March 24th 9:04am

More Breezy & His 15 Minutes Of F.A.M.E. Ridiculousness: Half-Naked Hoes, Corporate Stiffs, And Quality GF Time All In One Day!

Tuesday was quite an emotional day for Chris Brown and #TeamBreezy from chaos in the morning to celebration in the evening.

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March 24th 8:43am

Behind The Scenes: Keri Hilson Is On Her Nasty Girl Steez For New Video “One Night Stand”

We all know Keri Hilson is a little freak-a-leek with the music, she’s not afraid of getting down and dirty with a little twist of raunchy-ness.

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March 24th 8:34am

Tiger Woods’ New Lil Blonde Thang Used To Draw Him “Good Luck Crayon Drawings” When She Was A Tike

Damn, Tiger Woods is robbing the cradle for the sake of him getting some new Becky drawls.

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March 24th 8:30am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What kind of fu*kery is this????

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March 24th 8:24am

Poor Thang: Juelz Santana Pulled Over By NYC One-Time On His Way To Perform With Chris Brown

Weall know that Juelz Santana needs to stay out of trouble after being raided recently

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March 24th 8:10am

Douche Lord Scott Disick’s Tiny Muscles Turn It Up For Men’s Mag Cover Shoot

Baby daddy Scott Disick loves his lack of man mass and could care less what you think.

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March 24th 8:02am

Kendall Jenner Shows Some Thigh… Follows In Sister Kimmy Cakes Footsteps!

Face caked up and looking twice her age, Kendall Jenner turned up the heat for a little on camera action.

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March 24th 7:51am

Kush Chronic-les: Whoopi Goldberg Was High As A Kite At The ’92 Oscars

Looking back at this picture of Whoopi, we’re surprised no one guessed this before now… especially considering her well known weed head status.

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March 23rd 8:43pm

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: California Woman Is Arrested After Encouraging Her Son To Catch Fade On YouTube!

Some might say this mom was “keepin’ it trill”, but the police have another name for it…”child endangerment” SMH.

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March 23rd 5:20pm

WTF?!?! Sick Fawker In Atlanta Is Sentenced To 12 Consecutive Life Sentences For A String Of Rapes!

Bout time a jury gave out an appropriate sentence for this sick ISHT that’s going on out here!!

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March 23rd 4:54pm

Public Funeral For Nate Dogg Announced

Fans of West Coast icon Nate Dogg will have a chance to pay their respects to the rapper this upcoming weekend. A public viewing for Dogg will take place Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the New Hope Baptist Church at 1160 New York St. in Long Beach, Cali. Continue reading at

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March 23rd 4:41pm

The Game Recap: New Beginnings

Last night’s episode was sort of a bore.

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March 23rd 4:15pm

Glued And Screwed Up Toupee On The View Speaking On Obama’s Birth Certificate… Whoopi Gets In His A**!!!

Donald Trump payed a visit to the ladies of The View to talk about his reality show Celebrity Apprentice but of course that did not go according to plan. Donald felt it was more important to talk about President Obama’s birth certificate…

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March 23rd 3:56pm

Watch What You Say Around Shaq, He’s About To Be A Cop!

And this guy was mad at Kobe for talking to the cops??

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