June 15th 5:03pm

Mehcad Brooks Coupled Up With His Girlfriend In NYC…

Mehcad Brooks — the actor with the killer abs, best known for his roles on “True Blood” and “Desperate Housewives” — was spotted out and about in New York city with his girlfriend last night. Pop the hood to find out what she looks like

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June 15th 5:00pm

Twitter Files: Gloria Velez Gives Good… Tips

Gloria Velez may need to add “relationship expert” to her resume! The OG cake model has been dishing out romantic advice on Twitter and her recommendations are actually pretty hot. Pop the hood for her tips Continue

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June 15th 4:49pm

The Camel vs. The Goat: Jay-Z Talks Slick About LL Cool J

Lions, tigers and bears, OH MY! In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Camel took a subliminal jab at The G.O.A.T. and his ability to remain relevant in hip hop. Pop the hood for his exact words

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June 15th 4:11pm

Beyonce Is Black Again, No Thanks To L’Oreal

Even though L’Oreal doesn’t want you to buy their ish, they are still pushing Beyonce as their spokeslady. Flip the lid to see BeyBey’s latest L’Oreal ad

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June 15th 2:32pm

Female Inmate Given Wrong Medication Suffers Painful Blisters On Her Body

A female inmate in an Indiana jail has painful blisters covering her face and body after she says nurses continued to give her the wrong medication for weeks. Pop the hood for the video Continue

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June 15th 2:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Tupac And Biggie Wax Figures To Be “Reunited” For Pac’s Birthday (GO) Nicki Minaj Reacts to “Massive Attack” Flop (GO) Police Find Toddler Shot Three Times By Father Hiding In Trash Can (GO) How The Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Financially Revived The NBA (GO) Chicago Black Children Show Poor Academic Success Due to Violence (GO) NOW PLAYING:…

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June 15th 1:51pm

Snoop Dogg Can FINALLY Go Back To The UK; Visa Granted For Visit After Longterm Ban

Rapper Snoop Dogg was finally granted access back to the United Kingdom. The ban was originally placed on the rapper after he and his entourage engaged in a 2006 scuffle at London’s Heathrow Airport. Pop the hood for details Continue

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June 15th 1:48pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Perverted 94-Yr Old Molester Popped In Someone Else’s Garage Pleasuring Self With VACUUM!!: CLICK HERE Doctors Say The Skinny Jeans Are Bad For The Muffin “The Vagina Has To Breath”: CLICK HERE Sunday School Teacher Gets Life For Murdering 8-Yr Old Makes Tearful Apology: CLICK HERE Instead Of Finances NY Prison Documentary Teaches How To…

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June 15th 1:46pm

California Construction Worker Travels To Pakistan To Hunt Down And Kill Osama Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden has been able to elude the U.S. military and their allies for years, but that didn’t keep one California construction worker from embarking on a one-man mission to hunt and kill the infamous terrorist leader. Details under the hood.

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June 15th 1:33pm

Court Documents Show That Gary Coleman’s Will Called For 15 Days Of Life Support, Shady Shannon Only Gave Him 1

Shannon “Shady” Price is not making herself look good as details continue to emerge regarding the sudden death of her ex-husband, Gary Coleman: Gary Coleman’s living will called for the actor to be kept alive unless he was in an irreversible coma for at least 15 days,

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June 15th 12:30pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Mauled To Death By Tigers In China

A man was mauled to death by tigers after he and his son wandered into the animals’ enclosure in a north China wildlife park.

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June 15th 12:01pm

Halle Berry Spends Family Time At Disneyland With Gabriel Aubry… Back Together Or Just Getting Along For The Sake Of Nahla?

Halle Berry was photographed spending the day at Disneyland yesterday with daughter Nahla and babydaddy Gabriel Aubry, but it’s still unclear whether the two have reconciled or are just spending some family time at the happiest place on earth. Pop the hood for the photo.

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June 15th 11:52am

Certified Links

Pharrell Talks Education With Dr. Steve Perry [Video] (GO) Charlie Sheen’s Car Over a Cliff … Again (GO) Katy Perry’s Naked in her New Video of the Day (GO) Top 5 Highest Paid Players In The NBA Finals (GO) VIDEO: Congressman Attacking College Student Goes Viral (GO) John Wall, Projected No.1 NBA Draft Pick, Signs…

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June 15th 11:40am

Rihanna’s BFF Caught Digging Up Her Nose And Eminem Hits The Stage With Rihanna At Activision E3

Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Ford were spotted shopping in L.A. and the paps just happen to catch Melissa digging up her nose. She should know all eyes are on her at all times when she’s rolling with Rihanna… Pop the Top for Eminem and Rihanna’s Live Performance

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June 15th 10:52am

For Discussion: Men Are Genetically Programmed To Decide Within Milliseconds If They Want To “Mate” With A Woman

Scientific research shows that men make snap judgments about women based on their appearance that lead them to decide almost instantly whether they’d like to “partner” with them or not — whereas women take more time to decide because they tend to factor in other information. Details when you …

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