September 16th 8:32am

Little Jay-Z???

We’ve received an email today blasting the new music of Jay-Z’s nephew. Ramel “Mel” Carter didn’t hesitate to throw his uncle’s name in it either. Pop it to Listen and See a Pic of him and his Unky Hov …

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September 16th 8:20am

Random Ridiculousness: Lark Voorhies Playing Whitney Houston in Biopic

Ghostface Killa Lark Voorhies is rumored to play Whitney Houston in a future biopic. According to sources at Arista Records, Lark has been in private talks with Clive Davis

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September 16th 8:05am

On the Come Up

Da Brat is being creative and productive with her time in prison by putting together an American Idol: Prison Edition talent show for her fellow inmates.

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September 15th 6:32pm

Was Obama Trying to Impress White Folks By Calling Kanye a “Jackass?” Listen to The Audio

We heard about it but now listen to President Obama go in on Kanye after hearing about the Taylor Swift incident at the VMA’s.

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September 15th 1:30pm

Kanye West On Jay Leno Talking About “The Incident,” his Mom, and Performs with Jay-Z and Rihanna

Click Here to Watch It sounds like our boy Kanye is on something heavy. When people start acting out, it is a call for help usually. Wonder if Kanye was on straight Henny (with no coke?). TAKE THE TIME OFF YAY! Pop the top for Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Yeezy’s performance

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September 15th 1:15pm

Told Ya So… Bey Bey Beyonce and Taylor Swift Moment Was a Set Up

For all those who think we love to hate on Beyonce for a living, we just got word that the whole Beyonce and Taylor Swift acceptance moment during the VMA’s was staged.  Flip the hood for the details.

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September 15th 1:00pm

Whitney Houston With Oprah Talking Joints & Rocks aka, “Primos”

When they said Whitney was going to come clean on her drug usage with Oprah, we didn’t know it would be so detailed and descriptive. She talks about going from “light drugs” to heavies after Bodyguard. Pop the top and peep what she says about Bobby and doing Keys

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September 15th 12:45pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man in a Wheel Chair is Raped in a Supermarket Bathroom

Lawd… Lawd… Lawd… 54 year old, Brian Parks of Chester County is being accused of raping a man in a wheelchair at Paoli ACME. They found Brian at a homeless shelter and arrested him giving him a bail set at $225,000. What in the Hell??? …

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September 15th 12:40pm

Random Ridiculousness: 50 Cent on the Cover of the Prestigious Smooth Magazine w/Rick Ross’ Baby’s Mom, Talks Ish on Kanye West

The picture up top is the new cover of the prestigious Smooth Magazine. SMH at good ole Bugsy in the cover shot introducing Ross’ baby’s mama Tia. Pure comedy. In other No Cents news, 50 had some things to say in regards to Kanye West ruining the little white girl’s moment at the VMAs: Pop…

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September 15th 12:30pm

Some Afternoon Chocolate Kisses: Lance Gross

Lance Gross is looking mighty finger lickin’ good in these pics. All that chocolate… Hope lil miss Eva knows what to do with it. mmmmmm… Just Sexi…

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September 15th 12:00pm

Certified Links

College Student Kills Intruder With Samurai Sword (Go) 50 Cent Says He Would Have Blacked Ye’s Eye (Go) Wilson Could Face Resolution of Disapproval (Go) University of Wisconsin: Hip Hop 101 (Go) Danish Tourism Board: You’ll Love Our Culture of Casual, Unprotected Sex (Go) Video: Megan Fox Interviewed With Bag Over Head (Go) Philosophy Sez…

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September 15th 11:45am

Wendy Williams Says Whitney Didn’t Own Up to her Habit on Oprah

Wendy says Whitney’s interview with Oprah was disappointing.  Flip the hood to watch Wendy go in on Whitney from an ex-coke head’s perspective.

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September 15th 11:30am

What is Wrong With This Picture???

We found this picture of some local chick on stage rapping. There’s nothing wrong with that but look closely and see if you can see what is really wrong with this picture. Pop it to Find Out

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September 15th 11:15am

Lil Mama Explains Why She Acted a Fool at the VMA’s

Lil Mama has finally released a statement explaining why she jumped on stage during Jay-Z’s performance at the MTV VMA’s.

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September 15th 11:00am

Spotted: “Someone” Tries to Make A Hasty Escape Away From Cassie

This is Cassie walking solo after Diddy left her high and dry. The two were spotted getting a bite to eat the morning after the VMA’s, but when Puffy noticed cameras, he got pissed and bounced. SMH Pop the top and see Sean getting all hot and bothered at the paps

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