September 4th 8:11am

Kim Kardashian in Some Panties Would Make Her Look Desperate… Right?

Kim Kardashian took a picture the other day in her underwear. Pop it to see

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September 4th 8:07am

In Swirl News: Taye Diggs and Wife Welcome Baby Boy…

Lil Taye Taye and wife Idna Menzel have given birth to their first child together:

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September 4th 8:07am

Where Do You Think They Grow a Gang of Marijuana???? You Will Never Believe This….

If you have ever been on the road in California and thought you smelled sweet sativa growing wildly, but came to the conclusion that it was maybe a dead skunk….then you might have been on to something: Drug traffickers have been planting millions of marijuana plants on U.S. soil uncomfortably close to…

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September 4th 8:04am

Rumor Control: Michelle Williams Shuts Down her Meal Ticket… 2010 Destiny’s Child Reunion

Michelle Williams recently shut down rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion. Britain’s News of the World newspaper claims Michelle told them It definitely will happen. We’re sisters, we love each other and we want to work on the future of Destiny’s Child.

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September 4th 8:00am

Michael Jackson is Finally Laid to Rest

Michael’s family and friends gathered to say their last goodbyes as he was laid at his final resting place. Pop the hood for more flicks.

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September 3rd 12:59pm

SMH: The Full Chris Brown Interview

We found ourselves chuckling at the part when Larry asked if Chris remembers hitting RiRi and he says, “No I don’t.” So, if you have not seen the entire video… we have the whole clean up mission in action below.

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September 3rd 12:49pm

Rocks & Hoes: What In God’s Name Is Maia Campbell On?? She Is All the Way Turned OUT!!!

If you remember Maia Campbell, then the video footage we have will seriously disturb you. She was on shows like, Moesha, Sister Sister, and had a starring role on In the House. Well, nowadays the girl is hoeing out in Compton and is on something that has her by her roots. You will not believe…

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September 3rd 12:28pm

Max B Receives 75 Years in Jail For Murder

As with Corey “C-Murder” Miller, another rapper has been hit in a bad way as they might see themselves behind an 8×11 prison cell for the remainder of their life. Rapper Max B, legally known as Charly Wingate, received a disheartening verdict today as he was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Continue..

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September 3rd 12:25pm

Australian DJ Asks Lady Gaga Straight Up If She is a Hermaphrodite

When Lady Gaga is confronted with the hermy-rumors again by some Australian DJ’s, she totally brushes off the answer…just like Ricky Martin. Pop it and listen

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September 3rd 12:19pm

C. Milli and The Dream are Rushing to Get Married Because…

There are so many things that we could say about this picture but we’re just going to let ya’ll in on what we just heard. Bossip has learned the baddest “F*ckin for Tracks” couple around is looking to elope pretty soon and word around town is it’s because Christina is expecting.

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September 3rd 12:09pm

Benzino: F*ck Complex Magazine and SlaughterHouse, I Knew Tahiry Would Leave Joe Budden

Source Magazine co-founder and sometime rapper Benzino recently took off on a slew of publishing and music personalities. The video is under the hood.

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September 3rd 12:04pm

Serena OPENS Up on her Relationship with Common

Serena and Common have both been hush hush about their relationship, kind of like the Knowles-Carter camp, until now. Serena got up with InTouch Weekly at the US OPEN and dropped a couple of sentences about her and her boo Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr… we mean Common: “We love New York in the summer. We…

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September 3rd 11:49am

*Exclusive Pics*: Amber Rose Has a Full Magazine Dedicated to Her????

Here is a sneak peak of Amber Rose on the cover of Persona magazine’s first paperback issue. Supposedly the entire magazine will be filled with pics of your girl Amber. SMH. More on the flipside…

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September 3rd 11:44am

Twitter Files: Janet Tweets About MJ

  Janet Jackson recently updated her twitter with a special tweet about MJ.

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September 3rd 11:39am

MiMi and Goofy Nick Have Date Night at Mr. Chow

Here is happily married couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon leaving Mr. Chow in Hollyweird after having a lovely little dinner date. Damn. Nick’s corny a** must have some good “D” to be baggin all these broads. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s his chop-down track record: Christina Milian, Kim Kardashian, Selita Ebanks, and Mariah Carey.…

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