January 6th 10:08am

Woman and Baby Trampled to Death by an Elephant in Kenya

This is sad: An American woman and her baby daughter were trampled to death by an elephant while on a forest hike in Kenya,

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January 6th 10:05am

Coupled Up: Chocolate Reggie and Kimmy Kakes Go to Dinner

Chronic swirlers, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, were in Hollyweird last night grabbing dinner at Nobu with some friends. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. Pop the hatch for more pics and Kim’s new perfume ad…

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January 6th 9:49am

Some More Rihanna & Matt Kemp Lovin’ in Mexico

Chris Breezy who?? Rihanna is still boo’ed up with her “toy friend” Matt Kemp in Cabo, and it seems like they’re having fun together despite the rumors that this guy has a “real girlfriend.” More images including one of Rihanna’s chubby homies flipping the paps the bird when you….

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January 6th 9:34am

Hold Up, We Thought This Dude Was in the Dog House…

Mary J. Blige and her husband Kendu Issacs were seen arriving at the Lakers game last night in LA acting all hunky-dory…like Mary didn’t just go upside this mfer’s head last week for being a little too flirtatious with the ladies. Flip the script for more of the ‘happy couple’…

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January 6th 9:12am

Little Zoe Kravitz Looks Pretty Damn Amazing After a Bath and Some Grooming

We all know that under all of the “I look like I never take a shower” grunginess/homeless person steez, Zoe Kravitz is a beautiful young lady. She’s featured in the upcoming Vanity Fair as someone to watch in Hollyweird. Pop it for more…

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January 6th 8:58am

SMH: U.S. Pilot Pleads Guilty to Flying While Slizzard

Damn, why he gotta be a Black man??? A United Airlines pilot who was pulled from his trans-Atlantic flight to Chicago shortly before takeoff pleaded guilty Tuesday to being above the alcohol limit for flying a plane.

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January 6th 8:57am

Is Jenny From The Block Smoking Rocks?

J. Lo brought her paleface game to the February cover of Latina magazine, inside she discusses her embarrassing past, her marriage to Marc Anthony and how fame has made her lose touch with reality. Speaking of losing touch with reality, those twins must be driving La Lopez LOCA because she believes her worse-than-telenovela style acting…

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January 6th 8:55am

*Exclusive Pics*:If Gucci Mane is in Jail, Exactly How was he Able to Make a Cameo in Shawty Lo’s New Video???

Our boy Freddy-O was at Shawty Lo’svideo shoot and sent us some exclusive pics from his new jawn Atlanta, GA featuring Ludacris, The Dream and Gucci Mane. This must be the new Atlanta anthem because everybody that is hot from Atlanta and only in Atlanta showed up, even Gucci in his own special way… Pop…

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January 5th 5:37pm

Is That You Kim Kardashian? Reality Star Changes Faces

When Kim twitpic’d this photo of her hanging with BFF Lala Vazquez yesterday we almost didn’t recognize her. We all know Kimmy loves her some Quicktrim and photoshop… and cellulite removal… possibly. But what in the Kris-Jenner-holy-hell happened to Kim over the holidays for her to be looking like this??? Get the BOSSIP scoop and…

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January 5th 5:00pm

Snoop Dogg To “Rock” The Soaps, Upcoming Appearance On ‘One Life To Live’

Snoop Dogg will make an appearance Landview, PA next month in an episode of ABC’s “One Life To Live.” Snoop taped for the show on December 10 and it will feature him performing his current single, “I Wanna Rock” from his Malice In Wonderland album. Continue

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January 5th 4:09pm

Twitter Files: Monica Tweets About Keyshia Cole’s Engagement and the Sex of Her Unborn Child

Monica gave Keyshia Cole her congrats on her pregnancy and engagement via Twitter.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 5th 1:55pm

Meagan Good Still Looking Burnt Out

Meagan Good was spotted in Hollyweird looking a little ‘dazed and confused.’ We’re not sure what’s going on with her, but….pop the heezy for some more peezies…

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January 5th 1:42pm

Nelly Says He is the Biggest Selling Rapper of the Decade, but What about Eminem???

Nelly was really feeling himself on NYE in Las Vegas, so much that he decided to jump on a bar and perform a mini concert. Then, after feeling himself even more, he stopped the music and began to brag about how he is the biggest selling rapper of the decade… Wait, we thought that went…

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January 5th 1:39pm

Griefstricken Or Famemongerer? Tila’s Tweets Give Casey Johnson Life After Death

Leave it to attention whore extraordinaire Tila Tequila to bring the grieving process into her already bizarre Twitter page. With the death of her heiress fiance, forget about the usual “grieving in private” most folks do. Pop the hood for the saddest tweets of Tila’s life

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January 5th 1:34pm

Shaq’s Woman On The Side Of Five Years To File Harrassment Suit

We’re betting that Shaq isn’t doing too much celebrating off the court with today’s news that a longtime jumpoff of his has hired Gloria Allred to represent her in a harassment suit.

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