April 22nd 6:38pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Pure comedy Or Fu*ked Up??? What Is Wrong With This Picture??

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April 22nd 6:02pm

RihRih Catches Wreck!!! “The Last Girl On Earth” Takes A Tumble

It’s been a rough week for Rihanna! The singer hit the ER after Monday’s show in Zurich (a suspected broken rib wasn’t actually broken after all), Tuesday her #1 single “Rude Boy” was dethroned by B.O.B’s “Nothing On You,” and last night’s tour date included a little — shall we say — stagedive??? Witness the…

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April 22nd 5:45pm

BossipVideo.Com Certified Links!

Lauren London Talks Pregnancy And Is Real Short With Talking About Lil Wayne: CLICK HERE Lt. Terry Akin Refuses Deployment Until He Views Obama’s Birth Certificate: CLICK HERE Mary J. Blige Performs “Stairway To Heaven” On American Idol: CLICK HERE Naomi Campbell Walks Out Of Interview And Smacks The Camera: CLICK HERE Sherri Sheppard, Steve…

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April 22nd 5:33pm

Naomi Pitches A Bloody Fit Over Dictator Diamond

Naomi Campbell had to open a can of whupa$s on ABC News when they asked her if she accepted a “Blood Diamond” from Liberian warlord Charles Taylor. She did not like the question and socked the cameraman. Pop the hood.

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April 22nd 4:59pm

Baby Mama Or Cry Baby? “Basketball Wives” Royce Breaks Down During Radio Interview

We’d never have guessed it from how hard she pops her cakes, but Dwight Howard’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Royce Reed actually has a very soft side. The former Miami Heat and Orlando Magic dancer did a recent radio interview that included a minor break down. Pop the hood to listen.

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April 22nd 3:34pm

Man Loses His $hit Over Parking Ticket

An Illinois man showed city officials exactly how he felt about his recent parking ticket by wiping his behind with it and mailing it back stained with human feces. Continue.

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April 22nd 2:46pm

*Exclusive Pics* Guess The Cakes

This Hollyweird actress was spotted walking into a downtown Manhattan building earlier today. Can you guess who she is? Here’s a few hints; she was part of an ensemble cast on a hit cable network series, she’s a newcomer to our Cakes section and she’s headed for divorce court for the second time. Pop the…

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April 22nd 2:10pm

GOP HNIC Michael Steele Admits Republicans Really Don’t Care About Your Black A$s

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele had to tell the truth about the GOP, admitting that if you’re black, get back. Pop the hood for more.

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April 22nd 1:31pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Rick Ross Confirms Diddy As New Manager (GO) Drake Performs Live At BMI Showcase (GO) Producer Solar Addresses Claims of Writing Guru Letter; Gay Rumors (GO) Brandy And Ray-J Visit The Today Show, Speak On “Family Business” (GO) UNICEF: Measles Hits Tens of Thousands in Africa (GO) Online Dating Story of the Day (GO) Talk…

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April 22nd 11:42am

Kelis Is A Certified Weirdo

Kelis performed yesterday at Santos Party House in NYC looking like a bootleg version of Lady Gaga. It might be time for babygirl to throw in the towel on the music thing and just take care of baby Knight and collect Nas checks. More when you…

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April 22nd 11:32am

What What In The Butt??? Study Shows NYC Women Are Getting Anally Plowed Raw Doggystyle

This is disturbing. A new report published by New York City’s Department of Health discovered that, while over 100,000 NYC women are having anal intercourse each year, many are not protecting themselves from HIV or other STD’s. Pop the hood for the dirty details.

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April 22nd 10:43am

Bonehead Burglars Break Into Big House For Boob Tubes

Well, ain’t this some dumb $hit. Inmates at a minimium-security prison near Amsterdam have been robbed twice: Someone keeps busting in while the jailbirds are on weekend furlough and stealing TVs from their cells. Pop the hood.

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April 22nd 9:58am

“Jeans Day” Fades Out In Chi-Town

Having employees pay up to $10 a pop to wear jeans to work was not Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown’s bestest idea. The excuse that the money raised funds for anything from office picnics to Hatian Earthquake relief isn’t really flying. (Hmm, Hacky Sack or Hatians? Decisions, decisions.) The county investigator general is…

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April 22nd 9:52am

Knifed Up Queen Pepa of Salt N’ Pepa Speaks On Nicki Minaj

Sandy “Pepa” Denton of the legendary rap group Salt N’ Pepa is sharing her thoughts on Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj. Continue…

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April 22nd 9:09am

Meagan Good Shows Off Tatted Up Thigh And Backs While Rockin Some Coochie-Cutters

Here is precious little Meagan Good spotted in Hollyweird once again rocking the short-shorts and the whore boots, but there’s something new going on with the fit. Looks like Meggy Meg went and got a nice little tattoo right on her thigh. How classy. Peep more on the flip….

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