January 27th 9:59am

End of Days: Autistic Woman Raped In Broad Daylight; No One Stops To Help

Police have 15-year-old Anferney Fontenet in custody after they say he raped a mentally challenged woman in broad daylight on the side of a busy street. Continue…

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January 27th 9:49am

Which NBA Player’s Sister is Bangin’ and Putting her Cakes on Display???

We came across this banger and come to find out, she has a brother that played in the NBA. How did she manage to stay under the radar for so long??? Probably because most of her success is international. Can you guess who her brother is??? Pop the Top for her Brother

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January 27th 9:16am

SMH: No Love For Haiti’s Dead, Unidentified Bodies In Mass Graves, Some Unburied

As the Haitian government continues to struggle to keep up with recovery operations, it has been revealed that many of the bodies of the dead have been removed without being identified. Even worse, in burial grounds outside of Port-Au-Prince, the dead are being disrespected by not even being full covered by dirt!!! Look under the…

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January 27th 9:15am

Ciara and Her Diesel Legs Hit Up Paris Fashion Week and Get Booed

Ciara “the muse for Givenchy” had a party in her honor at Paris’ Fashion Week, unfortunately she was booed by photographers for her tardiness:

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January 27th 9:09am

Quote of the Day: Paul Shirley Gets Out of Pocket

Professional basketball player/writer/blogger/dumbfu*ck, Paul Shirley, wrote this long a*s soliloquy on why he refuses to donate to Haiti: I haven’t donated to the Haitian relief effort for the same reason that I don’t give money to homeless men on the street.

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January 27th 9:04am

Is Pink Dissing Beyonce While Performing “STUPID GIRLS”???

Pink was in Liverpool performing her infamous jawn “Stupid Girl.” That’s the song where she makes fun of all the ladies in the industry for selling out to sell albums. Pink had on a long blonde wig, a crazy looking outfit and was gyrating just like Bey Bey. Flip the Lid and Tell Us if…

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January 27th 8:43am

Behind the Scenes: Lil Wayne and Shawty Lo…”WTF”

Shawty Lo is known for coming up with crazy names for his songs. It’s really no surprise that would team up with Lil Wayne and then call this jawn “WTF.” Pop the Top for More Pics

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January 27th 8:40am

Some Morning Cakes

How ’bout some honey buns this morning to get the day started right? You’ll have to look under the hood to check out what Renee Divine is serving.

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January 27th 8:08am

Jesus Take the Wheel: 14-Year-Old Charged as an Adult for First-Degree Murder of Parents

This is just crazy: Chores are never a teenager’s favorite way to spend a fall afternoon, but for 14-year-old John Caudle chores were the motive for murder,

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January 26th 8:52pm

What Do These “Unfortunate” Brothers Have in Common?

Here is a hint, she had a baby by the “rapper” on the left, surprised the cornball father in the middle when he found out he wasn’t the father of her third baby, and before all that, left the poor guy on the right for his best friend (the cornball in the middle), eventually driving…

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January 26th 8:17pm

This is What’s Wrong with Hip-Hop

According to HipHopWired, The Game recently said the following: “After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult?” If you’re not in the know, 50 Cent still makes money off every The Game album you purchase. We are not…

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January 26th 5:44pm

Dude- Where is My Stylist???: Chris Brown Looks Like a _______

Chris Brown was spotted in Paris for fashion week last week looking like he left his better judgment at home.  He traded in his clown get up for this one. Damn one bad fashion choice after another Chris.  More flicks of Breezy and Kanye together for the first time since the Chrianna fiasco under the…

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January 26th 5:39pm

*Exclusive Pics* Kanye’s Stylist Ibn Jasper Gets A Modeling ASSist From Shakur

Actress/rapper/model Shakur is back in the spotlight again, this time striking a pose to help promote stylist to Kanye West, Ibn Jasper’s new hat line with Quintin Co. Look under the flippy for more of Shakur doing her thang

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January 26th 3:33pm

Tyra Banks “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search” Is For The Little Big Girls

Yesterday Tyra announced the first ever plus-sized teen model competition on Monday’s episode of “The Tyra Show.” Look under the hood for details on what she’s looking for on the flippy side.

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January 26th 3:18pm

Man Arrested For Plotting Terror Attack On Military Base

A 43-year-old man was arrested Monday after police found him with a number of high powered weapons and a map of a U.S. military base in New Jersey. Continue

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