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Black Men Murdered Before Trayvon Martin

The New York Daily News put out a cover highlighting Trayvon Martin and the Black men who were killed with no justice before him. These are important names to know. In case you aren’t aware, here are the facts behind these cases.

Pay attention.

Emmett Till – We all know the story of the most famous lynching in America. He was walking down the street and got murdered. The pain reverberates today.

Willie Edwards – He was a 24-year-old who was lynched in Alabama in 1957. Officials said his body was too decomposed to determine a cause of death.

James Chaney – He, along with James Goodman and Mickey Schwerner were murdered in Neshoba County, MS. Their bodies weren’t found for days and the killers were given light sentences.

Michael Donald – He was lynched in Alabama in 1981 in what people call the “last recorded lynchinc.” But we know better.

Yusef Hawkins –He was murdered for being in the wrong neighborhood in New York. Rappers spoke on him in the 80s but justice was never served.

James Byrd – He was murdered by three men in Texas…one of whom was an admitted white supremacist.

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Oscar Grant – He was shot in cold blood at the Fruitvale Station by a police officer and it was caught on camera. The officers were found not guilty.

Sean Bell – He was shot and killed right before his wedding by plain clothes officers who thought he was someone else.


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