February 5th 11:15am

Sextra: Does Size Really Matter?

Happy Friday, Bossip readers! Today’s topic of discussion: does size really matter? Obviously, it’s a matter of preference, but according to some of the ladies we interviewed, size absolutely matters! The well-endowed are often too painful while,

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February 5th 11:11am

Recession Blues: Tyra’s Man Shuts Down his Investment Bank

Sources say Tyra’s high profile man John Utendahl is facing some serious financial woes.  More details under the hood.

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February 5th 11:08am

Murderous Mystic Pleads Not Guilty To Manslaughter For Sweat Lodge Of Death Fatalities

Shady spiritual guru James Arthur Ray pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter in an Arizona courtroom yesterday. The charges are in connection to a deadly spiritual retreat sweat lodge ceremony he held that killed three people. Look under the hood for more.

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February 5th 10:29am

Commercial Promoting Gay Dating Website is Banned from Airing During the Superbowl

There’s a new dating website for gay men called ManCrunch.com and they put together a commercial to be aired during the Superbowl. In the commercial, two men end up kissing and the network wasn’t going for that. So It’s O.K. for Women to Kiss Each Other on TV but Men???

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February 5th 9:56am

Coroner’s Report States Brittany Murphy’s Death Was “Accidental” Due to Pneumonia & Drugs

The LA coroner has officially reported that the death of Brittany Murphy was accidental and could have been prevented: Brittany Murphy, the star of Clueless and 8 Mile, died from pneumonia, with prescription drugs and anemia also playing a role, a coroner’s official said Thursday.

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February 5th 9:44am

Ludacris Takes a Break from having Girls Drop It Low to Promote Conjure and his New Album

Ludacris had a listening and tasting party in Miami for his new album, Battle of the Sexes, and Conjure. Luda didn’t have the girls pop lockin’ and droppin’ probably because he had some big wigs in the building. Pop the Top for a Peek

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February 5th 9:38am

E-V-E Says She Has Nothing To Do With Her Shady Ex’s Foreign Corruption Scandalousness

The internet was abuzz yesterday after news broke of investigators wanting to question Eve in connection with a foreign money scandal. As previously reported the Ruff Ryders’ first lady was reportedly tied to an elicit corruption case based on her relationship with former boyfriend Teodorin Nguema Obiang. Continue…

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February 5th 9:04am

For Discussion: Racial Barriers in Hollyweird…Have They Been Broken??

This was an interesting read: Has Hollywood become more tolerant, more accepting, more open-minded?

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February 5th 8:59am

Nicki Minaj And Robin Thicke Shake It For Dave Letterman

Dave Letterman invited Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj to “The Late Show” to perform “Shakin’ It For Daddy”. With all the sex scandals under his belt Dave seems happy to embrace Sex Therapy. Pop the hood to watch Robbie and Nicki bust some moves.

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February 5th 8:50am

Is Kim Trying To Be Bey Bey???

Kim Kardashian debuted her new signature scent at Sephora in South Beach last night and from the red dress to her poses Kimmy Cakes has Bey Bey’s steez down pat.  Don’t ya’ll agree??? More pics of Kimmy cakes once you check the flipside.

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February 5th 8:27am

After Poprah Told Danger Off She Went Back to Psychiatric Ward

After Poprah told Danger she really had some screws missing, Danger was put under psychiatric observation.  Check the details under the hood.

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February 5th 8:09am

Why Jay-Z May Be Having “Liquidity Issues”: A Look Back

Yesterday, BOSSIP reported that Camel defaulted on debt payments on a $52 million dollar loan and then sued the lender for harassing him and wanting their money back. Well, BOSSIP went digging.

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February 5th 8:08am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Rihanna was spotted performing onstage at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam in Miami last night.  She decided to rock this interesting “Amber Rose” inspired get up.  All we want to know is… Are you Feelin this Get Up??? More pics from the show of Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Timbaland and more on the flippy.

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February 5th 7:53am

Would You Still Hit This??? Natalie Cole Turns 60!

Natalie Cole celebrated her 60th birthday at TAO in NYC last night.  She hit the scene with the girls out looking pretty good for her age making us wonder… Would You Still Hit This??? Pop the top to see what celebs came out to show Ms.Cole some love on her b-day.

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February 5th 7:43am

White Folks Have Killed The Peace Sign and Keep Killin’ It, Over and Over

We came across a picture this morning that was very “disturbing”. If you agree with BOSSIP want to do something about this sh*t, click here. Before we pass away, our most ambitious goal is to play a part in burying the peace sign, once and for all. The sh*t is not cool anymore. SMH. Go…

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