April 8th 7:09pm

Naomi Is Still Tootin’ The Booty Up And Shuttin’ Sh*t Down!

Just when we thought we’d seen all of Naomi Vogue Russia had to offer, they hit us with some more. Hey, at least she covered them tatas this time! Pop the hood for more NaNa, and feel free to Caption This while you’re at it.

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April 8th 6:37pm

Another Day, Another Wife-Killing Husband Trying To Get Away With Murder…

Florida police have 63-year-old Munawar Toha in custody after reviewing surveillance footage they say shows him pushing his wife’s car into a lake with her dead body inside. Continue

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April 8th 6:33pm

What The HELL??? YouTube Rapper Bangs Scores A Record Deal!!!

Last week when we asked you guys to name the “Worst Rap Video” a number of you quickly nominated Sudanese rapper Bangs and his YouTube video “Let Me Take You To The Movies” but despite being the butt of many a joke, Bangs is taking his rap career very seriously and has already won himself…

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April 8th 6:19pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Donald Faison Is A Brokea*s Scrub

Wow, actor Donald Faison just joined Prince and Toni Braxton’s financially challenged club. None of these celebs can pay their bills. Pop the hood.

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April 8th 5:45pm

Kenyon Martin Goes Off In Locker Room And Threatens To “Put Hands On A Motherf*cka!”

BTW… don’t this fool, Kenyon, look like a clucker version of Meth? Pop the top to hear the tirade between, what sounds like, Kenyon and a unfounded teammate.

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April 8th 4:07pm

DMX’s Wife Speaks on Upcoming Tell-All Book

While DMX’s life is spinning out of control, his wife Tashera, seems to be getting ready to take her turn in the spotlight. In a recent interview, Tashera shared a few details about her upcoming tell all book that she promises offers a revealing look at her family and her relationship with the troubled rapper.…

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April 8th 3:58pm

Alicia Keys Leaves BeyBey Hanging To Help Out Drizzy

Drake can thank Alicia Keys right now. She’s pumping the brakes on  her duet with Beyonce to push Drizzy’s “Un-Thinkable.” He may be slipping with the delay of his Thank Me Later album, so she’s doing him a solid. Pop the hood.

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April 8th 3:30pm

Suge Has His Eyes On ‘Ye’s Riches!!! But With His New Album Underway, Does Yeezy Even Give A Damn?

Suge Knight continues to soldier on in his lawsuit against Kanye West over getting shot in the leg at a 2005 MTV Video Awards party at a Miami nightclub. Meanwhile, Yeezy is soaking up Hawaiian sun when he’s not in the studio working on his next project. Pop the hood for details.

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April 8th 1:23pm

*Premiere* The Dream’s “Love King” Video Says What To The C-Milli?

The Dream just dropped his latest video “Love King,” where he brags on having many hoes besides Milian. Married-Man Nash also says things like, “she don’t know me like thaaaaat!” We think he might be sending subliminal messages saying the couple may need to be separated. Click Here To Watch Dream’s Ode To Stephen A.…

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April 8th 1:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Kiely Williams From 3LW & The Cheetah Girls Responds To Hate From “Spectacular Video (GO) Getting Media Attention: It’s All In The Message (GO) UPDATE: Toya Carter Denies Lil Wayne’s Prison Job (GO) JoeBuddenTV Explains the Methods to Handling Groupies (GO) Sherri Shepherd’s Disgusting Fat Chick Tits of the Day (GO) Pam Anderson Gets Drunk…

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April 8th 12:55pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Harpo’s Coming Out At Night

Opry’s making an announcement today: She’ll be hosting a nighttime show on her cable network, Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN. The new show will be called “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Pop the hood.

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April 8th 12:07pm

Guess Who Made This Cute Little Boy???

These two precious ones have different fathers, and the cute little boy has a famous rapper as his Daddy… Can you guess who it is? Pop the hood to find out.

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April 8th 12:04pm

The Most Romantic Thing Tracy Morgan Ever Did For His Woman Is… Paint Her Toe Nails?!?!

When Tracy Morgan was chit chatting it up with Oprah, she asked him what is the most romantic thing that he has ever done for a woman. All of his answer were funny but yet sweet and simple… 1 Rose, a box of Calgon!!! Pop the Top for a Peek…

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April 8th 11:49am

Flavor Flav Spotted Looking Like A Burning Cigarette!!!

Flavor Flav was spotted at the Roy Jones Vs. Bernard Hopkins fight Saturday rockin his “Easter’s Finest”. We have been trying to leave his coonin-ass alone, but the white suit is doing way too much. SMH Pop the top to see the female he showed up to the fight with and more

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April 8th 11:31am

Halle Berry Shows Off A Lil Cake In Her Super Droopy Hammer Pants

We know that the Sarouel Hammer pants look is “in” right now, but damn, Halle Berry‘s joints look like they’re doing a bit too much. The crotch of them thangs are at her ankle. WTF? We can’t knock her though, they look comfy. Are y’all feelin them?

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