August 10th 8:40am

Blast From the Past: Washed Up R&B Artist Case Gives a Fan Some Lickey Licks

Remember Case? Well, he performed this weekend in Central Park with his tongue all up in some fan’s face. SMH. More performance photos of Jazmine Sullivan, Ryan Leslie, and some other throwbacks Jon B and Deborah Cox are under the hood….

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August 10th 8:37am

Kelis is No Longer Feeling Blue

Kelis and Baby Knight were out and about tearing up the streets. With the judge giving her a cool $50 G’s a month, Kelis already took about $20 and got some new colors for her “DO.” Pop the Hood on this One

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August 10th 8:35am

Got Milk?

Can you guess which celebrity this is?

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August 10th 8:32am

Out of Pocket: Debo takes his Baby Girl to the Club… SMH

It looks like Tommy “Tiny” Lister took our advice about getting a lesson in holding a baby, but now he shows up with his wife and baby at a charity event AFTER PARTY… WTH?!?

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August 10th 8:30am

Man Hides Gun In Fat Rolls

A morbidly obese man in Texas hid a gun from police in his fat rolls. Twenty-five year old George Vera has been charged with possession…continue

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August 10th 8:27am

Teyana Taylor is Married to the MOB

Teyana Taylor, last we check, is supposed to be putting out an album, but she’s always doing damn photo-shoots, at least her latest one has a purpose. Teyana is now the new face of MTTM (Married to the Mob) clothing. The shoot is pretty hot, just hope when her album comes out it is too.

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August 10th 8:20am

Halle Beeeerrrrrry, Halle Berry. She’s Fine.

Ever since that Hurricane Chris character performed the “Halle Berry” song for the Louisiana Legislature back in June, every time we actually see pics of her, the thought of that ridiculousness comes to mind. SMH. Here she is, seen walking down the street again in Cali. Pop it for more..

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August 9th 1:27pm

Beef Goes Off Wax: Wu Tang Clan Beats Down Joe Budden, Video Leaked

Joe Budden was beat down by the Wu Tang Clan last night and he was quick to respond to the attack via video. To get an idea of what happened, Joe Budden was holding a towel over his swollen eye. More.

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August 9th 12:37pm

Guess Which R&B Singer Wants to be Apart of the “SHAVE MY HEAD” Club

We have come to terms that this shaving your hair off trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. It seems that every week, someone is just chopping it off. So many have jumped on the band wagon, so the question is… Who is rocking it the best??? Pop the Hood to See the Latest Victim

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August 9th 10:57am

Recession Blues: Kimora Got Less than 10 Stacks for Baby Kenzo Pics

Word around town is Kimora got less than $10,000 for selling out her son with his first pics to OK Magazine.

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August 9th 10:47am

MJ’s Daughter’s Godfather Claims Paternity!

Just when we thought MJ’s kids were off to a somewhat normal life, here comes this sh*t.  Paris’ Godfather claims that he’s really her father.

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August 9th 10:30am

Little Miss Mister Kicks it Back with the Japanese

Lady GaGa and her package were spotted walking the streets of Japan taped down and camouflaged with some leopard draws that once belonged to Tarzan.  Flip the sheets for another view.

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August 9th 10:27am

Usher is Living the Life in Vegas and Vanessa Simmons Celebrates Her Birthday

Usher is smiling pretty hard these days, probably because the divorce with the evil wicked witch is almost over. He hit up the Playboy Nightclub at the Palms Hotel to celebrate his issue of VEGAS Magazine. Then Vanessa Simmons partied it up with friends and family for her birthday. Pop it for More

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August 9th 10:25am

End of Days: Dead Baby Wakes Up From the Dead!

A couple got the shock of a lifetime when they found out their premature baby was actually alive!

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August 9th 10:10am

Have You Seen Big Daddy Kane Lately???

Big Daddy Kane was and still is a favorite to many and also used to make the ladies panties wet with his flow. Last night, he performed at the Lyricist Lounge Show in Brooklyn. Pop the Hood to See What He’s Working with Now

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