July 27th 8:00am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boy Tyson Beckford attended the “Hotel California” Premiere in NYC rockin this all white fit complete with the white shoes. We’re not sure if that get up helps or hurts his gaylord steez. SMH.

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July 25th 3:23pm

Hovvy on the Hood Life

Posted by Bossip Staff Jay-Z explains the hood life: ‘I think it’s more important for me to be in touch with who I am than in touch with the streets, per se,’ he says. ‘Being in touch with the streets, keeping it real, that’s become a lie and a cliche. I’m not hanging on the…

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July 25th 11:32am

Bill O’Reilly is a Mark Ass Buster

Posted by Bossip Staff Bill O’Reilly really needs to sit his ho ass down somewhere. Click HERE to view him talking sh*t on Nas and his new album—AGAIN.

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July 25th 11:30am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Kim Kardashian responds the Travis Barker ish from yesterday and elaborates on her and Reggie Bush’s relationship: Reggie and I are in a normal healthy relationship. We trust each other blindly. He was there with me every step of the way throughout the Famous shoot. When I got upset about things…

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July 25th 11:22am

Union of Publicity Whores

Posted by Bossip Staff Mariah Carey wants Nick to get a real job: Mariah wants him to at least have the status that DJ AM had when he was dating Nicole Richie. Cannon, who starred in “Drumline” and more recently “Roll Bounce” with fellow rapper Bow Wow, has been working DJ gigs lately but Carey…

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July 25th 11:00am

Damn, Not the Toaster…

Posted by Bossip Staff Jasmine Guy’s divorce from partner Terrence Duckett is getting quite ugly, this broad is even seeking that the toaster be on her ‘separate property’ list. That Terrence character must have fu*ked up big time. Click HERE for the petty details of the disunion.

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July 25th 10:43am

More Family Fun

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are even more pics of Tameka Cottle aka Tiny and her daughter. Zonnique must’ve just gotten a web cam for her birthday or something. Image Source

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July 25th 10:37am

Estelle on Groupie Game

Posted by Bossip Staff Estelle discusses groupies, he-hoes, and not sleeping with John Legend: “Stop insulting me with that. It’s like I couldn’t have got where I am because I do good work? You lot have seen me hustle and struggle, so if someone comes along and is appreciative of my talent, guy or girl……

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July 25th 10:19am

The Little Engine That Could

Posted by Bossip Staff Kelly Rowland is putting out yet another album: “I definitely want a new sound so I am jamming in the studio with amazing musicians who just love music.” Rowland also revealed that she is hoping her third LP will be “deeper” and more “inspiring” than her first two solo albums. Kudos…

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July 25th 10:12am

Update: No Near Nuptials For Cassie and Diddy

Posted by Bossip Staff A rep for Puffy says the whole thing was made up: “Contrary to tabloid reports, there is no engagement. This was a complete fabrication.” Yeah just like he wasn’t all hugged up with Cassie’s ass in Central Park on Mother’s Day. Via People

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July 25th 9:16am

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff This is a clear sign that Earl needs help. Here is his track “Soldier”: Make sure you listen to the entire track.  This cat needs to lay off the rocks, Stat!

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July 25th 8:37am

Where is Kim Porter???

Posted by Bossip Staff Star magazine is reporting that commitment-phobe, Mr. Sean John Combs, has proposed to his little fu*kin for tracks project Cassie Ventura: Sean “Diddy” Combs is giving marriage a chance. The bachelor father of six is quietly telling close friends and family that he and singer Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura are heading to…

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July 25th 8:21am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Posted by Bossip Staff Blu Cantrell’s irrelevant ass hit up some birthday party in Hollyweird trying to pull off that “I’m fun and quirky” swag. But real talk, who the hell is still inviting this broad to sh*t?  Her last song was like in ’01. Photos: Wireimage

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July 25th 8:10am

Some Morning Inspiration

Posted by Bossip Staff Vanessa Williams, spotted in Beverly Hills after working out, is your inspiration today to get off of your ass and hit the gym. Ole girl is damn near 50 years old and is still getting it in. We can’t knock her at all… Images of Christina Milian, Tatyana Ali, and that…

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July 25th 8:00am

Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke hit up the ‘Swing Vote’ Premiere last night in Hollyweird. Paula is looking quite bangerific in the orange/red dress, Robin is a lucky fellow. Images via WENN

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