March 25th 2:10pm

Ex-Baller /Prison Guard “John Smiley” And Wife Up On Charges Of Fraud For Collecting Loot After Paralyzing Sex Club Shooting!

Meet ex-correctional officer John Smiley and his wife Cynthia Biasi-Smiley.  The Smiley’s are charged with fraud after John said a parolee shot and paralyzed him at a restaurant. “Lying” John and his lil wife were actually at a sex club when he was shot… and you wont believe why:

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March 25th 1:19pm

Swirlaholic Reggie, Were You Cheating On Kimmy Kakes With Jumpoff January?

We’re starting to have serious doubts that Reggie and Kim broke up over his “publicity issues,” because after being spotted flirting, now new photos have emerged of a very blonde waitress leaving his house after spending the night last week. Pop the hood for details on Reggie’s jumpoff.

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March 25th 1:00pm

The Gays Love Them Some O.J.

O.J. is getting some affection from fellow inmates at the aptly named Lovelock Correctional Center. So says a former jailbird, who tattles that The Juice has the run of the joint and even gets rubdowns. Get flippy with it for the “Juice-y” details.

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March 25th 12:40pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

Here’s some afternoon cakes for your viewing pleasure. Pop the hood for a better look.

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March 25th 12:18pm

Gabrielle Union on Dwyane Wade: “He’s Not Too Happy When I Have To Jump In Bed Naked With My Co-Star!!!”

Gabrielle “Break-A” Union shows that she has a funny side when she hit up the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. She talks about her new show ‘Flash Forward’ and what happen when Dwyane Wade came to visit it her on set and she had a naked scene. D. Wade probably realized… “Maybe my girl is a…

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March 25th 11:58am

SMH: Little Baddies Cause Life Threatening Injuries With Brutally Violent “Catch And Wreck” Game

What the fu*k is wrong with kids these days??? A 12-year-old girl is the third preteen arrested in the attack of a woman Friday night as part of what police called a vicious game.

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March 25th 11:51am

*Bossip Exclusive* Mz. Berry Explains Her Bossip Readership And How She Was Chosen To Be In “For The Love Of Ray-J”

We caught up with Mz. Berry at the Henny Black Party a while back and got the scoop on her latest moves and how she was chosen for Ray-J’s show. Apparently lil Mz. Berry wants to be on television, but she had a hard time doing the Bossip drop for us. SMH. Click Here To…

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March 25th 11:47am

A List of Erotic Fill-In-The-Blank Messages

Good day Bossip Readers! Living in this technologically savvy age where the internet, e-mail and text messages are the most efficient ways to communicate instantaneously, the days of sending letters through the mail are all but obsolete. Long gone are the days when folks had to wait to until you picked up the phone, respond…

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March 25th 11:31am

Black Models Take Over Vogue And Allure Magazine: Chanel Iman Vs. Liya Kebede

The new generation of black models are all over the high fashion magazines. Chanel Iman has a spread in the new issue of Allure, Liya Kebede has a spread in Vogue and OG Alek Wek is on the cover of ELLE. Pop the Top to See These Ladies Running Thangs!!!!

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March 25th 10:45am

A Lil Positivity: Cash Money CEO “Slim” Breaks Down His Secret To Success

Hip-Hop Wired recently caught up with Ronald “Sugar Slim” Williams, the quiet money man behind Cash Money as he discussed expanding the label from a regional shop in the N.O. to competing with the best worldwide and becoming an international label. Catch the video when you… Continue.

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March 25th 10:06am

Awww…How Sweet! Angela Simmons And Rob Kardashian Get Mani-Pedi’s Together

Even though Angela Simmons is claiming she’s ‘single’…we hope that Rob Kardashian doesn’t just go get mani-pedi’s with his “homegirls” on a regular basis. We really, really hope that he isn’t that ‘soft.’ SMH.

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March 25th 9:41am

American Vodkas Declare War On Diddy For Saying “If It Ain’t Ciroc… Then You’re Drinkin’ Pee Pee!!!”

We already knew that Diddy never knows when to shut up and this time he has pissed off all the heads of American Vodka companies. While partying it up at Greenhouse nightclub in NYC Diddy decided to yell, “If You’re Not Drinking Ciroc Vodka, They You’re Drinking Pee Pee!!!” Really Diddy… How Old are You…

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March 25th 9:15am

New Amerykah Part Two Isn’t All New… Badu’s “Turn Me Away” Should Sound Familiar

With New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh due out next week the public is already starting to get a listen at what Ms. Badu is offering this time around. Pop the hood to listen to “Turn Me Away (Get Munny)”.

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March 25th 8:53am

Rhymefest Manipulates Kid With Cancer To DJ His Own Make A Wish Party!?

When Rhymefest agreed to grant a kid’s wish from the “Make A Wish” foundation and perform for family and friends, no one had any idea this fool would show up with no DJ. The boys cancer is in remission, so buckmouth figures the kid should DJ his own gig…  Watch The Video Here

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March 25th 8:37am

New Video: Usher And Nicki Minaj Turning Chicks Into “Little Freaks”

Usher’s latest jawn, ‘Lil Freak’, featuring Nicki Minaj is all about turning chicks out. We can definitely say that he is a little desperate for a comeback when he has Nicki rounding up chicks and also talking about lickin’ their box. Flip the Lid for a Peek…

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