May 16th 7:59am

The Face of a Moron

Posted by Bossip Staff Jean E. Dorvil, 56 and a “teacher”, was arrested for kicking a 5 yr old girl-student in the mouth: Continue

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May 16th 7:58am

*Exclusive* Did We Bid ‘The Game’ Farewell Last Night?

Posted by Bossip Staff Damn, that was a good episode, but was it the last one? Bossip got the scoop from Hosea Chanchez who plays Malik.

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May 16th 7:55am

What Was Jamie Thinking in That Muscle Jacket?

Posted by Bossip Staff We have heard of skinny jeans, but now skinny jackets? Jamie Foxx was spotted leaving Mr. Chows looking either as full as Buffie’s booty or wearing a jacket that he probably has a hard time getting in and out of.  SMH What was Jamie thinking when he put that ish on?…

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May 16th 7:50am

Caption This: Paula Patton Shows France Her Panties

Posted by Bossip Staff Paula Patton is out in France at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. The reason she has that devilish grin is because she just showed the world her goodies. We get a goooood look at her crotch.. Britney style, but with panties. Pop it to see Paula pop it

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May 16th 7:45am

End of Days: Father Eats Son’s Eyes Out

Posted by Bossip Staff A man in Bakersfield got so wet, police believe he ate out his four year old sons eyes. Pop the top for more

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May 16th 7:40am

Iman: “Michelle Obama’s No Great Beauty, But She is Bright”

Posted by Bossip Staff Iman made a rather peculiar comment about the First Lady to Parade the other day: “Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty,” Iman tells

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May 16th 7:40am

Question of the Day – Girlfriends: The Movie?

Posted by Bossip Staff The rumors have been swirling about this possible Girlfriends movie, and we just heard from a source close to Mara Brock Akil,

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May 16th 7:35am

Paulina’s Feelings On Getting Fired: “Tyra is America’s Next Top Beyotch”

Posted by Bossip Staff Paulina recently got the stiletto boot from ANTM and she isn’t mincing any words about her stank relationship with Fivehead Lacefront Banks: Supermodel Paula Porizkova said she was fired from “America’s Next Top Model” due to what producers called an ego problem. In a new interview for Access Hollywood and “The…

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May 16th 7:25am

Whitney’s Album Finally Ready to Drop

Posted by Bossip Staff The picture up top is a supposed leaked promo picture for Whitney Houston’s new album… supposed. After clearing her association with crack monster Bobby Brown, Whitney’s album is being prepped for release soon. Pop it for more

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May 15th 8:30am

Jennifer Gives Good Face

Posted by Bossip Staff Derek Blanks sent over some stunning new shots of JHud. If her singing career ever went south, she could definitely get into the modeling game. Pop the top for more and catch the latest shots of her performing this morning on the Today Show

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May 15th 8:25am

America’s Top Black Executives

Posted by Bossip Staff This is the kind of list we love to see here at Bossip. There’s nothing better than reading about successful black men and women who have elevated their game to the next level. Pop the lid for more

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May 15th 8:24am

Kim Kardashian’s Dying to Go Under the Knife

Posted by Bossip Staff Why is Kim acting as though she’s never had anything done before? Come on girl, we know about the fake cakes and the cellulite removal. Flip the lid for more

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May 15th 8:23am

Hip-Hop Beef – Soulja Boy: “Drake Needs to Step His High Yella Game Up”

Posted by Bossip Staff Soulja Boy is sayin’ some ignorant ish again, but this time it’s about Drake, Lil Wayne’s artist. We guess this is his attempt to solidify himself in the hip-hop world:

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May 15th 8:22am

For Discussion: Is This Police Kick In the Head to Gangster “Acceptable”??

Posted by Bossip Staff CLICK HERE to watch video The police in Southern California are no joke, we all know that. The community is split because of who they kicked. YOU MUST take a look at the die-hard gangster they kicked below… and we do mean “DIE-HARD”:

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May 15th 8:20am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff 7 Ways Kanye West Can Stop Being a Social Media Douche Livesteez Jay Z is Demanding Celebslam Sightings: Eva and Tony at the Cannes Film Festival Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Ancilla Tilia F-Listed Super Two’s Day: Halle Berry Complex Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Will Try In Vitro Because They Want Twins…

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