November 12th 12:30pm

Diddy Thinks a Gold Grill + 2 Chocolate Kisses + his Dance Moves = a Great Video

Check out Diddy and Dirty Money’s new video for “Love Come Down.” Does this fool have on a grill??? SMH… Peep it Under the Hood

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November 12th 8:57am

Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

Hey Bossip readers! Before you get up in arms, please know that the same list will be posted next week for the fellas. But, of course, ladies first! Now, there’s always room for a good healthy battle of the sexes and this list sort of made itself. No lie.

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November 12th 8:17am

Eddie Murphy Draped in Pure White

Your favorite swirling-bisexual Hollyweirdian, Eddie Murphy, is back doing what he does best… finagling in L.A. with some blonde piece. (at least it isn’t Johnny Gill this time) Pop the top for more swirling and Eddie’s ‘baggy wifebeater’ SMH

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November 12th 8:08am

MiMi Has “The Girls” Hangin Out (Again) and Lets Some Old Dude Grope Her…

Mariah Carey is in London stuntin with her rack all on display and all hugged up on some fans. The day we see MiMi in a turtleneck and covering them thangs up, is the day… Check on the flippy for more…..

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November 12th 8:03am

NEW VIDEO: Letoya Luckett ft. Ludacris… “REGRET”

Letoya Luckett has debuted her new video “REGRET” on 106th & Park. Papa Knowles better watch out; doesn’t look like anything he’s doing is stopping her shine. Pop it for a PEEK!!!

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November 12th 8:00am

Guess Who This Is??

This celeb went through a transformation for a show called Secret Celebrity on the E! Network. Here is the hint; although this person may deny it… this resembles what she would really look like if she were not in Hollyweird. Pop the top to see the change from beginning to end

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November 12th 7:40am

Video Of Katt Williams Fresh Out Of Jail Denying Being A “Katt Burglar”

Why are people waiting for Katt Williams outside the jail like he is Jesus Christ?? In Katt’s tirade, he says his whole arrest is all because of Satan and the new movie they shot about Obama. Pop the top for the second video… where he is sporting a battling glove telling his side of the…

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November 12th 7:30am

Balloon Boy’s Parents Played Themselves, Now Pleading Guilty

The parents that formulated the zany “Balloon Boy” scheme have struck a deal and plan on pleading guilty:

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November 12th 6:37am

Some Morning Nakedness

Tony Gonzalez from the Atlanta Falcons and his wife October stripped down to nada for PETA. Pop the hatch to have a gander…

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November 12th 6:28am

Social Networking Saves the Day: Teen Beats Robbery Rap Thanks To Facebook

Robbery was the case that they gave Rodney Bradford and “where’s my pancakes” is the phrase that saved him after members of New York’s Finest arrested the young man for participating in a burglary that he claimed to have not participated in.

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November 12th 6:15am

Seen on the Scene: Ci-Error Gets Her Wig Split

Your girl CiCi was spotted out in Hollyweird leaving the Warren-Tricomi Salon after getting herself a nice new ponytail. We’ll cut this young lady some slack today and leave it at that. Flip it for more pics of Ciara and her monster Jeep…

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November 12th 6:00am

Mike Tyson Punches Out Pap At LAX And Is Arrested

One of the paps got out of pocket yesterday at LAX with Iron Mike… and the inevitable happened. Mike caught fade and was locked up:

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November 12th 5:41am

In Sicko News: Mohler Family Men Charged For Sex Crimes Against Kids

Lock these mfers up and throw away the key: It is a sad day in the Mohler house, as 5 members of the Missouri clan have been charged for committing sex crimes, with most involving minors. Burrell Edward Mohler Jr., Burell Edward Mohler Sr., David A. Mohler, Jared Leroy Mohler, and Roland Mohler are said…

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November 12th 4:50am

Remix: Now Alicia Keys Is Sleeping With Maino’s “Broken Heart”

Alicia Keys and Maino teamed up for the remix to “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” This isn’t as odd as you may think… Pop the top for a listen

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November 11th 1:45pm

DC Sniper Pronounced Dead at 9:11pm EST…Victims’ Family Members React

Victims’ family members feel short-changed after John Allen Muhammad’s death: Justice fell short with the execution of Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad, one of his victims’ surviving family members said after witnessing his death by lethal injection.

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