January 21st 11:50am

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HHWired Exclusive: Dr. Cornel West Evaluates President Obama’s 1st Year In Office (GO) Hugo Chavez Blames U.S. For Earthquake In Haiti, Claims “Tectonic Weapon” Was Used (GO) Cash Money CEOs Baby & Slim Form Bronald Oil & Gas (GO) Jim Jones Speaks On “The Ghost Of Rich Porter” Mixtape (GO) Trina Drops New Track “Deeper”…

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January 21st 11:48am

Not a Total Betty but a Vast Improvement

Kelly Rowland hit up the red carpet for Scott Barnes About Face Book Launch in NYC on banger status. We guess her new deal with Motown records got her stepping her game up. More pics of Kelly and Jennifer Lopez under the hood for your viewing pleasure.

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January 21st 11:44am

Rihanna Run!!!: Matt Kemp’s Ex Needed A Restraining Order

Rihanna sure does know how to pick’em. Sources are saying that Matt Kemp likes to fight women and scare the life out of them. His ex-girlfriend, Felisha Terrell put a restraining order on him back in 2008 when they broke up and he would sit outside of their house with his friends just to intimidate…

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January 21st 11:23am

Shady Ex-Senator John Edwards Finally Publicly Acknowledges Daughter He Fathered During Affair

After previously denying paternity, former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has finally come clean about the child he fathered after chopping down his campaign videographer Rielle Hunter. Look under the hood to read for his confession.

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January 21st 11:18am

Diddy and Lil Kim Hit the Stage Together for First Time in a Long Time

Diddy and Lil Kim hit the stage to perform in NYC during a Timbaland concert. Keri Hilson also hit the stage with Timbaland.  More pics of the show and a video on the flippy.

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January 21st 10:49am

Are You Feeling This Get Up?

Nicki Minaj sent this tweetphoto out to her followers yesterday from the set of her “Roger That” Video! Pop the hood to see what else she’s been sending from Twitter and to tell us if you are feeling this get up????

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January 21st 10:44am

In Case You Missed It: American Idol’s Larry Platt Performs “Pants on the Ground” on The View

General Larry Platt made such a huge impression on the world that he had an appearance on The View. This guy is taking full advantage of his 15 minutes of fame. How much is Simon making off of Larry???

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January 21st 10:06am

Guess the Cakes…

Can you guess whose cakes were spotted leaving a medical center after visiting her dentist in Westwood LA??? Pop the top to find out.

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January 21st 9:47am

True or False: Venus Williams Goes Commando While Playing in the Australian Open

Hold up… WAIT A MINUTE!!! Venus Williams was playing against Lucie Safarova at the Australian Open. Not only did Venus give the audience a great game to watch she also gave them a peek at her chocolate cakes!?!?! Well at least this is what everybody is saying… Flip the Lid and See for Yourself …

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January 21st 9:32am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Decapitates 2-Year-Old Niece, Kills Five Family Members Total

A 20-year-old Texas man is facing capital murder charges for shooting his mother, stepfather, sister, brother and decapitating his 2-year-old niece with a machete. Maron Thomas is being held on $2 million bond after police discovered the five bodies at the family’s home in Bellville, Texas Sunday afternoon. Continue

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January 21st 8:55am

Ho Sit Down: Republican Congressman Suggests Deporting Haitians To Do Relief Work

The disaster in Haiti has opened the door for yet another ignorant a*s Republican to earn himself a “Ho Sit Down”. Look under the hood to see what Rep. Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, said about Haitians asking for temporary protected status (TPS).

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January 21st 8:52am

Another Day, Another Rapper in Jail: Ja-Rule May Be Headed to Prison for 3.5 Years

Although it’s been years since Ja Rule made a real statement in music, he’s seeing his name brought up in headlines, this time for a possible upcoming prison sentence. A federal judge ruled against Ja, real name Jeffrey Atkins, in court after he asked for a dismissal of a gun possession charge. …Continue

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January 21st 8:29am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Omarion Gets a New Gig on “America’s Best Dance Crew”

Omarion may not be selling millions of albums at the moment but he now has a new gig. MTV’s “America Best Dance Crew” has replaced Shane Sparks with the “pop lock and drop” Omarion. Happy to hear something has finally paid off for him because the singing isn’t working.

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January 21st 8:05am

Hold Up, Who is This Again???

Gossip Tranny Wendy Williams was kickin it in the Meat Packing District in NYC last night looking unrecognizable. Looks like she ditched that crazy blonde wig and mannish steez for an upgraded Wendy…we’re kinda feelin it. Pop the top to have a second glance…

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January 21st 7:59am

Lil Guido-Girl Snooki Gets Her Freak On

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” got it all the way in with some lucky stud while out partying recently. No comment on her crack action. SMH. Flip the script if you’re interested in reading about Snooki’s eating disorder….

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