May 19th 1:01pm

Keri Hilson Takes Her Cakes To Cape Town

Keri Hilson recently took her cakes to Cape Town, wound up in maximum security and got high. Pop the hood to watch the video.

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May 19th 12:30pm

Weezy Phones Home From Riker’s Island And Gives An Update

Currently working on The Nino Brown Story Pt. 3, set to drop in June, DJ Scoob Doo was able to phone in and get a status update from the Young Money general himself. Pop the hood to find out what Weezy had to say for himself. Continue

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May 19th 12:14pm

Dear Bossip: My Guy Falls . . . Short!

Hello, I have a question for you. I have a significant friend and we are dating and things are really good. He is thoughtful, sweet and considerate. We have alot in common and we are great together…outside of the bedroom.

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May 19th 11:43am

e-Bay Rejects Dead Star’s Nasty Used Panties

What is up with these white folks and the stank panties? At least e-Bay is drawing the line on Anna Nicole Smith’s dirty draws. Pop the hood.

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May 19th 11:41am

Caption This

Dirty Money held an album listening party last night for Last Train To Paris and we couldn’t resist posting this shot of Diddy that is dying to be captioned. He might want us to think he’s hard, but this look right here makes him appear softer than BUTTER. Pop the hood to leave your caption…

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May 19th 11:11am

Certified Links

Lil Cease Compares Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj To Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Kim (GO) Golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez Tied Up, Robbed (GO) Crips Confront Waka and Gucci Mane At Video Shoot [Video] (GO) Why Can’t Black Hosts Survive Late Night? (GO) WATCH: Recession Can’t Keep Buyers From Gucci (GO) White Neo-Nazi Supremacist Facing 5…

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May 19th 10:53am

Is Jzapal’s Cake Doing Way Too Much??

We spotted this shorty Jzapal’s cakes and thought she looked a little stout. This is for the midweek pickup, fellas. Pop the top and get your fix

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May 19th 10:53am Links!

Mariah Carey Looked Like A Plump Turkey During Her Egyptian Concert: CLICK HERE Paul Mooney On President Obama Picking Elena Kagan “I Love It… He Is Picking A Midget Next”: CLICK HERE Teacher Says Sorry For Whipping Male Students Ass And The Kid Speaks Out!: CLICK HERE Is This Shooting Real? Gangster Walks Up On…

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May 19th 10:52am

Nobody Better Get Any Ideas About Slapping Around Vanessa Williams

Banger Vanessa Williams is bringing some bronze goodness to the cast of  “Desperate Housewives” this fall. Them writers better not pull any crap on this sister. Pop the hood.

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May 19th 10:42am

For Discussion: Times Haven’t Changed! Study Shows Kids Still Think White Is Right

Regardless of your race — if you haven’t started talking to your children about skin color, you might want to start now. Last night’s CNN special “Black or White: Kids on Race,” revealed that a racial bias exists even among young kids today. Pop the hood for video and details on the study

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May 19th 9:50am

Dayyumm Weight Watchers… Jennifer Hudson’s Body Is Right!!!

We saw Jennifer Hudson showing off her new body at Cannes on the red carpet with Terrence Howard but those pictures really did her no justice. This chick is definitely a CERTIFIED BANGER!!! In the current issue of InStyle, Jennifer puts it all on display… Flip the Lid for a Peek at Jennifer Hudson’s New…

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May 19th 9:45am

What The Hellman’s?!

Meet Katrina Bryant (r.) and Melanese Reid. They like their condiments served in a timely manner … or else. Pop the hood.

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May 19th 9:24am

Victim Of A Lace Front Gone Wrong!!!: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland performed at The World Music Awards with this _____________ on the top of her head. Before walking out the room, it should have gone something like this: Oufit – Check, Shoes – Check, Make-Up – Check, Lace Front —EHHH WRONG!!! Pop the Top for More Pics

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May 19th 9:23am

Twitter Files: Is Chris Brown Taking Things Too Far With The “Black And Ugly” Jokes?

SMH… Breezy what are you doing??? After being a do-gooder last weekend with his VA Stand Up Charity Concert, Chris Brown is already showing his azz on Twitter — making some derogatory jokes at the expense of a certain blogger who insulted him. Check the tweets on the flipside and tell us if you think…

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May 19th 9:20am

New Music: Fantasia Is In “Overload”… Will Her Career Be Able To Survive?!??

Fantasia is slowly creeping her way back the music scene. Most of the time when a celebrity has a reality show, it helps their career but that doesn’t seem to be working for Tasia. She just released this new jawn “Overload” and there really isn’t anything special about it. Pop the Top and Tell Us…

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