July 26th 10:18am

Former Head Of CIA Says U.S. Military May Be Forced Into Action Against Iran

SMH… The troops aren’t even home from Iraq yet, but one expert says military action against Iran may be necessary sooner than we think. Details on the flipside

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July 26th 10:00am

Name That Cake…

These cakes were photographed performing recently in Miami. Please pop the hatch to find out who they belong to…

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July 26th 9:57am

Sh*t Is Real In Mexico: Prison Inmates Given Weapons And “Temporary Freedom” To Go Kill Up Some Folks

Prison inmates allowed to leave their cells with weapons borrowed from guards carried out last week’s killing of 17 people

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July 26th 9:26am

True Or False: Jessica White Is Swirling It Up With Sean Penn Again???

Looks like Jessica is back on the swirl wagon of love: Is model Jessica White back together with Sean Penn?

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July 26th 9:13am

New Lauryn Hill Jawn “Repercussions” Is Bangin! Is She Back?

Lauryn Hill has attempted comebacks before, and not always with the best results, but we just caught wind of a track called “Repercussions” that you’ve got to listen to. Pop the hood to hear it

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July 26th 9:10am

Kim Kardashian Begs Twitter Stan “wishiwaskim” To Not Get Knifed Up Head To Toe To Please Husband

Wow. Kimmy Cakes has a crazy effect on people: Kim Kardashian has pleaded with a fan not to get plastic surgery to look like the reality star.

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July 25th 11:19pm

Greg The K.O. Kid Who Knocked Out Suge Is Put To Sleep Like A Baby By Skin Head-Bouncers!

When K.O. Greg, The Guy Who Knocked Out Suge, gets a door in his back while trying to interview Monica Danger… K.O. tries to check the security, but is quickly choked out and put to sleep. Poor K.O. even wakes up looking like a newborn and starstruck. Continue

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July 25th 1:48pm

Study Shows That Women Who Sit Longer Than Six Hours Daily Have A Higher Chance Of Dying

This is interesting: A shocking new study found that even women who hit the gym every day can die young — if they spend too much time on their backsides. The study, published by the American Cancer Society, says women who sit on their bottoms for more than six hours a day increase their chance…

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July 25th 1:29pm

Nicki Minaj Collaborates With Will.i.am For Debut

With Nicki Minaj now taking over The Queen Bee spot in Hip-Hop, anticipation for her debut is higher than ever and with the help of her new hit single “Your Love,” it’s not cooling off. Continue…

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July 25th 1:03pm

For The Ladies: MadameNoire Presents Omari Hardwick

You likey, ladies?? For more on Omari please…Continue…

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July 25th 12:26pm

Some Sunday Swirl

Happily married lovebirds Khloe And Lamar Odom hit the pool in Vegas. More pics and details on the flipside

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July 25th 12:25pm

NBA Free Agent Lorenzen Wright Missing, Family Worried About His Whereabouts

Lorenzen Wright, a former NBA lottery pick who spent more than a decade playing professional basketball, has gone missing

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July 25th 12:05pm

Bald Headed Beast Sighting

Amber Rose is attending ‘classy folks’ events nowadays and was spotted at the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge this weekend in NY. More pics…

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July 25th 11:45am

BossipVideo.com Links!

Lil Kim In Her Transparent Dress While Performing With Gucci Mane: CLICK HERE Amber Rose Dances Cape Verdean Pasada And Judges A Cake Shake Contest: CLICK HERE Wyclef On Faux Asking For More Money To Benefit His Charity For Haiti…: CLICK HERE Muskogee Wrestling Coach And His Buddy Arrested For Molestation… What’s Going On??: CLICK…

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