October 27th 4:40pm

Allow Us to Introduce You to Beyonce’s Other Alter Ego: BEY BEY BEYONCE!!!

Bey Bey Beyonce was spotted on the Upper East Side, with the hubby, having a $1200 lunch. The two were seen sipping a little bubbly; apparently, they like to get it in early. Only a girl name Bey Bey would rock some cut off shorts with tights in NY in COLD A$$ October. Pop it…

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October 27th 4:30pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Girl Gang Raped For Hours Outside Of School Dance

A young girl was brutally gang raped right outside her high school dance. A crowd watched  the raping and some even did the unthinkable: A California high school student who police said was gang raped in a two-and-a-half-hour assault outside a homecoming dance, remained hospitalized in stable condition Monday, two days after she was flown…

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October 27th 4:20pm

Certified Links

Violence Leaves Casualties During Akon Concert (GO) Throwing Poop at the Jury Somehow Fails To Win a Not Guilty Verdict (GO) Plies Pays Fan to Leave Concert (GO) Tavis Smiley’s Name Dropped From School of Communications (GO) Insane Clown Posse Makes Far More Money Than Your Favorite Band (GO) Cormega Clears Up Issues With Drake…

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October 27th 4:10pm

Taraji P. Henson is Already in the Halloween Spirit

Taraji P. Henson made an appearance at the Hollywood Awards Gala. Her dress was physique fitting but it appears that she’s already hair and make-up ready for Halloween. Taraji, word of advice… Fire your make-up artist for doing your make-up and fire whoever told you that you looked good that night. Flip the Lid

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October 27th 4:00pm

Verdict In On Alabama Judge Accused Of Sexual Deviance With Prisoners

Remember the Alabama judge, Herman Thomas, who was accused of being gay and making prisoners do something strange for a sentence change? Well,  the verdict came in regarding his case: A former Alabama judge accused of checking male inmates out of jail and forcing them to engage in sexual activity was found…

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October 27th 3:50pm

Hammer Jacked Toe Action

We found these feet on the red carpet because some photographer decided to zoom in on the footwork. Low and behold, we found a hammer jacked toe. Can you guess who these feet belong to??? Pop the Top

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October 27th 3:40pm

You’ll Never Guess what D-Lister was Acting like Ghetto Trash at a NYC Nightclub Last Night

Some D-lister hopped onto the party scene last night like the life of the party; loud and rude as usual.  This person isn’t a major celebrity and is known in the industry as a “dust bunny” for sleeping around.  Can you guess who?

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October 27th 3:30pm

WTF?: Jay-Z Says He Works Out to Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry?”

People are starting to question Jay-Z’s motives behind hanging with gay friends and listening to songs like Big Girls Don’t Cry, by Fergie: Jay-Z will be singing ‘Empire State of Mind’ at the Yankees’ World Series kickoff Wednesday, but that’s not the song that gets him pumped up for his own workouts. It’s Fergie’s ‘Big…

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October 27th 3:25pm

Fantasia “Dip it Low” Barrino Needs Help… Stylist???

It was the 22nd Anniversary dinner for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Fantasia “Dip it Low” Barrino stepped out in a classy dress with a biker look. This girl has way too many tattoos exposed when trying to go for the elegant look. At least her hair is looking good though. One step at…

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October 27th 3:20pm

True or False: Pleasure P is Getting it in with Eddie Murphy’s Daughter…

Pleasure P and Bria were spotted walking the streets of Atlanta looking real close, like he wasn’t boyfriend #2. Pop the Hood for More Flicks…

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October 27th 3:10pm

Why Is Alicia Keys Trying To Avoid Cameras Today?

Alicia Keys was spotted arriving at LAX yesterday doing as much as she could to cover up something, but you know we still got it. Pop the top and see what it is

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October 27th 3:00pm

Jamie Foxx Rides On Plies: “Dude Was Hiding In The Restroom From Goons”

Jamie Foxx ripped into Plies yesterday on his show, The Foxxhole. Jamie says he had kept 30 “real” goons off Plies’ tail at a video shoot while the rapper was hiding like peekaboo. Pop it and peep

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October 27th 2:50pm

New Jawn With Amerie Featuring Fabolous “More Than Love”

Amerie has a new Jawn with Fabo called More Than Love. The song is pretty clean and we haven’t felt that way about an Amerie song in a while.

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October 27th 2:40pm

Reggie Miller Is Acting Like A Sex Addict

Reggie Miller was spotted outside of a seedy LA massage parlor, doing what got him into trouble in the first place… texting: After exchanging sexually explicit text messages with the fiancé of New York businessman…

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October 27th 2:05pm

NFL Player Braylon Edwards Charged with Assault

Braylon Edwards is being charged with misdemeanor assault for punching Lebron James’ friend in the face at a nightclub in Cleveland. Braylon, who was playing for the Cleveland Browns at the time, was traded with a quickness to the New York Jets. Details Under the Hood

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