February 15th 9:27am

For The Stans: Beyonce Looking Fine In A Lil Dress With Bodyguard Boo Julius On Valentine’s Day

Here is Beyonce spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday with her legs all out

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February 15th 8:40am

Blind Item: He’s Gotta Have It

For all of you who believe in love and the promise that it gives, here’s a sad tale…about getting tail.

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February 15th 8:33am

Shante Broadus (Boss Lady) Tells Bossip About Separation With Snoop, Chocolate’s Lupus, And Her Boys Swirling!

BOSSIP recently sat down with Shante Broadus aka “Boss Lady” about everything involving her family including separation with Snoop as well as their children:

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February 15th 8:25am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Father Stabs His Two Kids, Frames Baby Mama’s New Man For Their Death

We hope this man gets life in prison so that he can spend a good, long time living with the fact that he’s a monster.

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February 15th 7:55am

Hate It Or Love It: This Is Breezy’s New Album Cover

Here’s what Chris Brown and two other brains came up with for the cover of his new album F.A.M.E., due out at the end of next month.

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February 15th 7:52am

UPDATE: Italian Prime Minister Formally Indicted For Soliciting An Underage Prostitute!

The sh*t has finally hit the fan for you sir, best hold ya cheeks, there are some gentlemen in your new home that won’t take kindly to your abuse of young girls.

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February 15th 7:40am

The Epitome Of A Bad Nanny

You gotta be careful who you trust with your kids: A Long Island nanny was arrested after she ignored age warning labels on a popular allergy medicine and repeatedly dosed a 4-month-old

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February 15th 7:38am

SMH: Rihanna Stole That Whole “S&M” Video Concept From Someone With More Dough Than Her

Not only could Rih Rih not come up with the lyrics to “S&M” on her own – shouts to young Ester Dean and the song’s other writers – she had to heavily borrow the concept for the video from famous photog David LaChapelle too.

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February 15th 7:03am

Dog Loving Oprah Is About To Have A Heart To Heart With Convicted Dog Fighter Michael Vick

Oprah is pulling out all the moves for her final shows. She’s always looking for the next big thing that is going to keep her ratings over the edge, soooo… Why not bring on Michael Vick???

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February 15th 12:59am

Drake’s Message To President Obama About His Weed Habit And Talks “Leaving Young Money!” [Video]

We caught up with Drake at the Cash Money Party prior to the Grammys and asked him a few questions.

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