July 23rd 2:25pm

Drake’s Album “Thank Me Later” Has Gone Certified Platinum In 5 Weeks Selling 846,082 Copies

Drake is not officially Platinum status but he’s almost there with selling an estimated 846,082 albums according to the numbers we came across. Now that that is out the way…

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July 23rd 2:24pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Is “Butt Enhancing” Becoming The Norm For Women (GO) Shakira in a Bikini (GO) The Evolution of the Sellout in Black America (GO) Cameron Diaz: Getting Married for Life is “Bulls**t” (GO) Officer Beaten By Suspect On Camera, Needs Facial Surgery For Injuries (GO) Paris Hilton Takes a Champagne Shower (GO) Jay Sean Ft. Nicki…

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July 23rd 2:04pm

Making It Rain On These Hoes: 44-Year-Old Banger Edition

Here is Stacey Dash looking as beautiful as ever in Karin + Raoul magazine. Did this broad even age???? More gorgeous shots on the flipside

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July 23rd 1:53pm

Sextra: Who’s in the Mood for Some Leo Love?

Happy Friday, Bossip Readers! Today is the dawning of the Leo cycle of the zodiac! Anyone who is so lucky to have a Leo in your life brace yourself, for the boss will become bossier in the coming weeks! But just as much as the lion or lioness is

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July 23rd 12:58pm

Woman Arrested For Pouring Boiling Water On Her Mother’s Face

A Pennsylvania woman and her boyfriend were arrested Tuesday after police say they plotted to kill her mother by pouring quarts of scalding hot water on her face. Continue

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July 23rd 11:28am

Therapist Throws Foxy Under The Bus: “She Definitely Has Issues..A Lot Of Frustration And Sadness”

Poor Inga: A therapist who has treated Foxy Brown said yesterday she’s not surprised the hot-headed hip-hopper has landed in trouble again. “It doesn’t surprise me,”

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July 23rd 11:21am

Cops Bust Bret Michaels For Drugs On Tour Buses

Bret Michaels can’t catch a break! The rocker seemed to be making a successful comeback after battling for his life, but now he’s facing serious citations after marijuana and other drugs were found on his tour buses. Poor Thang?

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July 23rd 10:56am

Mary J. Blige Gets Military Chic, But Did She Do It Better Than Beyonce?

Mary J. Blige bared a little belly when she rocked this military look on the streets of New York. We think she’s lookin’ pretty dang good but there’s another R&B diva who has tried the same trend. Take a look on the flippy to see if Mary did it better than BeyBey

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July 23rd 10:45am

Undercover Journalist Catches Gay Priests Gettin’ It In At Sex Clubs

Holy Catholic pedophiles Batman! An Italian journalist took hidden cameras into a seedy gay sex club and caught priests having casual sex with other patrons. Pop it to hear how far they were willing to go for satisfaction.

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July 23rd 10:44am

Certified Links

Young Buck Talks About Life After G Unit & How 50 Cent Is Blackballing Him [Video] (GO) Tracy Morgan — Why I Bought MJ’s Used Glove (GO) Shakira’s Half Naked Ballet Of The Day (GO) California’s Potential Legalization Makes Way For A Billion Dollar “Pot Economy” (GO) Foxy Brown Speaks On Arrest, Could Do 7…

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July 23rd 10:40am

What The Hell??? Hazel E “I Pop My Butt” Extended Version Feat. Asia Lynn

“Valley Girl” rapper Hazel-E is at it again… Someone sent us her latest song “I Pop My Butt” featuring Asia Lynn on Twitter earlier this week and when we heard it we weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Pop the hood to listen and make sure you tell us if you Hate It Or…

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July 23rd 10:35am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 14-Year-Old Murders Family And Slits His Own Throat

We told y’all about the mother and her four children who were killed in a tragic house fire. Well, new developments in the case reveal that the 14-year-old teen that perished in the fire may have started the fire to cover up the murder of his family and slit his own throat with a straight…

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July 23rd 10:25am

Stephen Jackson Of Bobcats’ Wife Locked In Bathroom While Armed Men Gank A Pistol, Watch, And An LV Wallet From Home

Armed men broke into the home of Charlotte Bobcats player Stephen Jackson, locking his wife in a bathroom as they made off with a gun and some luxury items, police said.

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July 23rd 10:12am

Some Morning Cakes

Tahiry and her massive donk on a beach in a bikini for Hip Hop Weekly’s “swimsuit issue.” Need we say more?? Pop it for more pics…

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July 23rd 9:45am

Charlie Rangel Charged With Multiple Ethics Violations, Willing To Fight…

Rep. Charles Rangel, who has spent half of his 80 years as a member of Congress, says he looks forward to fighting ethics charges.

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