November 24th 12:29pm

Who Is My R&B Daddy?

This precious little girl has a set of famous parents… kinda sorta anyway.

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November 24th 12:25pm

Certified Links

Kanye West Dispels Illumanti Rumors, Talks No Regrets For Taylor Swift and George Bush(GO) Surveillance Video of Murdered Publicist (GO) Emma Watson Flashes Her Twat on the Today Show of the Day (GO) Akon’s Victoria Secret Performance (GO) The 10 Most Scandalous Cases of Unfaithful Athletes (GO) EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dead Doc’s Final Message To Heidi…

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November 24th 11:58am

New Music: Emilio Rojas “Life Without Shame” Mixtape

Rapper on the rise Emilio Rojas has finally released his much anticipated mixtape “Life Without Shame”.

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November 24th 11:54am

Update: Mother-Stabbing Actor Killed His Mom For ‘Not Accepting Jesus’?? One-Time Coulda Stopped Him???

We knew this dude was a nut job. But it turns out the story behind that two-bit f-list actor who stabbed his mom with some Freemason paraphernalia yesterday was way deeper than we thought.

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November 24th 11:47am

SMH… Christina Aguilera Is That Your Baby Daddy?

The ink isn’t even dry on her divorce papers, but Christina Aguilera is already sportin’ her new man around town. SMH.

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November 24th 11:46am

ROTC Mysteries: Teenage Boy Found Dead On Someone’s Lawn In Boston Suburb, Possibly Fell Out Of The Sky From An Airplane??

This is SAD and bizarre: Police are investigating whether a 16-year-old North Carolina boy, whose mutilated body was found on the streets of a Boston suburb, may have fallen from the wheel-well of a plane preparing to land at Logan International Airport.

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November 24th 11:10am

What The Fawk Is Stacey Dash’s Son Wearing???

The forever-fine Stacey Dash was spotted in NYC with her two children, Austin, 20 and Lola who is 7 spending some quality family time together.

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November 24th 10:58am

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly From ’90’s Fashion

Memorable times and fashion you might want to forget are both big features of the 1990s. Fashion trends seem to come back around every 20 years, so some of those ’90s fads have found their way back into our closets while others (thankfully) will stay where they belong– in the ’90s! Grow nostalgic over these…

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November 24th 10:29am

Goodness Gracious Guess These Bountiful Backs

Rumor has it these cakes are enhanced! It shouldn’t be hard to tell who this tail belongs to.

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November 24th 10:25am

Isn’t She Married??? Scary Spice Spotted Throwing Her Rack And Goodies In Another Man’s Face

SMH: Mel B was spotted getting incredibly touchy-feely with hardman actor Tamer Hassan at the May Fair Hotel last night.

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November 24th 10:05am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 13-Year-Old Takes A Bullet To Save His Baby Brother From Suicidal Psycho Who Murked Their Pregnant Mom Before Turning On The Babies

Man cheats on wife. Man gets sidepiece pregnant. Man spazzes and kills pregnant sidepiece when she says he wants out, then turns the gun on four kids?

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November 24th 9:56am

Another Day, Another Divorce: George Lopez’ Wife Officially Files The “Papers”

Damn, ish must’ve been bad if ole girl is skating after giving up a kidney for this cat: TMZ first reported the couple’s intention to call it quits. Now Ann Lopez has filed legal docs to make it official.

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November 24th 9:34am

Kobe Bryant Says The Other MJ…Michael Jackson, Not Michael Jordan…Mentored Him And “Opened His Mind”

Kobe Bryant says bump Michael Jordan…he was kickin it at Neverland Ranch with Michael Jackson getting advice about growing his “non-athletic” mentality: Out of nowhere one afternoon, Michael Jackson made a call to the irrepressible and isolated Kobe Bryant (notes), and so much changed for him.

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November 24th 9:19am

For The Stans: BeyBey Lands In LaLaLand

BeyBey headed to the West Coast yesterday along with Juicy Lips aka Julius the Security guard and strolled right into paparazzi territory.

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November 24th 8:08am

Making It Rain On Them Publishing Hoes: Hovy Hov’s Already Got Book Number Two On The Way

The first week numbers on Decoded aren’t even in yet, but those ‘vampires and blood suckers’ Illuminati Hov was talking about on “Monster” are already on to the next.

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