October 4th 8:05am

Yung Berg Gets Punked…Again

Posted by Bossip Staff Yung Berg just can’t get right: Rumors surfaced on several website this week claiming that an altercation took place between New York rapper Maino and Yung Berg at a nightclub in New York, which ended with Berg getting slapped. While it was just hearsay, Maino has spoken out about the situation…

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October 3rd 5:33pm

Beyonce Totes Ice on the Beach

Posted by Bossip Staff With 4 security guards and 1 gold mediallion stallion for a personal body guard, your girl Bey happily flaunted $5 million dollars worth of ice on the beach. We would have hired 5 burly @ss men too if we had to walk through sand carrying a rock that big. More images…

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October 3rd 11:42am

The Irony: Zoe K at Paris Fashion Week

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s our resident homeless fashionista, Zoe Kravitz, looking like a fly @ss bum (taste the sarcasm) during Paris Fashion Week. She’s got that sassy “Oh-yes-I-do-bathe-on-special-occasions” steez on lock. Try to hate. We dare you. Images via Splash

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October 3rd 11:22am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff Gentlemen, take some notes from these guys. If you are going to spend money on “skrippahs,” you might as well get the best 2 from the alley that money can buy! SMDH. Peep the nipplicious version below but please don’t ask us why Tameka insists on wearing netted material or that…

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October 3rd 11:20am

Palin Gets Spanked

Posted by Bossip Staff Local Yokel Sarah Palin and Joe Biden duked it out at last night’s one and only vice presidential debate. Ms. I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house attempted to dismiss the fact that the republicans are directly responsible for the the no-end-in-sight war and the financial turmoil over here. She said: “Enough is enough with looking backward…

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October 3rd 8:47am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Posted by Bossip Staff E-V-E and Joy Bryant hit up the Hip Hop Honors event in NYC last night. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??? More Hip Hop Honors pics below: Check out even more when you…

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October 3rd 8:43am

A Little Pain on Its Way

Posted by Bossip Staff T-Pain and fam are expecting another package: This is an exciting time for T-Pain. First and foremost, the father of two tells the Boombox his wife is pregnant with their third child, to go with their four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. And by the time baby number three is born, the…

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October 3rd 8:40am

For The Stans

Posted by Bossip Staff For Beyonce stans around the world, this is a dream come true: Beyoncé’s third solo LP is just a month and a half from release, but aside from some teases promising collaborations with Justin Timberlake and producer Sean Garrett (Usher, Fergie), not much is known about the singer’s still-untitled album, set…

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October 3rd 8:37am

It’s Lil’ Scrappy for a Reason

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil’ Scrappy talks about his stabbing in a report by Livesteez: “A n**** was putting his hands on my sister, talking real reckless,” Scrappy said. “I came over there to stop it, to see what was going on really cause I had a show. I was fixing to dip up outta…

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October 3rd 8:35am

When The Checks Stop Coming In

Posted by Bossip Staff Writers from Tyler Perry’s studio are out of a job: Four writers involved with a Writers Guild of America organizing effort at writer-director-producer Tyler Perry’s cable TV show “House of Payne” have been fired. The production company says they were fired for cause, but the union said Thursday that they were…

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October 3rd 8:34am

Family Affair

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is Spike Lee and his family at his Miracle at St. Anna premiere in Rome, Italy. How precious. More images, plus LisaRaye still trying to get her swagger back at some Hennessey party in Hollyweird below: Photos: Wireimage

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October 3rd 8:30am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Some weirdo mistook Princess Ri Ri for Prince: Pop superstar Rihanna is followed by screaming fans wherever she goes. But some of them are screaming for someone else — Prince! While traveling in London in late September, Rihanna was mistaken for the Purple Rain rocker. “Some fans screamed out, ‘Prince!’ when…

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October 3rd 8:00am

Natalie Cole Released from Hospital

Posted by Bossip Staff Natalie Cole has been released from the hospital after being there for a couple of weeks: Ailing Natalie Cole – who suffers from Hepatitis C – is out of hospital and resting in bed at home. The 58-year-old singer cancelled her October tour dates and cleared her schedule after being hospitalized…

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October 3rd 7:30am

One Time Offs Himself

Posted By Bossip Staff Lt. Michael Pigott (pictured below) of the New York Police Department was found dead yesterday, exactly one week after ordering the fatal tasering of an erratic, naked man on a Brooklyn building. While our condolences go out to the Pigott family and friends, NY cops and cops in general tend to…

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October 2nd 12:14pm

Help A Brotha Out

Posted by Bossip Staff Barack Obama addresses Vibe readers, in a report by Livesteez: In a letter to be published in the November issue, the Democratic presidential candidate is given a page to address the readers of the urban music monthly magazine. In it, Obama urges them to register to vote, saying, “We are at…

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