August 14th 8:23am

Blast From the Past: Old Head Athletes Come out to Honor Magic Johnson and Bill Russell

Sugar Ray Leonard and a gang of other ‘former athletes’ hit up the Annual Harold Pump Foundation Gala Honoring Magic Johnson and Bill Russell in Beverly Hills, CA last night. If you’re a sports fan and actually have a clue who any of these people are…please check up under the hood for a special treat…

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August 14th 8:22am

The Queen Talks about How She Makes it Through Love Scenes…

Queen Latifah dished about her new film and how she geared up for a love scene with Common.

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August 14th 8:19am

Can Someone Help us Find Lady GaGa’s Man Piece!

Lady GaGa is featured in Out Magazine and does her very best at keeping her legs crossed and her peener taped. More flicks of the he-she spokeswoman underneath the hood.

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August 14th 8:10am

SMH: The Dirty Booty While Pregnant?

This video is comedy and disturbing at the same time. We think those two ingredients are the key to a good video!

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August 14th 8:00am

Keri is that you or Aladdin?

Keri performed at the MTV Vibrations concert in Zushi, Japan yesterday.  Her choice of an outfit takes us back to the Aladdin days; all she needs now is Abu and a genie lamp and her get up would be complete. Flip the hood for more flicks.

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August 13th 1:22pm

Kanye and Amber Outing Number…. Hell We Lost Count for the Week!

Looks like Kanye is really on his “put a chick on” steez as he’s been seen toting Amber around more than his LV backpack.  This time around the two pranced the streets of NYC hitting up Soho and earlier in the week, kicked it in BK at the Celebrate Brooklyn Concert Series. More flicks underneath…

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August 13th 12:50pm

Beyonce and Eva Longoria are Gay Swirlin’ and Cleaning Carpets

Remember back in 2006, when we reported that Beyonce and Eva were going to play gay lovers, well it has resurfaced… If this is true, your girl Beyonce is really going for that Oscar. It didn’t happen with playing the side chick in Dreams Girls and the slut junkie singing sensation in Cadillac Records. Brokeback…

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August 13th 12:35pm

Guess Who Is Killing In These Kicks??

This person stopped by ELLE magazine and the magazine was overtaken by her “steez.” Here is your hint; this person should maybe stick to doing photo shoots because her beauty and stilo is what she is mostly known for. Pop it and find out who it is…

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August 13th 12:33pm

TI Diss Track to First Baby Mama Lashon Dixon “That’s The Way You Want It?”

Damn, Tip has a new track going hard at his first baby momma, Lashon Dixon. In the track he talks about child support and the fact that she wont work. TI must have put it down before getting locked, because new music from him is popping up everywhere. Pop it for some real Hip-Hop and…

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August 13th 12:00pm

Ludacris Gets Violent in Atlanta

Ludacris was shooting his new video in a club in Atlanta last night. From the pics it looks real Jerry Springer-ish and silly but that’s what Luda is originally known for anyway. The chick they have fighting in the yellow shirt might need an “Adam’s Apple” check. Yellow Shirt Under the Hood

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August 13th 11:55am

Certified Links

Drake’s Contract With Universal Has a Few Glitches (GO) Snoop Unveils New Headphones (GO) Third Man Arrested For Boxer Vernon Forrest’s Murder (GO) Donte Stallworth Will Not Be Paid For 2009 Season (GO) Which Alcoholic Energy Drink Will Wreck Your Sh*t the Hardest? (GO) We Now Know Barack Obama’s Favorite Word (GO) Drink This: Bacon…

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August 13th 11:45am

Kourtney Kardashian is Pregnant

Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kourtney, is pregnant and not telling anyone who the “baby daddy” is: While the E! reality star confirms she’s pregnant with her first child, Ms. K  isn’t revealing…

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August 13th 11:07am

Will Someone Please Help Gayle King’s Weave?

Gayle King and a bunch of other folks came out to support music exec Kevin Liles engagement to his fiancee Erika Jones at the Soho Grand Hotel last night in New York City. Pop the Hood for More Pics of Jay -Z and Others…

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August 13th 10:59am

The D-Lister’s Come Out at Night: D. Woods and Shawty Lo

D. Woods and Shawty Lo… Some of the worst of the worst were out and about last night. Life after Danity Kane is not glitz and glam for all. D. Woods gets a “D” Minus for that outfit: baggy tank and awful yellow necklace. Have the checks already stopped coming in??? Maybe she should hit…

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August 13th 10:55am

Keri Hilson, Teyana Taylor and Keyshia Cole Do a Threesome

Keri Hilson got up with Teyana Taylor and Keyshia Cole to put this jawn together. Sounds pretty cool but it will be a very interesting video seeing that Keri Hilson will be the one put in a compromising sexual position, Teyana Taylor will have her face covered by her hair and her abs exposed and…

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