April 21st 9:40am

Fill In The Blank

‘Tasia and Ray-J were all up on each other at the VH1 Upfront event last night. Fill In The Blank: Ray-J probably _____________________ last night. Pop it for more pics…

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April 21st 9:38am

Octomom Goes On TV To Say She’s Not About Fame

Attention whore, Nadya Suleman aka Octomom, went on Oprah to talk about how she’s not really an attention whore. That’s why she let Harpo’s camera crew follow her and her kids around for a day. Pop the hood.

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April 21st 9:17am

Which Rapper Is Choppin’ Down This Juicy Booty And Thinkin’ About Putting A Ring On It?!?!

This caked out young chicken pictured above is Maliah Michel. She should look familiar because we put her Easter Bunny cake shots on display a couple of weeks ago. Maliah was seen partying it up in ATL this past Monday with a certain rapper. We’re actually going to give you choices: A. Bow Wow B.…

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April 21st 9:09am

Some Morning Little Guy

Everyone’s favorite wittle fella, Emmanuel Lewis was in the building for the BMI Urban showcase in Atlanta looking like a little Smurf. SMH at dude next to Webster looking like a jolly blue giant in comparison. More images including Drizzy Drake, Big Boi and wife, etc. when you….

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April 21st 8:58am

Alleged “Final Letter” From Guru Bans DJ Premier From Any Memorial Celebrations

Within hours of Guru’s death, the internet was ablaze with speculation over the suspect letter that was released to fans by friend and producer Solar. Pop the hood for details. Continue

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April 21st 8:12am

From Nicki Minaj To All The Haters: “If You’re Smart Then Pay Attention To Me… I’m Showing You B*tches How To Do This!!!”

It seems that Nicki Minaj is always going to be at the center of hate because she is an easy target. It’s one thing to make it to the top with raw talent, it’s another thing to make it to the top with bubble gum candy corn kit kat rhymes. With that being said… Pop…

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April 20th 9:46pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Slick Rick aka Rick The Ruler and Snoop Doggie Dogg bugged out backstage at a Snoop concert in NYC. Between these two old heads, ladies, which one would you let beat that thang up??? Slicky Ricky and his matching turquoise sweatshirt and Tims or Snoop and his little anorexic looking self?? More pics when you….

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April 20th 7:40pm

No Justice For Kandi’s Man… Or Is Sickle Cell Really To Blame???

Frederick Richardson, the man arrested in connection with the death of A.J. Jewell will not face any charges in Jewell’s death — and Jewell’s family is blaming Kandi!!! Pop the hood for details.

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April 20th 6:05pm

We’re Blowin’ The Whistle On Cake Shakin’ Kendra! Hank Baskett, Please Get Your Wife…

Yes she’s a loving wife to NFL player Hank Baskett and mother to Baby Hank, but when Daddy takes baby to visit the grandparents in New Mexico, Kendra knows how to hit the stage and cut loose like a Too Short dancer. Pop the hood

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April 20th 5:16pm

What The Hell??? Man Fatally Stabs Family Members Over Cancelled Internet

A Japanese man has been detained by authorities after police say he became so enraged that his father cancelled his Internet service that he stabbed five of his family members, killing two. Details when you Continue

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April 20th 4:27pm

Sheree and Her Body Builder Diesel-Arsenal Arms Steez…

Kandi held a private concert for her family and friends to debut some of her new music.  Of course all the RHOA were on deck to support and hate including the two newbies Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey. Check under the hood for more pics.

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April 20th 4:19pm

“Bomb” Turns Out To Be Anal Vibrator

You know who has the worst job in the world? Whoever had to remove the anal vibrator from this specimen, Steven “In Through The Out Door” Ferrini, a geezer from California. Investigators in El Dorado County looked into a bomb probe and ended up getting to the bottom of the matter. Pop the hood.

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April 20th 3:10pm

Twitter Files: Is Tyrese Lookin’ Pa Nub?

Tyrese hasn’t had much luck in love lately and he took to his twitter to let the whole world know… Poor Thang! Pop that hood for some sad a$s tweets… Continue

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April 20th 3:03pm

French Clowns Have Their Way With MJ

Here’s an idea that sounds like it might be Bad Bad — Really, Really Bad unless you like bendy “circus arts.” Cirque du Soleil is launching a production featuring the music of Michael Jackson. Pop the top.

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April 20th 2:27pm

SMH: Kumar Gets Robbed At Gunpoint On 4/20

BOSSIP has learned that Kalpen Modi, better known by his Hollyweird stage name Kal Penn, was robbed at gunpoint this morning in Northwest Washington, D.C.

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