April 20th 8:40am

Breaking News: Gangstarr’s Guru Loses His Battle With Cancer

Hip-Hop fans, we’re sad to report that we’ve lost another legend as Gangstarr’s Keith “Guru” Elam lost his fight with cancer on Monday. The veteran MC was 43-years old. Continue

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April 19th 7:17pm

New Video: Ciara Gets Down And Dirty In “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)”

Ciara seems to have recognized her erroneous ways, at least she says as much in her song “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” where she raps about going all Hollyweird before breaking out into song. Pop the hood to find out if the video holds true to the Ciara fans knew and loved way back when…

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April 19th 5:43pm

The BBC Is Bringin’ Some Chocolatey Goodness To The Telly!

If you’ve been missing your regular dose of Idris Elba, since Stringer Bell caught a bad one and “The Wire” went off the air, and you happen to get BBC One, you’re in luck. Elba just landed the title role in BBC One’s new crime drama “Luther”. Pop the hood for a look at some…

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April 19th 5:25pm

Hoes Still Winning: Cheetah and Jesse James Hoochies Team Up For TV Show

Michelle “Adolf” McGee and Jamie Jungers, Jesse James and Tiger’s skanarellas, are trying to extend their 15 minutes by hosting a TV show “Celebrity Cheaters.” The classy ladies are gonna try to catch celebs creepin’. Pop the hood.

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April 19th 5:00pm

50 Cent To Track His Slave Roots In Upcoming VH-1 Documentary

50 Cent has teamed up with Vh1 to give fans a glimpse of his family history. Pop the hood for details. Continue

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April 19th 4:30pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

May is quite the month for Trina…Not only does the Diamond Princess drop her album May 4th, she also got the royal treatment from the prestigious KING Magazine and gets to cover the mag’s return to print with their Summer Issue. Pop the hood for a clearer view and another cake-a-licious cover girl.

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April 19th 3:30pm

What In The Hell…

We came across these new promo pics for Vivica Fox‘s new wig line which comes out Spring of this year.  From the looks of this Vivica has got a lot of work to do before she can even think of selling this ish. More details and pics of this foolishness under the hood.

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April 19th 3:23pm

Creepy Bronx Cop Into Twilight And Rubbing Up On A Sister

What’s more creepy than a grown-a$s man into Twilight? A grown-a$s man into Twilight, who rubs up on his employee and can carry a gun. New York Detective Dawn DelValle-Sanchez had to put up with massages from Deputy Chief Michael “Twilight In The Loafers” Gabriel. Pop the top.

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April 19th 3:00pm

Capone-n-Noreaga Agree With Waka Flocka, But Nore Admits His Newports Chain Was Ignorant

In a recent interview with HipHopWired Capone-n-Noreaga went in depth about the difference between being “ghetto” and “ignorant,” and even their own actions weren’t off limits! Pop the hood Continue

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April 19th 2:44pm

Guess Who My Daddy Is?

Can you guess who this cute little girl belongs to? Hint her daddy hasn’t been spotted out with her since she was born. Pop the top to see who she belongs to if you can’t figure it out.

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April 19th 2:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Nicki Minaj Speaks On Bisexuality, Being A Role Model (GO) Is Centric the Realization Of The Ideal BET? (GO) Rush Limbaugh Blames Volcanic Eruption On Healthcare Passage (GO) Annalynne McCord’s Bottom Feeding Bikini Cry For Attention Of The Day (GO) Courtroom Erupts In Violence After Man Receives Life In Prison [Video] (GO) Katy Perry And…

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April 19th 2:31pm

More Campus Violence: Two Stabbings At Long Island School

What is up with all of these college students in the news for violence? A dorm-room party at CW Post in Long Island, NY turned into a free-for-all. At the end of the night, freshman football player Dominique Moody was among two stabbing victims. Pop the hood.

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April 19th 2:27pm

Shaunie O’Neal On Her Tight Cougar Game: “I’m Having Such A Good Time, It’s Brand New!”

Shaunie O’Neal has finally decided to open up about her relationship with her new man. Check the flip for the details.

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April 19th 2:23pm

WTF??? Chicago Man Arrested For Impersonating Dentist, Operated On Patients With Power Tools?!?!

A man pretending to be a dentist in Chicago has been arrested after police say he operated a fake dental office, taking patients to an auto garage and operating on them with power tools. WTF??? Continue

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April 19th 1:48pm

Tiny Wants Mariah Carey To Serenade Her And T.I. At Their Wedding

Will Mariah Carey be having her next tipsy moment at T.I.’s wedding? If Tiny has it her way, that just might happen. The former Xscape singer and BET reality star talked wedding plans with In Touch magazine. Pop the hood to find out what else she has up her sleeve and who to expect pop…

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