Gone Too Soon: Top 10 Music Legends Who Died From A Drug Overdose

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At this point, no one really knows if Lil Wayne is dead, alive or both. According to TMZ, he was read his last rites after suffering severe seizures but those reports were quickly disputed by close friends, family and even T.I. Either way, Wayne seems determined to die in his prime (like everyone on this list) and that’s heartbreaking.

Here are the ten music legends who died from a drug overdose. Take a look.

Whitney Houston

There will never be another iconic diva like Whitney who, in most minds, is the greatest singer ever. For years, she battled drug-fueled inner-demons and eventually lost the night she drowned in a hotel bathtub. According to L.A. coroner’s officials, yayo use contributed to her death.


Jimi Hendrix

Widely-considered as one of the greatest to ever touch a guitar, the fallen Rock icon is the only Black member of music’s creepy “27 Club.” With the future of new-age Rock in his hands, Jimi’s death (drug-related asphyxia) is among the most tragic in music history.

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David Ruffin

The notoriously-arrogant crooner was the face of The Temptations—one of the greatest groups of all-time—before shriveling into a rock-ravaged parody of himself. So talented yet so deeply-troubled, we’ll never know how great he could’ve been.

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Amy Winehouse

The incredibly-talented U.K. import’s life truly imitated her art, and eventually led to her untimely death at 27. More ironic than tragic, her mega-hit single “Rehab” directly reflected her refusal to seek help for obvious drug abuse.


Billie Holiday

The once in a lifetime Jazz chanteuse was a living legend before drug abuse and abusive relationships destroyed her. Famous for the haunting lullaby “Strange Fruit” (and several other gems that became Jazz standards), she died of heart failure while being arrested for drug possession.


DJ Screw

The legendary originator of Houston’s Screw movement was the first Rap icon to die from Sizzurp (or lean) abuse—the same Promethazine with Codeine mixture Lil Wayne drinks like water. If anything, his death should’ve been a lesson to sizzurp-obsessed rappers (and Justin Bieber) who obviously learned nothing.

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    Pimp C

    Known across the south as the trillest philosopher ever, “Sweet Jones” was beloved by millions, especially in Texas where he was Trill Jesus. ½ of iconic Rap duo UGK, he followed in DJ Screw’s footsteps and eventually died of a codeine overdose.

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    The famously-dysfunctional hypeman collapsed and died from a fatal mixture of yayo and Tramadol. Musically-unappreciated, he’ll always be known for his show-stealing feature on Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy (Remix).”


    Big Moe

    Mainly famous in Texas (and surrounding areas), the planet-sized rapper/crooner gave the world catchy sizzurp-sipping anthems (“Purple Stuff”) before suffering a sizzurp-induced heart attack at 33. First Screw, then Pimp C and finally Big Moe. Three lessons Weezy ignored.


    Frankie Lymon

    Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae, combined, are Frankie Lymon—the 1950’s teenage prodigy-turned-heroin addict whose reality TV-worthy life inspired the cult classic film “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”

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