A reminder to aspiring and up-and-coming rappers: there’s been rumors for a few years that police officers do monitor rapper’s activities a little more closely than they should. So, you know, watch out for incriminating yourself. SMH.

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November 9th 7:51am

Great Googly Moogly That Thang Is Juicy! Nicki Minaj Featured In Black Mens Magazine

Lil Kim can be mad at Onika Maraj all she wants. Bottom line is, she ain’t got no where near this kinda body!!

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November 9th 7:29am

BOSSIP Tweets It Up With Terrence J (@TerrenceJ106) About Philanthropy, Loving Rocsi, And His Hot Mom

106 & Park co-host Terrence J has been getting his weight up behind the scenes.

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