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We live in a color struck society where racially-ambiguous celebs hop from race to race when it benefits them. Whether they’re actually swirly or not, you never really know until they acknowledge their biracial background.

Here are ten celebs who you (probably) didn’t know were mixed. Take a look.

Bob Marley

The widely-beloved Reggae GOD was born to an Afro-Jamaican mother and white father of English descent. BOB MARLEY…mixed? Who knew?

Steve Jobs

The iconic Apple mogul’s biological father was Syrian.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Half Black-Nova Scotian, Half Samoan. But mostly “Black” in his movies.

Vanna White

Wheel of Fortune’s famous eye candy is half Puerto Rican.

Tim Duncan

Everyone’s favorite boring NBA superstar was born to a Black mother and white father in St. Croix.

Lauren London

Half white (Jewish), half Black. “NEW NEW?” Yep.

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Kid Cudi

The attention-starved weirdo rapper is Black + Mexican (Blaxican?) which explains his last name Mescudi.

Sade Adu

The ageless vampire beauty is half African, half white (English).


The quirky R&B songbird is Black and Chinese/Puerto Rican (or “Blasiantino”).

Tatyana Ali

She’s the eldest daughter of an Afro-Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father of East Indian descent.


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