January 11th 4:47pm

In White Folks News: Stephanie Seymour’s Son Isn’t Checking For His Mom… Or Any Other Woman

Okay, now these pictures of Stephanie Seymour and her son just took on a whole other level of weirdness.

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January 11th 3:32pm

Get What You Give: The Biggest Celebrity Charity Contributors

While many people scope the internet for the latest scandals and gossip, many have overlooked the positive things that celebrities have contributed to the less fortunate.

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January 11th 3:09pm

50 Cent Making It Rain On Them Hoes Via Twitter

Dayuummmm, Curtis!!! Rapper 50 Cent made $8.7 million yesterday — by tweeting.

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January 11th 2:59pm

Questioning The Value of Law School

The New York Times recently posed the question “Is Law School A Losing Game?” What they found out is that for many law school grads, it is.

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January 11th 2:29pm

Rumor Control: Scarlett Johansson Is Pissed, Did Sandra Bullock Break Up Her Happy Home??

Word in Hollyweird is that newly divorcee Scarlett Johansson is not happy with he ex-husband Ryan Reynolds trotting around town with his new thang Sandra “Rebound” Bullock.

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January 11th 2:17pm

8 WTH Moments From Sunday Night’s RHOA

Just when you think life’s boring, in comes the Real Crazies of Atlanta to liven things up. Here’s a recap of their drama, with a twist of WTH…

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January 11th 12:47pm

Con Artist Makes It Rain On Them Hos With Dry Cleaning Check Scam

We’re not even gonna lie, this is a pretty creative little scam, but boy when they catch this guy…

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January 11th 12:39pm

“Golden Voiced” Ted Williams Detained By Police After Altercation With His Daughter

Former homeless man with the “Golden Voice” Ted Williams was briefly detained by police Monday night in Hollywood.

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January 11th 12:27pm

Certified Links

Foxy Brown Dyes Hair Green [Photos] (GO) ‘Jersey’s’ Angelina — Sued for Taj Mahal Attack (GO) Sally Gordon Brings the Tits for Fashion of the Day (GO) Former Vibe Journalist Named Editor-in-Chief of Billboard (GO) Menthol Cigarette Ban Called ‘Racist’ by ‘Newport’ Maker (GO) How To, Living: How To Make New Friends As A Grown…

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January 11th 12:25pm

Another Day, Another Reality Show: Mashonda, Olivia, And More To Star On “Love & Hip Hop”

This should be interesting: VH1 has confirmed that a new reality show titled Love & Hip Hop has casted

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January 11th 12:00pm

UPDATE: Doctors Say Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Has A 100% Chance Of Survival

After several days of waiting, watching, hoping, and praying, doctors have given a full vote of confidence that Gabrielle Giffords will not remain in a vegetative state.

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January 11th 11:42am

Kerry Washington In All Blue For New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Here is Kerry Washington looking lovely in azul

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January 11th 11:24am

Roc La Familia: Camel, Momma Camel, And Sister Camel Invest In….???

Pop the top to see The Roc’s newest acquisition.

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January 11th 10:46am

Kimmy Cakes Reported To Star In Her Own Superbowl Commercial, But For Which Company???

The rich get richer. Kim Kardashian has been hired by the sneaker company Sketchers to be the face of their new Superbowl ad for their “Shape-Ups” shoes.

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