October 5th 8:38am

Officer Ricky is Down… Officer Ricky is Down!!!

Officer Ricky had a show over the weekend and as he was getting into his performance… He fell straight on his FAT A$$!!! All we can say is CODE 10: MAN DOWN!!! Pop it to See Officer Ricky Fall on His A$$

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October 5th 8:20am

Which One Would You Let Chop You Down… Ladies??

Tyrese, F. Gary Gray, Ray-J & Floyd Mayweather took this picture in Vegas. Tyrese was tweeting the weekend away and talking about how much fun he was having. Ladies, Which One Would You Let Hit??? Pop the top to see the other stars in Vegas and how Tyrese hopped “to and fro.”

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October 5th 8:17am

No Longer Stunting On Them Hoes…

Looking like a mannequin, Rihanna was spotted in France at another fashion show. Pop it and see lil dominatrix boots/belt bottom half….

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October 5th 8:04am

Seen on the Scene: Janet in Paris

Janet was seen on the scene in the front row at the Jean Paul-Gautier fashion show this weekend for Paris Fashion Week. More pics on the flip side of Janet all up and through Paris.

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October 5th 8:03am

Jesus Take the Wheel: 74 Year Old Woman gets Mauled by a Pack of Raccoons…

A 74 year-old- Florida woman was attacked by a pack of raccoons over the weekend.  Apparently, she was trying to shoooo them off her lawn and they got gangsta with her.

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October 5th 8:02am

The Swirl: Russell Simmons Is Up to His Old Tricks Again

Russell Simmons was spotted in Miami with his long-time young white cake. While in Miami, Russell had his hands all over her t*tays and the whole nine… Pop the top to see her grill plus his hand all over her chest and backs

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October 5th 7:21am

LaLa and Kim Kardashian Are Where?

LaLa and Kim Kardashian were hanging out this Sunday watching football. You will never guess whose game they went to see… Pop it and find out

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October 4th 10:48am

Rih Rih is Still Stuntin on Them Hoes in Paris

More Rihanna in Paris. Yesterday she was walking around with her booty out and today she’s in some dominatrix get-up. Wanna peep her complete outfit including some bad a** shoes?? You know the drill…

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October 4th 10:33am

Bey Bey Beyonce Throws Some Shade on Jay-Z’s Oprah Glory and Tapes a Show This Week…

Just a week and some change after Jay hit up the Oprah show and it was successful, we hear Bey Bey Beyonce wants some of the shine and will hit up Oprah’s show this week to tape her episode.  A mere coincidence or is someone spotlight jealous???

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October 4th 10:20am

Fill in the Blank: Trey Songz

This one is for you ladies. Trey Songz performed this weekend at CAU’s homecoming doing some lil freaky hand gesture. Fill in the Blank: You would let Trey Songz _______________________________ to you with that tongue of his… More Trey on the flip…

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October 4th 9:42am

Since Chicago Lost the Olympic Bid… The Obamas do Dinner

With Chicago out of the running for the Olympics, Barack and Michelle went to celebrate their 17th anniversary…their first in Washington.

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October 4th 9:00am

Twitter Files: Snoop, The Game & Dr. Dre Back In the Studio Blowing Chronic and Working on Detox

Seen here blowing medicinal marijuana…Snoop, Dre & Game are working on the most highly anticipated album in a while. For anyone that thought the West Coast was not officially back into the Hip Hop game, here is a picture and a quote below to dead that issue. Pop the top and peep the statement released

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October 4th 8:55am

The Real Black Barbie

Naomi Campbell may not have the best attitude or personality, but that b*tch sure is good at what she does…She walked in the Igor Chapurin show for Paris’ Fashion Week. Pop it to see more as well as some nip slips…

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October 4th 8:49am

*Update* Maya Angelou Being Hospitalized Was a False Alarm

  Bossip has learned that famed author, poet and civil dignitary Maya Angelou was rushed to the hospital yesterday evening.  No word on what the cause was, but she was scheduled to be honored last night at the BraveHeart Awards: in LA. Update: Maya was not hospitalized. Her reps denied the fact that she was…

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