December 4th 8:48am

Rihanna and her Little Cakes hit the Stage

Rihanna was spotted at the  Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC last night, strutting her little Russian Roulette cakes across the stage. We guess when you look like this, who cares about talent? More flicks under the hood.

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December 4th 8:46am

One of Tiger’s Hoes: He Blew My Backs Out TOO and He Was Good In Bed

New hoes are popping up left and right in the Tiger Woods scandal. One hoe who worked as a party girl in Vegas, Kalika Moquin, said the ‘swirl obsessed’ Tiger soaked up her panties and blew her back out.

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December 4th 8:44am

Kelly Rowland Mad at Mathew Knowles and Beyonce For Lawsuit

Kelly Rowland is furious that she, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams have to head to Chicago on Tuesday for a lawsuit regarding copyright infringement. Flip the top back for more details.

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December 4th 8:41am

On The Lam: Wanted For Chopping Down A Student!

Gail Elin Gagne, 27, is on the lam for working in the weight room and making a student chop her down… several times: A warrant was issued Wednesday for the arrest of the daughter of a former professional wrestler for allegedly having sexual relations with a student at Cretin-Derham Hall last year.

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December 4th 8:38am

Your Boy Breezy Says It’s Easy: “Just Learn From Your Mistakes And Keep It Movin'”

Your boy Chris “Beat-Down” Brown covered YRB and had this to say about his comeback album:

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December 4th 8:35am

Remember My Latin Cakes???: Vida Guerra Back Showing Black Men Her Cakes

Vida Guerra is back again. Who knows where she went after her cakes were used up, but recently the wholesome and sophisticated Vida reappeared in Black Men Magazine showing brothers her cakes. Pop it to see more

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December 4th 8:34am

Separated At Birth

Former NY Attorney General, Elliott Spitzer’s side hooker, Ashlee Dupree and “one” of Tiger’s hoes, Rachel Uchitel. We think these two “wholesome ladies” have more in common than living in NYC and getting twisted up in high profile sex scandals.

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December 4th 6:30am

Welcome to the Brand New…Brought to You by Hennessy

Good morning Bossip Readers! If you notice something a “little different” with the site today, please be informed that we have officially upgraded from the previous site design that was brought to you back in 2007. Hennessy is our official sponsor for this launch, and thus makes it possible for you guys to continue to…

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December 3rd 5:15pm

Fergie Hits the Bottle and Gets WASTED After her Husband Cheated on her with a Scipper

Fergie was recently spotted hanging out with actress Kate Hudson at hot spot Katsuya in LA venting about her husband’s affair. Apparently she drowned her sorrows in alcohol. More details under the hood.

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December 3rd 5:00pm

R. Kelly Sends Message to Trey Songz: Opinions are Like A$$holes BUT… You DON’T Even have a GRAMMY, So How You Gonna Give Me Advice!!!”

Here we go again… R. Kelly decides that he wants to speak on but not really speak on when Trey Songz dissed him. The funny part about this whole thing is, when we went to R. Kelly’s crib for the exclusive and asked him the same thing, word is that, it was a problem we…

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December 3rd 4:30pm

Homewreckers Get Props Too…

Gabrielle Union was spotted at the Hennessy Black event in Orlando looking real chopworthy.  They say you can’t turn a ____ into a housewife, does that also go for homewreckers???  More flicks for your viewing pleasure under the hood.

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December 3rd 4:25pm

This Just In: Nas gets Popped for a D.U.I and Being Burnt Out

Bossip has learned that Nas was busted for DUI near his Georgia home. More details under the hood.

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December 3rd 4:20pm

Tiger Woods’ Wife to Receive a Seven-Figure Pay Day

What happens next since Tiger Woods has seemingly admitted to infidelity??? This fool is allegedly dropping major stacks to the wifey in order to keep her around:

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December 3rd 3:45pm

Sweet Jesus… What is Wrong with This Picture???

This man was on an American Airlines flight. He is obviously over capacity for the seat and we’re pretty sure that this is a safety hazard because he is over flowing into the aisle. What we want to know is,

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December 3rd 3:30pm

Usher Gives Back and Admits that He’s Not Afraid to B*tch Up Every Now and Then

Usher made an appearance on ABC’s Extreme Makeover. In a recent interview, Usher talks about how it’s okay to cry and what he went through during the episode of Extreme Makeover: R&B singer Usher Raymond is best known for his soulful sensitive lyrics and for being a notorious “mama’s boy,”

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