April 27th 3:29pm

Dhani Jones’ Crazy List For His Ideal Woman… All You Pocahontas Hoes Can Sit Down, He Don’t Want No Weavy Wonder

Dhani Jones hasn’t had a girlfriend in a minute, and when we heard his list of qualities he’s looking for in a lady, we understood why!!! This muhfugga puts Chilli’s requirements to shame. Not only does his woman have to put it down in the kitchen, she’s also gotta be multi-lingual and adventurous enough to…

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April 27th 12:24pm

When The Checks Start Coming In: Charlamagne Has A New Gig!

Our boy Charlamagne is back in business. He was just hired in South Carolina at a hot radio station: As previously reported, Charlamagne lost his position at Philadelphia’s 100.3 Tha Beat after the station reportedly wanted to “change its format” just days after he gave a pivotal interview with Beanie Sigel airing out his grievances…

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April 27th 12:20pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Soulja Boy Unveils Details On Upcoming Book: “Teenage Millionaire” [Video]  (GO) Black Grads Owe More Debt Than White, Asian, Hispanic Graduates (GO) HHWired Exclusive: Diggy Simmons Speaks On His Famous Family, Fashion And Avoiding Reality TV [Video] (GO) Exclusive Interview: Larry King’s Ex-Wife Says He & Shawn Knew About Each Other’s Affairs (GO) Update: Mother…

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April 27th 12:15pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: You Will Not Believe What This Madman Had In A Bag

This is like something out of a horror movie. Jumar Henry, of Jacksonville, Fl., was walking around with scratches on his face and blood under his nails. Suspicious members of his church (where he reportedly went to seek forgiveness) called the Five-Oh, who made a ghoulish discovery. Pop the hood.

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April 27th 11:35am

BossipVideo.com Links!

Baby Momma Named Her Kids The Craziest Names Starting With “D”: CLICK HERE Malik Yoba Ask Young Jack Thriller For Advice: CLICK HERE M.I.A.’s Controversial Video About Red Head Kids Being Killed??: CLICK HERE Jessica Simpson Goes To Rio And Is Taught How To Shake Her Pancake: CLICK HERE A Fight Breaks Out Over… A…

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April 27th 10:36am

No Kakes For Kanye: Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors “Yeezy Ain’t Hittin This!!”

BOSSIP caught up with Kim Kardashian on the red carpet in Las Vegas this weekend at Wet Republic celebrating her sister Kourtney’s birthday. We asked her if there’s any truth to the rumors swirling around that Yeezy was choppin that down

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April 27th 10:25am

Certified Links

Tupac Shakur’s Mother Arrested For Drug Possession (GO) Dismantling Discrimination On Madison Avenue (GO) DMX Files Lawsuit For Over $1 Million In Stolen & Unpaid Royalties (GO) 15,000 Pairs Of Fake Nikes Get Confiscated During World Intellectual Property Rights Day (GO) National Guard May Be Called In To Curtail Chicago Gang Violence [Video] (GO) Jesse’s…

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April 27th 10:24am

For Discussion…AGAIN

Princeton Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell goes in on the on going never-ending debate on why successful black women are unmarried:

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April 27th 10:18am

Ho Sit Down: Rush Limbaugh Says Tea Partiers Love America More Than Obama

According to Limbaugh, Clinton and Obama do not love their country. He makes that implicitly clear saying that the Obama and Clinton administrations are “comfortable with the unrest in our society today” and villainize himself and FOX News to their advantage, a strategy most disagree with. Pop the hood for the rest of his tomfoolery……

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April 27th 9:47am

BeyBey Leaves Gladiator High And Dry

It looks like Beyonce won’t be getting her swirl on with Russell Crowe in a remake of the classic film A Star Is Born, which would have seen her taking on the role played by the likes of Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand. Pop the hood.

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April 27th 9:44am

Guess Who Is Stuntin’ On Rodeo With Her FIANCE?

Well DAAAAMN! We’re surprised shorty’s hand doesn’t get tired from carrying all that ice! Can you guess which engaged reality star was out flossin’ with her fiance on a Beverly Hills shopping spree? This one should be easy. Pop the hood to find out.

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April 27th 9:22am

What The Hell??? This Crazed Laker Fan Has A Kobe Fetish Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen

This interview with a Kobe-crazed Lakers fan is kind of funny as sh*t, yet at the same time, scarier than a muhfugga. Hope Kobe keeps plenty of security around. Vanessa, beware… it’s no longer just the white girls you have to worry about. Pop the hood to see what we mean. Click Here To Watch…

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April 27th 9:21am

Which One Would You Hit? D-List Tatted Up Rapper Edition

If you ladies get ‘moist’ for some sweaty tatted up D-List rappers, then this should make your Tuesday morning!! Here is Maino and Waka Flocka Flame at DJ Prostyle’s birthday bash last night in NYC. Which One Would You Hit??? More images on the flipside…

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April 27th 8:55am

Dirty Dog Diaries: Piece Of Sh*t Tiki Barber Out Flossin His Young Blond Floozy While Wife Was In The Hospital For A Week Fighting Pregnancy Complications

Tiki Barber ain’t sh*t: He was running around town with his young mistress — while his pregnant wife spent a week in the hospital

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April 27th 8:45am

Tamyra Gray’s Got A Gut Full Of Swirly Human

“American Idol” alum Tamyra Gray and her husband, ex-Color Me Badd member Sam Watters, are expecting their first child. She’s carrying the mocha swirl baby, but he says he’s the one turning into a fata$s. Pop the hood.

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