February 19th 10:46am

Domestic Disputes: Permed Up Al’s Daughter Socked In The Mouth And Thrown Out Of A Car By Boyfriend

Damn. Something is always happening to Al Sharpton’s daughter. Back in ’08 she was hit by a car, in November of ’09 she was arrested for cussin out one-time, and now her boyfriend is whooping her as*:

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February 19th 10:40am

WTF: Zebra Escapes Circus And Ends Up On A Major Interstate In Atlanta

A Zebra by the name of Lima was found walking down the interstate in Atlanta in the middle of rush hour. The circus claims that Lima was outside of Philips Arena exercising for Thursday evening’s show and apparently she was startled and ran away. Pop the Top for the Video

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February 19th 10:24am

Flavor Of Love’s “Hotlanta” Does Not Love The Kids, Popped For Battery And Cruelty To Children

SMH: One of the stars of the VH1 show “Flavor of Love” was arrested in Georgia — after cops say “Hotlanta” got violent in a mysterious incident involving a child.

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February 19th 9:49am

Tiger’s Out His Cage And On The Loose: Hide The Beckys

Tiger Woods was spotted out playing golf near his Orlando home.  Tiger is scheduled to give a press conference at 11AM today to publically discuss his affair and alleged drug use. Judging from the smile on his face he’s not worried.  More pics on the flippy.

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February 19th 9:30am

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Was Chris Brown Chopping Down One Of “Daddy’s Girls” While Dating Rihanna???

The young lady behind the text message that ultimately drove Chris Brown and Rihanna apart is still a mystery to most folks, but now BOSSIP has learned the identity of a young lady Brown planned to meet that night, and it turns out it’s someone many of you have seen on MTV before. Pop the…

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February 19th 9:21am

Some Morning Drizzy

Drizzy Drake is featured inside the March issue of GQ magazine “modeling” and being all versatile. What do you think ladies…you likey? Flip the script for more…

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February 19th 9:15am

No White People Allowed In Jay-Z’s VIP Area

While Bey Bey is getting all oil’d up by big lip Julius, Jay-Z was partying it up at a Brit Awards after-party at Merah in London. According to some of the party-goers, if you were WHITE, then you were not the RIGHT color to get in that NIGHT…

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February 19th 9:00am

Remember Me?? In White Folks News Edition

Remember Michelle Trachtenberg from Harriet the Spy?? Well she’s grown now and singing raunchy Nicki Minaj lyrics in NYC taxi cabs. Continue…

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February 19th 8:40am

Lil’ Wayne + His Jacked Up Grill = 8 ROOT CANALS!!!

Like they say, “Everything That Glitter Ain’t Gold” and neither are Lil’ Wayne’s real teeth. Earlier this month, Lil’ Wayne’s sentencing was delayed because he needed some dental done, which included 8 Root Canals!!! DAYYUMM… That’s a Messed Up Grill!!!

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February 19th 8:37am

Make Up Does Wonders

Alicia Keys has transformed into a totally different person from the last time we saw her.  Pop the top to see A Keys looking lovely on the cover of Gotham Magazine…

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February 19th 8:12am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Top High School Athlete Killed By Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend In Murder-Suicide

BOSSIP has learned that one of the top High School football prospects this year, Rajaan Bennett, was murdered by his mother’s ex-boyfriend. Details under the hood:

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February 19th 7:59am

We Knew Kelly Rowland Was A Freak But…

Kelly Rowland had a birthday bash at Haze nightclub in Vegas and did a nice little performance as well.  She decided to use the stripper pole as a prop and from the looks of thangs she’s done this before. More pics of Kelly under the hood.

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February 18th 4:31pm

Nick to Mariah: “You Need To Take Your Drunk A$* To Rehab”

According to sources Mariah Carey may be considering going into rehab. Details on the flip.

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February 18th 12:27pm

10 Ways To Tell You’ve Made A Good Connection

(Photo Courtesy of Pete Taylor) Good day Bossip folks! One of our readers e-mailed the question, “I’ve been dating a guy for a few months and want to know how soon it too soon to make it official?” How many of us know the awkward in-between stages of a relationship when two people are seeing…

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February 18th 12:26pm

Get Up Close And Personal With Mary

Our girl Mary J. Blige has teamed up with Walmart’s Soundcheck to provide fans with an intimate and behind the scenes look at the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul:

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