April 13th 12:09pm

Twitter Files: Reggie Bush Denies Kickin’ It With Paris Hilton In Vegas

Rumors were “swirling” yesterday about Reggie Bush getting it in with skanky a$s Paris Hilton in Vegas this past weekend. Well Reggie decided to send out a couple of tweets to shut that little rumor down. Peep the tweets HERE and HERE…

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April 13th 11:47am

To Whom Do These Nice And Toned Backs And Legs Belong???

We spotted these legs leaving Mathis’ party on Saturday in her “F*cka PETA” rabbit coat. Pop the top to see who

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April 13th 11:44am

Dwayne Wade Does Not Want To Wake Up With A Freakin’Horse Head In His Bed

Dwayne Wade has had enough drama with that crazya$s divorce. He is really not feeling the whole Carmine “Sleeps With The Fishes” Gotti thing and told the itty-bitty mob prince to step off. Get flippy with it.

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April 13th 11:31am

Certified Links

Romeo Looking For Love On New Reality Show (GO) THIS Is What Dita Von Teese Looks Like After A Pilates Class (GO) New Jersey Student Beaten Over Braids, Beating Caught On Camera [Video] (GO) The Economy IS Getting Better and Its Because Of The Obama Administration (GO) HHWIRED Exclusive: E-40 Drops New Video “Gotta Get…

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April 13th 11:09am

Forget The “Basketball Wives”…The Basketball Wives’ Daughter Is A Banger

Here is Evelyn Lozada and her daughter Shaniece at the VH1 ‘Basketball Wives’ premiere party at Bar 721 in Miami. We’re not sure how the show is gonna pan out, but we do hope this young lady goes to college, gets an education, and doesn’t have to be known for marrying or being the jumpoff…

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April 13th 10:59am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Police Officers Arrested For Kidnapping And Raping Woman At Gunpoint

Two Ontario, California officers are behind bars after a woman says she was taken against her will at gunpoint and violently raped. Continue…

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April 13th 10:59am


Vivica Fox’s cuddie buddie, Slimm, shut down today’s Page Six story, which reports that the cougar is tired of her young tenderoni. Read what he had to say exclusively to BOSSIP. Pop the hood.

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April 13th 10:21am

Jersey Kids At It Again With The “All Black People Leave The Store” Bulldookie

Another New Jersey teen thought it would be cute to hop on the intercom and tell all the black people to leave the store. This time a little wankster did it at Whole Foods:

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April 13th 10:15am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Regina Hall has been looking quite lovely lately. She and Tamala Jones hit up the red carpet at the Death At A Funeral premiere last night in Hollyweird. You know we gotta ask, Who Looked More Bangin??? Vote and peep more flicks from the premiere on the flipside…

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April 13th 10:10am

John Tesh Admits To Harpo Swirlmance

Opry is keeping it zipped on that new Kitty Kelley tell-all, but it looks like the book got at least one fact straight: Oprah did get her swirl on with fellow TV host John Tesh back in the day. Pop the hood.

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April 13th 10:05am

Ginuwine Speaks On Timbaland: “Me And Tim Were Real Close At One Point. I Don’t Really Like Him. I Really Don’t…”

In a recent interview with VIBE,Ginuwine dish the dirt on the relationship between him and producer Timbaland. These two came up at the same time, so one would think that they are still friends but… That is not the case: “He really hasn’t been interested in working with me, so I can’t speak on the…

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April 13th 9:50am

Diamond & Her Gangsta Rapper Hubby Get Into Character For The Children

Lil Scrappy and Diamond threw a party for his little girl…Scrappy got all into character with makeup and what not. We can’t hate… Toya showed up as well. Pop the top to peep the pictures plus one of Diamond with her moms

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April 13th 9:45am

Some UK Rapper Looking For Shine Says “Kanye West Is A F**kin’ Idiot”… As If We Didn’t Already Know!!!

In a recent interview, UK rapper by the name Plan B decided to share his thoughts on Kanye West. Plan B says “Kanye is a f**king idiot and he knows it” but, what we don’t understand is… Why the hell would you name yourself after a contraceptive and then have the nerve to talk about…

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April 13th 9:43am

Have These White Women Lost Their Minds? Another One Popped For Getting Chopped Down By Kids, In Front Of Kids… Including DAUGHTER!!!”

Uh, is there something in the water supply? Meet Mary “Give Mama Some Sugar” Dennis. She got busy with some teens at a party … in front of her own daughter!   Pop the hood for details on this ridiculousness

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April 13th 9:40am

Some Morning Swirl: Zoe Saldana And Her Boyfriend At The Death At A Funeral Premiere

Zoe Saldana aka “the little brown broad who cried race” hit up the Death At A Funeral movie premiere last night with her boyfriend of 10 years, actor Keith Britton. The two got pretty damn frisky on the red carpet… More pics of Zoe and her boo on flip including other couples like Martin Lawrence…

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