February 9th 11:45am

Caption This

Raven Symone has been seen on the Broadway scene and was spotted performing during the 2010 24 Hour Musicals at the Blender Theatre yesterday in NYC.  With this get up on and her mouth wide open Raven looks like  ________. Pop the top to fill in the caption and check out more pics of Raven.

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February 9th 11:41am

No More Pimps and Rocks for Maia Campbell… She’s on a “NATURAL HIGH”!!!

Last time we saw Maia Campbell, she was high, eating Hot Flaming Lays chips and getting pimped out. Since then, Maia’s has been re-connected with her family and checked in rehab. Pop the Hood to See What Maia is Looking Like Now

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February 9th 11:40am

Certified Links

Nelly Premiers As ESPN Host [Video] (GO) R. Kelly Has 15 More Chapters of “Trapped In The Closet” (GO) Lady Gaga Feels Too Shy To Be A Celebrity (GO) Former NFL Star Warren Sapp Released From Jail After Domestic Abuse Arrest (GO) Angelina Jolie Visits Haitian Children (GO) Lil Wayne To Begin Sentence Today [Video]…

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February 9th 11:30am

Illinois Woman Sentenced For Kidnapping, Beating And Burning Pregnant Disabled Woman

This is just horrible. An Illinois woman, Michelle Riley, was sentenced to 45 years behind bars after police say she held a pregnant mentally disabled woman captive, beating her, burning her and using her for target practice before she died. Continue

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February 9th 11:10am

Some Morning Cakes …

John Legend’s jawn Christine Teigen actually does some modeling when she isn’t tagging along playing trophypiece… Pop the hood for more shots of her flatty cakes.

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February 9th 10:52am

Blood Diamond Russ Hits the Scene with his New Tenderoni

Russell Simmons was on deck for the Hope Help & Relief Haiti event at Urban Zen last night.  He decided to debut his new piece of prime young meat to the masses.  We were hoping for a change in Russell’s taste but he always seem to go after the same “type” of chick.  Check out…

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February 9th 10:51am

Random Ridiculousness: Cop Arrested For Trying To Squeeze Breast Milk From Woman

A Florida police officer has been arrested after allegations that he groped a woman’s breast and tried to squeeze the milk from her breast. Continue

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February 9th 10:37am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Michelle Williams joined the cast of the Broadway show Chicago and had her opening show in NYC last night.  After the show, she hit the scene with this interesting outfit on.  All we want to know is… Are You Feelin This Get Up??? Pop the top to let us know and check out more pics…

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February 9th 10:04am

This is the Mya We Remember…

Mya recently had a photo shoot with Beauty Entertainment Magazine and that makes you say My My My… The girl we have seen lately has looked more like a professional groupie chick than an artist. HEY MYA, This is a Good Look for You!!! Flip the Lid for More Flicks

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February 9th 10:00am

BossipVideo.com: Step Your Video Game Up

This year, the hard-working folks at BOSSIP launched BossipVideo.com to meet the increasing needs of our loyal visitors. Right now is a good time to check out all the latest and hot videos that matter to you. BOSSIPVIDEO.COM

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February 9th 9:41am

Dumb Question of the Day: Reggie Bush Got Milk?

Of course he ‘got milk’…in fact, he LOVES him some milky broads milk. S-Kim milk. SMH. Now that the Saints have won the Super Bowl, we’re about to be saturated with Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian crap even more so than ever, so be prepared. Look under the hood for more pics of the swirled…

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February 9th 9:30am

In White Folks News: A-Rod is Now Choppin’ Down Cameron Diaz

Alex Rodriguez has moved on to the next jawn, and is now reportedly getting it in with Cameron “fug face” Diaz: “A-Rod and Cameron have been totally hooking up,”

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February 9th 9:25am

New Video: Wale Likes “Pretty Girls” and Ace of Spades

Wale debuted his new video “Pretty Girls” on 106th and Park yesterday. It’s obvious that Wale has a thing for pretty girls and Bottles of Armand de Brignac [Ace of Spades] Champagne but we noticed there were no Solange look-a-likes…mmmmmm. Pop the Top and Tell Us: Hate It or Love It?!?!

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February 9th 9:00am

Rihanna Primps Carib-Style For “Rude Boy” Video

We haven’t seen Rihanna rep Bajan culture much since her first album, but it’s looking like her next video will do just that. Def Jam came up off some photos from her “Rude Boy” video, which is set to premiere Thursday. Check the flipside for more shots and some details on the video.

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February 9th 8:55am

Usher’s Mom Bumped Heads with New Chick and Now his Album is Being Pushed Back AGAIN!!!

Usher’s mom, Jonetta Patton, is not a woman to play with. Back in November 2009, Jonetta decided to resign as Usher’s manager because Grace Miguel, Usher’s girlfriend, decided to put her two cent into the mix. Since then Usher notified the label

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