April 28th 8:43pm

Hoopz & Shaq: Is This Really Love Or All About The Dollas?!?!

Shaq and Hoopz — As weird as this news was when it first dropped, it comes across “normal” when you peep these pictures. These two recently shot a segment for a local Boston TV show. on their wild and crazy workout.

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April 28th 6:10pm

True Or False: Tina Turner Has Been Getting So Slizzed Her Relatives Are Worried

Rumor has it that Ike Jr. is all cracked out… AGAIN… and between that and her sister’s death Tina’s been caught sippin’!

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April 28th 5:47pm

Girlies On The Go… Evelyn & Shaunie Visit NYC; Serena & Venus Land In D.C.

Evelyn Lozada is back home in NYC this week and the paps caught her looking a little less glam than usual. We were kind of concerned until we saw how the Williams sisters like to travel.

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April 28th 5:37pm

Dear Bossip: He Lost Everything!

Bossip I am at a loss for words and don’t want to talk to anyone I know about this anymore. I need a third party opinion who is unbiased. Me and my fiance have been together for 6 years now and I’m at the end of my rope with this.

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April 28th 5:22pm

Akon Greased Up In His Tighty Whities During Usher’s Concert… WHHHHYYY?!?!?

We are not quite sure why Akon dropped down to his bare undies with every crevice of his body greased up but it sure had us saying. —- WHHHHHYYYYY?!?

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April 28th 4:48pm

That’s Real Power: Woman Gets Out Of Jury Duty Because She’s Going To See Oprah

Who knew going to see Oprah would be an excuse to get you out of pretty much anything?

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April 28th 4:45pm

Chris Brown Denies Engagement Rumors [Photos]

Chris Brown is denying reports that he’s engaged to his model girlfriend despite an internet rumor that surfaced today.

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