April 30th 9:36am

Guess Which Gay Celeb Is Coming Out?

Ricky Martin’s got some company. According to a story on Jezebel, People magazine’s May 5 cover will feature a celebrity coming out. Pop the hood.

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April 30th 8:48am

Shady Baby Daddy Matty Still Trickin Off…Will Receive 425K From The Government For A New Crib???

Damn, Mathew Knowles ain’t sh*t: Matthew Knowles, the manager and father of the pop star Beyoncé, is not the kind of guy who needs a handout from Uncle Sam

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April 30th 8:30am

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Halle Berry and Eva Mendes both showed their support at last night’s DKMS 4th Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia, but which of the ladies looked more bangin’? Pop the hood for more pictures of Rachel Roy, Estelle and Solange looking like she finally discovered juices and berries.

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April 30th 8:14am

We’re Confused Because This Sounds Likes Christina Aguilera But Looks Like Lady GaGa In “Not MySelf Tonight”

Maybe Akon was right, what the hell is Christina Aguilera doing in her new video??? She has always been a little edgy when it comes to certain things she wears but… This has Lady GaGa written all over it!!! Tell us what you think… Pop the Top for a Peek

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April 29th 9:03pm

Caption This: Pharrell… What Exactly Are You Doing???

The Game recently shot his video for “It Must Be Me” featuring Pharrell. Now, we all know Pharrell is a special little being but what exactly comes to your mind when you see this pic?!?

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April 29th 5:45pm

Please Help…Charles Porter Needs A “Lil Positivity”

He’s strong and he will survive, but he needs your help..Listen and learn people: Get check-ups on the regular! Take it from our friend “Charles Porter” who thought his symptoms over the last few years were normal, and now he’s fighting for his life.

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April 29th 5:19pm

Gayest Video Ever? Who Is Trying To Do The “D*ck Slang” With Their Homeboys?

SMH… Apparently young men today are flexing their dance muscles in entirely new and disturbing ways. We just want to know how often heterosexual young men get together in groups of five and say “Come over after school and do the ‘D*ck Slang’ with me”? We’re betting it’s not too many. You’ve GOT to see…

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April 29th 4:32pm

Do These Cakes Look Familiar??

Meet Cassie Griffin. Cassie is a model and has been seen on BOSSIP previously coupled up with a “singer”… If you’re not quite sure who this banger has previously been connected to, make sure you pop the hatch to find out…

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April 29th 4:26pm

Brits Are Still Studying The Mocha Swirl Babies

Remember that recent British study about how the English think biracial folks are better looking and more successful than everyone else? Well, now some researchers are doing research into bias against white mothers of mixed-race children. Pop the hood.

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April 29th 4:13pm

*Exclusive Pic* Guess Which Video Vixen Channels Beyonce In A Recent Photoshoot?

BOSSIP just got our hands on a snapshot from a recent photoshoot where one of the top models in the game was clearly inspired by Beyonce. Pop the hood to find out who it was…

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April 29th 3:45pm

Rikers Island Prison Guard Fired For Spying On Lil Wayne, Files Lawsuit

A former prison guard at New York’s Rikers Island is out of a job today after being fired for reportedly spying on Lil Wayne. Details on the flipside. Continue

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April 29th 1:42pm

A List of Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Shut Down

God Day, Bossip readers! In light of yesterday’s “Dear Bossip” post, the question begs: how does a couple communicate if one party has shut down? How do you initiate constructive dialogue when times are rough?

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April 29th 12:42pm

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Supermodel Alek “Ghostface Killa Crew” Wek and Zoe “Born To Be Famous” Kravitz both got gussied up and attended last night’s CHANEL Tribeca Film Festival Dinner. Pop the hood for more pics but don’t forget to tell us Who Looked More Bangin’!

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April 29th 12:36pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Lisa Raye Speaks On Beef With Vivica Fox & Waiting On Her Divorce Settlement [Video] (GO) Sugar Daddies Robbed By Young Women [Video] (GO) FAIL OF THE CENTURY! Rappers Burn $100 Thousand Dollars To Prove It’s Nothing To Them(GO) Funeral Home Poses Murder Victim On Motorcycle [Video] (GO) Cop Busted While Smoking Marijuana On Duty…

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April 29th 12:30pm

Hate It Or Love It?!? Eminem Reveals His New Single “Not Afraid”

Eminem called up Shade 45’s “The Morning After Show With Angela Yee” today to premiere his new song “Not Afraid” off his next album, Recovery. Pop the hood to listen and make sure to tell us if you Hate It Or Love It!

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