January 7th 11:00am

SMH: Former NBA Player Jayson Williams’ Whip After Accident

Jayson Williams was injured in a car accident after drinking and driving earlier this week….Details are emerging about what went down that night: Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams was partying at an upper East Side bar before he crashed his luxury SUV into a tree and fractured his neck,

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January 7th 10:58am

Which One Would You Hit???

Morris Chestnut and Omar Epps hit up the red carpet of the People Choice Awards looking rather tasty.  Out of both chocolate dips, which one would you let soak them loins all the way up??? More of these two under the hood for the ladies.

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January 7th 10:55am

PETA Certainly Knows How To Piss People Off

PETA thought they were slick using our First lady’s image in their little “Anti-Fur” ad, but the White House ain’t having it: The White House is fuming over a new anti-fur campaign featuring first lady Michelle Obama.

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January 7th 10:44am

BOSSIP Exclusive: Chris Henry’s Former Agent Marvin Frazier Speaks About The Tragedy

Several weeks have passed since the death of Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, but despite the results of the official investigation, many questions remain about his troubled life and death. BOSSIP spoke exclusively with Chris Henry’s former agent Marvin Frazier about Henry’s enormous potential, his financial and legal problems and his tumultuous relationship. Pop the…

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January 7th 10:38am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Dania Vs. Nicole

Both Dania Ramirez and Nicole Scherzinger hit up the People’s Choice Awards looking chopworthy, but we want to know which one you guys think looked more bangin?  Pop the top for more flicks from the show of Mary J. Blige, Taraji P.Henson, and more.

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January 7th 10:30am

Diddy Makes Peace Between Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather

A long brewing beef between rapper Rick Ross and boxer Floyd Mayweather almost turned physical at a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve party hosted by Diddy. The two exchanged heated words after bumping into each other at the grand opening of Vanity, but Diddy intervened in the nick of time. Continue

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January 7th 10:19am

Chrissy Gets Pissy Over VIBE Cover Treatment

Chris Brown is tired of being used for ‘his situation’… Instead of being grateful that he still has a career, Breezy stays spouting off about how unfair the media has been. n this case, complaining about his December VIBE cover. Look under the hood to see what his gripe is this time.

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January 7th 10:14am

Coupled Up: Kimora and Djimon Hit the Town Without the Kiddies

Kimora and her hubby Djimon were spotted leaving Boa restaurant in LA after a date night.  About time we see these two minus the kids.  More pics of the couple under the hood.

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January 7th 10:03am

Not a Total Betty, But a Vast Improvement

Fantasia made an appearance on 106 & Park yesterday looking pretty darn decent. She smartened up and decided to cover up that married man’s name tatted on her right shoulder. Pop it for more pics….

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January 7th 9:39am

Some Thursday Morning Yacht Lovin’

Rihanna and her new man meat sure are gettin it allllll the way in on their little Mexican love extravaganza. Here they are kickin it on a yacht in the Sea of Cortez looking as if they’ve been lovers for years and years… Pop the hatch for 20+ photos of RihRih, her lil cakes in…

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January 7th 9:39am

Ho Sit Down: Balloon Boy’s Dad Says The Incident Was Not a Hoax, Only Pleaded Guilty To Protect Wife From Being Deported??

This guy sure is one interesting character: The Colorado father who pleaded guilty to a felony in the runaway balloon saga insisted in an interview set to air Friday that the event wasn’t a hoax.

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January 7th 9:03am

True or False: Lil Wayne is Set to Play Jesus Christ?!?!

T-Pain has an upcoming animated cartoon called the “Return of Freaknik” appearing on Adult Swim that airs late at night on the Cartoon Network. Rumors were floating around that Lil Wayne’s voice would be used for the character Jesus Christ. After hearing this, a rep from Adult Swim decided to set the record straight. If…

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January 7th 9:02am

Random Riculousness: Woman Gets Gully Over McDonalds Cheeseburger

A little bit ago, there was a woman who went to McDonald’s to order a burger. Just like any normal person, she wanted her burger to be made to her specific likings. However, when the burger was NOT up to par in her mind, she went straight bizerko… Flip the script to watch this craziness..

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January 7th 9:00am

Hoes Are Still Coming Out of the Woodwork: Latest One Says Tiger Took *Little White Pills*

Damn these are some ruthless a*s wheffahs…now some lil former golf course waitress is saying she did ecstasy with “Cheetah” back in 1999: “Tiger would order an energy drink and give me a $5 tip. He was friendly but not overly flirtatious. In October 1999, a friend of Tiger came over to my cart and…

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January 7th 8:17am

It’s a Wrap for the State Of The Black Union Conference

Ater ten years, Tavis Smiley has announced the end of his yearly “State of the Black Union” conference series that focused on a diverse range of problems within the Black community. Continue

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