August 4th 9:07am

Blast From the Past: Damn Lisa Turtle, Lay Off the Foundation

Damn, it was crackin over at Mr. Chow’s in Hollyweird last night…Latoya Jackson, Mel B, LaLa, Kim Kardashian, the little jawn from the Pussycat Dolls, and last but not least…little Lark Voorhies. Come on now Lark, why the f*ck you put all that goddamn make up on your face, and it doesn’t even match your…

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August 4th 9:06am

Method Man Shoots A Fan Asking For Autograph?

A lady has pressed charges against Method Man saying that he shot her because she wanted a autograph: A woman from Fort Bend County, Texas is suing Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man, for alleging shooting her with…

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August 4th 9:05am

More Jennifer Lopez Cake Shots!

Old J-to the L-O don’t look so bad compared to the thin piece on the right, especially after taking into consideration she has squatted out a few bambinos. We have more cake shots from the boat trip on the “WALLY.” Pop it for more of a bubble

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August 4th 9:00am

Former NY Giants Wide Receiver Burress Indicted On Gun Charges

NFL star Plaxico Burress was indicted by a grand jury yesterday, on weapons charges, stemming from the former New York Giant wide receiver shooting himself in the thigh on November 29th, in New York’s Latin Quarter nightclub. Plax could face a minimum of 3 1/2 years if convicted. Continue…

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August 4th 8:40am

New Music From Eve: “Me and My B*tches Up In The Club”

Eve has not made a song since Mack Dre was alive. People are anxious to hear from the “Pit Bull in a skirt,” but she has failed to deliver. Pop the top and take a listen to her new jawn and tell us if she delivered. Go under to listen to Me and My B*tches…

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August 4th 8:15am

Kim Gets Real Hostile With NeNe and Sheree… Is This Why They Jump Her??

SMH at this season of the Atlanta “Housewives” starting out the gate with mad drama…The usual suspects Kim, NeNe, and Sheree.

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August 4th 8:13am

Did Chris Do that to Your Head RiRi?

  Rihanna was spotted arriving at a heliport with hell-a bed head after spending a weekend in the Hamptons. We wonder if Chris was there.  More pics under the hood.

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August 4th 8:11am

Seen on the Scene: Marlon Wayans Does 106 & Park

Marlon Wayans and his GI Joe co-stars Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum hit up 106 & Park yesterday.  Pop the hood to see Rocsi and Marlon getting closer than close.

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August 4th 8:10am

Still Kicking A** and Taking Numbers… Naomi Campbell, Up to Her Old Tricks Again!

Seems like anger management wasn’t enough for Naomi, and she’s back to abusing innocent folk.  This time, she’s being accused of attacking a photographer with her purse.

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August 4th 8:07am

New Ne-Yo Song Is Kind of Bangin…

Ne-Yo’s new song Stormy Sunday is pretty clean. In a recent interview he talked about helping Rihanna out on her album and what he thinks about Chris Brown:

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August 4th 8:05am

New Video of MJ and His Secret Son Jet Skiing!

Footage has been released of Michael Jackson and his “secret” son Omer Bhatti.

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August 4th 8:05am

Debo Needs a Lesson in Holding a Baby 101

Tommy “Tiny” Lister, better known as DEBO, was out and about with his family this weekend. From the looks of it, DEBO needs some help holding that baby. Even with those big a** hands, he doesn’t seem to have a secure hold. Flip the Lid for More Pics

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August 4th 7:55am

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Fitness With Dwight Eubanks

Atlanta’s favorite house- freak and NeNe’s homo husband, Dwight, was caught on tape doing what he calls fitness.

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August 4th 7:27am

Making it Rain on them Hoes: Katherine Gets Full Custody of MJ’s Kids

Katherine Jackson was appointed full guardianship of Michael’s three children Paris, Prince Michael I & Prince Michael II.

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August 4th 7:17am

Drake Proves We Fall Down… But We Get Up

A spoof of Drake’s ‘Best I ever Had’ was released making fun of how wack the video was.  Check it out under the hood along with Drake’s response to his fall on stage.

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