May 21st 12:56pm

New Music: Liza Minnelli Covers “Single Ladies… Put A Ring On It”

What in the sam hell was Liza Minnelli thinking when she covered BeyBey’s “Single Ladies”? This is pure comedy, she has officially turned this pop jawn into the ultimate jazz musical record and the bridge… Pop the Top for This Madness:

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May 21st 12:05pm

SMH: Lil Wayne Laughs At Toya’s Rapping Skills But Puts Money Behind Nicki Minaj…

Antonia “Toya” Carter is seriously taking this little rap thing to the next level. She told, that she plans to put out an original song. When they asked Toya how Lil Wayne felt about her lyrical flow… she states that he had a mouthful of laughs. That’s interesting because he co-signs Nicki Minaj!!! Flip…

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May 21st 11:55am

Oh, Sweet Jesus! What In The Name Of The Detroit Hair Show Is Going On Here?

Instead of helping her son run hoes, if only Tecora Brown had raised Allen Brown a.k.a. Prince to be a decent human being and introduced him to a good barber. Pop the hood.

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May 21st 11:30am

Lindsay Lohan In France With Friends… Oh Yeah, And 3 LINES OF COKE!!

Lohan is doing way too much. We already knew about the drugs with the video popping out a while back and her looking like a busted up Strawberry on the regular, but TMZ has some photos of her with coke on the table in the midst. Pop the top and peep this little train wreck…

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May 21st 10:43am

For Discussion: Do Latinos Face Worse Discrimination Than Blacks?

There’s a new survey out about who faces the most discrimination in America. Which group do you think it is? Pop the hood for survey results.

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May 21st 10:34am

Celtic Guard’s Stepdad Shows His A$s, Says Hello To Cop’s Jolty Little Friend

It’s all about the stun gun this week. Willie “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” Buie, the stepdad of Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels, went to a game, acted up and then the tasers came out. Pop the hood.

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May 21st 10:07am

Does This Guy Still Stand A Chance At Being The Next King Of Pop???

When we saw these pictures of Ush onstage FONDLING HIS SACKAGE for Sydney’s Seven’s Sunrise program– we couldn’t help but think back to the time when folks kept saying he was the second coming of MJ… Boy have times changed. Pop the hood for more pics of Ush and his Michael Jackson moves and BAD…

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May 21st 9:42am

Sneaky Matrimony-dom: Terrence Howard Slips Up About Hidden Marriage To Longtime Boo

Terrence “Slick Back Babywipes Face” Howard pulled a fast one on us: Terrence Howard is a married man.

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May 21st 9:41am

BET Gives Ci-ERROR A Ho Sit Down and Bans Her Video… Sorry, Only Beyonce Can Ride A Fake _______!!!

Ciara’s sexually suggestive and gyrating performance has caused her video, “Ride”, to be banned from BET. This entire situation is funny because that is all Beyonce does in her video especially in the “Video Phone” video. Playin’ with guns like they are _____, gyrating, while saying “You Like What You See, You Wanna Video Me”……

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May 21st 9:28am

Another Day, Another Divorce: Eric Snow Is Dropping College Sweetheart DeShawn With “No Hope Of Reconciliation”

Damn, DeShawn Snow must be boring as hell. First she couldn’t keep her job being a catty a*s beyotch on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and now Eric Snow, her husband of 12 years has filed for divorce. More details…

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May 21st 9:13am

Guess Who This Little Guy Is???

This little fella has big shoes to fill!!! Find out why and peep more images when you…

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May 20th 10:50pm

Something Is Still Wrong With This Picture

Damn, we thought Sammy “Soft White” Sosa went back to the ‘darker side.’ Buddy isn’t as light bright as he was before, but he is looking a little conked up and painted on to us still. Hopefully he can get it together soon. Poor thang. More pics of Sammy coupled up with his wifey Sonia…

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May 20th 6:26pm

Who Looked More Bangin’? Streets Edition

Summertime is almost upon us and all the BOSSIP Bangers have been out and about in their lil dresses, showin’ out! Tia and Tamara Mowry were spotted in NYC this afternoon arriving at their hotel. Pop the hood for photos of Lala leaving dinner at Beso in Los Angeles last night and Rihanna on the…

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May 20th 6:06pm

“Blood Diamond” Naomi Campbell Is Wanted For War Crimes Thanks To Warlord’s Diamond Gift!!

Naomi Campbell is probably sh*ttin bricks. She has been subpoenaed for accepting a Blood Diamond from an African Warlord. Naomi stormed out the interview when the little white lady asked her about it, but wont be able to storm out the courtroom:

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May 20th 6:04pm

*Bossip Exclusive* Chris Brown Loves Hollyweird Hoes: “When He Was Shooting The Video With Tyga In Cali… He Was Knocking Them Down 5 A DAY & Orgies!”

California Bossip Ear Hustlers tell us Breezy is a borderline Male-Ho/Nympho. The sources say Chris Brown’s Cali time is spent with him knee deep in  ho-womb: Source: “He was at the video shoot with Tyga taking them back to the crib, back to the criiiiib, yeaaaah! He had one Latin girl that looked like she…

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