August 31st 10:35am

Whitney Houston Opens up to Ebony Magazine

Whitney Houston covers the current issue of Ebony Magazine and opens up about shedding her excess baggage and her rise and fall in the industry.

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August 31st 10:21am

We Need Some Help Here: Will The Real Solange Please STAND UP!?!

Q-Tip and Solange were in NYC this weekend at one of the many MJ Birthday celebrations that popped off. But when we took a look at this pic…. we had to ask which person is which??? Maybe ya’ll can help us out…

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August 31st 10:15am

Lisa Hartwell Still Living It Up… Despite Losing One Home

Remember in the beginning of the month we reported on Lisa Wu losing a home? Remember she said her other house is this and her other house is that? Well, the house is in the boonies and they have been owners since 2005, and it’s way different from her last home:

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August 31st 10:13am

Whats Goin on in this Forum?

The party doesn’t stop here… head over to the Bossip Forumsto keep the roast-fest rolling on all your favorite celebs, and best of all you get to pick the topics that YOU want to talk about.  Some of the topics today include: Whitney’s New CD Hit or Miss? Are Christina and The Dream Expecting? Why…

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August 31st 10:10am

Chris Brown on Rihanna: “I never fell out of love with her.”

Chris Brown is on a full re-vamp of his career and he sat down for an interview with People magazine where he confessed his love for Rihanna.

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August 31st 10:05am

Bey Bey Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Into the “White Man’s” Game…

Roughly, 24 hours before these pictures were taken, Camel and Bey had both been in the Ukraine performing. They are seen here at the Barclays Event at Liberty National Golf Course… in Jersey City. Talk about a rigorous schedule. Pop it to see the couple

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August 31st 9:45am

Fill In The Blank: Kim Kardashian and 50 Cent

Kim Kardashian and Bugsy are collaborating on a new fragrance. Seeing that every celeb wants the world to smell like them, we are a little intrigued to see what happens when you mix Kimmy’s Cakes with Ol’ Bugsy’s Gorilla Mist…

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August 31st 9:25am

For Your Viewing Pleasure… Joe Jackson Has Another Molesting Moment with the Camera

Joe Jackson took MJ’s birthday as the perfect time to seize a camera op.  Flip the hood to see him up close and personal as he dishes on who should pay for MJ’s death.

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August 31st 9:07am

Who Looked More Bangin?: D-Lister Edition

Chilli went to her girl, Terry Vaughn’s, Birthday Party at a private location in ATL. We think both of these ladies exude class, although Terry did play a lady that lacked any on the Steve Harvey Show. We dig the way Chilli handles herself like a lady, despite her being a D-lister. Pop it for…

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August 31st 8:53am

White Lady Drags Kid Through Store on Leash, Charged With Felony: Duh!

A mother in Georgia named, Melissa Smith, was caught on camera ringing her kid’s neck by dragging her child through the store with one of those leashes…they use. She has just been charged. The funny part about all this is, in the video below, analysts are trying to justify the act, as well as, find…

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August 31st 8:42am

Which One Would You Hit??? Old Head Edition

Big Daddy Kane and Rakim were out in NYC this weekend at the Black Star Video event…just out of curiosity, which one would you ladies prefer to have butter your biscuits??? Pop it for more throwbacks (some of these guys are NOT aging well)…

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August 31st 8:41am

Ci-Error’s Replacement Is Rocking a New Look

This young lady was spotted at the Arthur Ashe For Kids Day Event over the weekend rocking some new hair. Most people go for the “slim in the face” look… but if the thick arms were not enough, then flip it to see the mystery girl, as well as more…

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August 31st 8:40am

When The Checks Stop Coming In

One of the members from Kid ‘N’ Play has just about hit rock bottom. Pop the top and find out which one it is…

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August 31st 8:35am

Angela Simmons Tryin’ To Stunt on These Hoes???

The Reverend’s daughter, Angela, was seen shopping in Hollyweird recently in a red Porsche. Whatever happened to her going to college???

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August 31st 8:30am

Look What Showed Up at The Daytime Emmys

The Daytime Emmys were in full effect this past weekend in LA. Tatyana Ali hit the red carpet much to our surprise because she has nothing going on, ANYWHERE!!! Aside from hosting time to time on TV One, she’s non-existent and of course, Ms.Tyra Banks was there to pick up her 2nd Emmy. Flip the hood for the…

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