August 25th 10:05am

Seen on the Scene: Tia and Tamera Laugh it Up in Hollyweird

Beautiful twin sisters, Tia and Tamera Mowry were seen leaving one of Hollyweird’s favorite spots to have dinner, Katsuya. Luckily for Tia and the hardcore fans of the TV show The Game, we hear that BET has been working with CBS Studios to possibly get a new season crackin’…. Pop the hatch for more of…

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August 25th 9:46am

Who Does This Little Frail and Tatted Up Back Belong To???

This former girl group member was spotted in London with her back all out and without a weave….

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August 25th 9:35am

TLC Will Play in the US After 7 Years

TLC hasn’t done a U.S. concert since the passing of Left Eye and is finally ready to hit the stage in Vegas.

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August 25th 9:20am

LaToya and Her Face Prepare for Daytime TV

Bossip has just gotten wind that LaToya Jackson will be co-hosting the View in September.

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August 25th 8:40am

Can A Brother Have A Drink?…DAMN

Michael Vick is back in trouble, sort of. Well, Tony Dungy is not too happy with him:

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August 25th 8:32am

Spotted: The First Fam does Martha’s Vineyard

First Family in Martha’s Vineyard The First Family arrived in Martha’s Vineyard for their summer vay-kay and it’s Fort Knox from what we hear! No press allowed!

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August 25th 8:30am

What the Hell???

This over sized tangerine fruit was spotted at an ATL event. Notice his Chucks, glove, and the girl to the right? SMH Pop the top…if you dare

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August 25th 8:27am

ATL Shindig

Tiny and Toya’s kids, plus Kandi and her man were all guests at a shoe launch in the ATL. The OMG Girlz helped present and model while the guardians got saucy. Pop the top and peep more

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August 25th 8:25am

SMH: Christina Milian Has Some Weird Looking Stans

Christina Milian was arriving back to her New York City hotel when a strange fan approached her and asked for an autograph. Pop it and see the creepy looking dude as well as some of Milian and The Dream in NY

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August 25th 8:12am

Dirk Nowitzki’s Crazy Ex Gets 5 Years in Prison

SMH. Dirk Nowitzki’s Geico-Caveman looking gold digger, Cristal Taylor, is getting 5 years in the clink.

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August 25th 8:00am

More Blueprint 3 Leakage: Jay-Z “Reminder”

Another Jay-Z jawn from Blueprint 3 has come out. This song is better than that Popsicle-Rap we released yesterday with him and “Dainty” Drake. Pop the top and listen to Reminder

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August 24th 4:49pm

*BREAKING NEWS*: Michael Jackson’s Death Was a Homicide

Michael Jackson’s death has just been ruled as a homicide; he did not have a heart attack. LaToya said it first and the rest of the bunch agreed. They are about to put Dr. Conrad Murray UNDER THE JAIL if one of MJ’s fans doesn’t lay hands on him first. The Los Angeles County coroner…

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August 24th 12:51pm

Twitter Files: Cassie and Diddy GOT-IT-IN Something Serious…and Then Followed It Up With Some Turkey Sammiches??

Diddy Twit Pic-ed all of Cassie’ pictures from her DIMEPIECE photo shoot. On the flip side, Diddy and Cassie were tweeting, in not so secret code, last night and this morning, saying how they miss each other and that they crave turkey sandwiches after good sex. Pop it for the Tweet Sex Session and Cassie’s…

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August 24th 12:40pm

New Music Leakage: Jay-Z Featuring Drake “Off That”

Jay-Z has finally had some leakage…from his album The Blueprint 3.  If you remember correctly, Camel was supposed to do some covert mission that would hinder any leakage. Anyway, the song is kind of bubble gum rap. It sounds like Jay-Z tried to have that soft “Drake” steez on the song. Pop it and listen

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August 24th 12:39pm

Pastor Mase: If I Had My Knife, I Would Have Stabbed Fat Joe at the MTV Awards

Tony Yayo recently discussed when Pastor Mase “changed up” again back in 2005 and was 50’s lil’ homie: I just think people get confused, is he a gangsta or a pastor? … We was in the car, after the MTV [2005 VMAs where Fat Joe dissed 50 onstage], I heard Ma$e say “If I woulda…

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