April 26th 11:14am

Put On Blast: Stripper Says T*ts Rozay Never Made It Monsoon $1Million In Miami

Back in January, the biggest Bawse in Miami hit the popular 305 strip club King of Diamonds, where reports claimed Rick Ross and company blew $1 million dollars for Rozay’s 35th Birthday party.

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April 26th 10:49am

For Discussion: Should Air Traffic Controllers Have Naps Scheduled Into Their Shift?

The air traffic controllers’ union thinks they figured out how to solve the issue of controllers falling asleep on the job.

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April 26th 10:46am

Destiny’s Stepchild Farrah Franklin Claims One-Time “Racially Profiled And Mistreated” Her

Farrah Franklin says she plans to file a lawsuit against the Culver City Police Department following her recent arrest for disorderly conduct.

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April 26th 9:54am

Justin Combs Is Trying To Send Grown Women To Jail

Look at Puffy’s baby boy getting grown!

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April 26th 9:51am

In White Folks News: Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler And Kristin Cavallari Are Engaged

Chicago Bears’ Quarterback Jay Cutler decided to get down on bended knee

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April 26th 9:18am

Zoe Kravitz Is A Lil Banger

Zoe Kravitz, the celebrity seed of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, put her model game on blast

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April 26th 9:12am

Which Boxing Legend Just Put This $20 Million Florida Property Up For Sale?

This boxing legend, who has never fought a day in his life, has made enough money in his career to acquire, and now get rid of, these side-by-side beach-front properties. Can you guess whose they are?

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April 26th 9:05am

Knock It Off: New Bill Will Fine Fugazi Shoppers Coppin’ That Fucci, Fouis Fuitton, And Frada

“Those ain’t Rolex diamonds, what the fawk you done to that?!?!”

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April 26th 9:04am

Matrimony-dom Bliss: BeyBey And Hubby Hov Paree Vacay Overload…

As if you weren’t sick of seeing Beyonce and her boo Camel lovin it up in Paris….here are some more pics of the couple arriving at the Charles de Gaulle airport in France…

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April 26th 8:49am

Another Day, Another Boy Kicked Out Of Class For Wearing High Heels

A male student at Riverview High School in Florida was kicked out of class for wearing high heels.

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April 26th 8:38am

TwitPic Of The Day: Mariah Carey Painted Her Gut Full Of Cornball Cannon As An Egg For Easter

Mariah Carey is about to pop and is tweeting pics of her big ole belly

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April 26th 8:28am

New Couple??? Tracy Morgan Finds Love In The Strip Club

Picking up your date at the gentlemen’s club is soooooooooooo classy!

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April 26th 8:09am

Still Talking That Yang: Now Toupee Face Has Something To Say About Our President’s Education

Donald Trump’s “Win The White House With Slander” campaign continues.

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