May 18th 8:15am

Confirmed: Swizz Beats Raps Alicia Keys Cooks His Breakfast While Naked, Takes Relationship Public

Posted by Bossip Staff If you ever doubted Mashanda about Alicia Keys breaking up their marriage, her husband has now gone on record saying he is in love with AK

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May 18th 8:07am

Obama Taking Away Stacks from Black Colleges?

Posted by Bossip Staff Black colleges have always had a lot of obstacles to face but with the latest news of Obama’s educational funding plan, there may be even tougher roads ahead for our HBCUs. Pop the top for more

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May 18th 8:05am

*Update* Rihanna’s Back to Making Daily Appearances

Posted by Bossip Staff Rihanna was stepping out at hot spot Da Silvano yesterday. She tore down the snake skin bag, white jeans, and vagabond boots. A good way to shut down the turmoil going on in your life is to ignore the ignorance and act like it does not exist…until the first real interview of…

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May 18th 8:03am

Yung Joc’s Forcing People Out of the Closet and Doing Coke With DMX and Katt Williams???

Posted by Bossip Staff Word around town is that Yung Joc is not done with his shenanigans. Joc was supposedly hangin’ out in a St Louis penthouse doing coke with DMX, Katt Williams, and a German Shepard. When the last line of powder was given to the dog (German Shepard) the K9 bit the dog…

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May 18th 8:01am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted by Bossip Staff Sextra: Should it Hurt This Bad? Livesteez Sightings: Salma at Sea Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Lais de Leon F-Listed Quote of the Day: T.I. Bossip Throwback

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May 18th 8:00am

Trying to Look Smooth…

Posted by Bossip Staff Kobe Bryant was seen here, right after the destruction of the Rockets, in this cream Gucci ensemble. We think he looks “aight'”. He met up with his family right after this picture was taken. Pop it to see the stars at last night’s Laker’s Game plus Vanessa and Kobe’s little girls

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May 18th 7:58am

*Exclusive* Wood Harris: “I’d Love to Get Romantic With Kerry Washington”

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip kicked back with your favorite (insert thug, gangbanger character here) Wood Harris about raising the stakes with Kerry Washington, and why he’s about to stunt on you ho’s with a Phd. Yes, a Phd. Bossip: You’ve been known to play those slick, criminal, gangster, thug-like characters. Do you ever feel…

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May 18th 7:57am

Beyonce: “I Want a Whole Bunch of Kids”

Posted by Bossip Staff Lately,Bey’s been talking a whole lot about dropping some babies with Hov. We knew it would happen sooner rather than later. Pop the top for more baby talk and pics

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May 18th 7:57am

Some Morning Swirl Drama

Posted by Bossip Staff We reported the ‘illicit’ hook-up between Tyson and Paige last week and it looks like Paige is setting out to do some serious rumor control. Flip the lid for her personal account of the affair

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May 18th 7:56am

Drake Concert in Chi-Town Erupts in Violence

Posted by Bossip Staff Damn, Drake just came out and someone got shot at his concert. With this ish going down, Drake’s on his way to platinum status now. Pop the lid for vid of the fight

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May 18th 7:55am

Eminem Falling Back on Nick Cannon and Mariah???

Posted by Bossip Staff Eminem is singing a different tune about pissing on Mariah’s blonde locks: Is Eminem taking the high road? As odd as it seems, that’s what the rapper did in answer to Nick Cannon’s furious blog post responding to Em’s apparent dis of Mariah Carey in a new track. Well, he’s sort…

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May 18th 7:53am

Anna Wintour Tells Oprah: “You Need to Lose Weight”

Posted by Bossip Staff Anna Wintour is the only person on the planet let alone the only white woman who could get away with teling the divine Ms. O that she needs to put the pork chops down. Damn, we’re surprised Anna’s still breathing. Flip the switch for more

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May 18th 7:50am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Nigerian Children Beaten and Tortured for Being “Witches”

Posted by Bossip Staff They be tripping in the motherland sometimes. Kids are being tortured in Nigeria because they are believed to be witches. The boy up top was doused with acid:Continue

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May 18th 7:47am

WTH?? Pamela Anderson’s Lookin’ Crackish’

Posted by Bossip Staff Pamela Anderson used to be bangin’. Not quite sure what the hell happened. Maybe its the 3 divorces, dead career and too much silicone. Peep the beginning of a jelly roll. Pop the top for more

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May 18th 7:45am

Question of the Day: Should We Fight the Current Drug Laws?

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s hard to believe that Kimora Lee cares about anything other than herself, but she is fighting drug laws (BTW, she just happened to have her own drug issues). She just hit the blogs to talk about it: I remember walking into Russell’s office years ago to the sight of a…

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