March 1st 9:36am

11-Year-Old Girl With Rare Syndrome Is Named “Hairiest Girl In The World” By Guiness Book Of World Records

Wow this is an interesting story: Meet the “Wolf Girl” of Bangkok — who went from outcast to most popular kid in her class after becoming an international celebrity.

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March 1st 9:24am

Some Tuesday Preciousness: Nahla Throws A Tantrum

Ask any mother out there: even the cutest, most well behaved kid in the world works your nerves between the ages of 2 and 5.

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March 1st 9:13am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Remember Clippers owner, Donald “Look At Those Beautiful Black Bodies” Sterling? He’s still having a rough time showing his appreciation for black folks!

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March 1st 8:52am

For The Stans: BeyBey And Hubby Hov Coupled Up On The Court

How sweet. Here is everyone’s favorite married couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce,

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March 1st 8:02am

Guess Who’s Back In The MuthaF****n House

Yes, Lisa Ray’s baby sister is back on the mean streets of Atlanta

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March 1st 2:46am

Master P’s Seed Gets A 2nd Chance At DWTS

Guess who’s back on Dancing With The Stars???

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February 28th 4:28pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Routinely Chains His Son To Dryer And Beats Him Repeatedly Bamboo Scratchers & Yardsticks

This is sad: A south suburban teenager was routinely chained to a dryer and viciously beaten by his father and his father’s girlfriend with everything

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February 28th 4:01pm

Angela Simmons And Her Lil Pastry Cakes In A Kini In Miami

Here is Angela Simmons and her cakes having a little fun in Miami…

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