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Jamal Bryant Explains Using Chris Brown Lyrics In Sermon

Preachers using pop-culture references to make their sermons more relatable to congregants is nothing new, but Pastor Jamal Bryant recently came under fire for reciting questionable lyrics from the pulpit.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

The former “Ultimate Merger” star advised critics to judge not after video of him saying “these hoes ain’t loyal” during a sermon went viral.

“Don’t critique a quote when you never heard the message! 20 seconds of a 30 minute message is incomplete assessment,” Jamal wrote via Twitter. “Be mad whole not in part.”

The message, titled “My Enemies Worst Nightmare,” encouraged men to find and listen to anointed women and their wives, not side chicks.

“If you get enough confidence to not be insecure and threatened about the woman God sent you, when she speaks, she is speaking from the voice of God of what she sees over your life,” preached the Empowerment Temple pastor who reportedly dealt with infidelity in his marriage in the past.

While many defended the pastor’s use of the Chris Brown lyrics, others argued that referring to women as “hoes” is never proper for the pulpit.

“I have a problem with any man disrespecting me let alone a Pastor. I know he’s trying to reach out to the younger generation but I’m from the old school,” wrote YouTube commenter Carol Guillory.

Another viewer suggested Pastor Bryant could have paraphrased the quote. “Maybe ‘hoes ain’t loyal’ could have been worded differently,” he wrote.

However, others believe critics were blinded by the offensive term and missed the greater message.

“I applaud him for his approach to reach the unreachable, the masses,” wrote YouTube user Jackie Jackson. “Look there will always be critics, that’s a good thang I think it keeps you sharp, clearly Pastor Bryant is not afraid to go where no man has gone before.”


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