January 5th 1:39pm

Griefstricken Or Famemongerer? Tila’s Tweets Give Casey Johnson Life After Death

Leave it to attention whore extraordinaire Tila Tequila to bring the grieving process into her already bizarre Twitter page. With the death of her heiress fiance, forget about the usual “grieving in private” most folks do. Pop the hood for the saddest tweets of Tila’s life

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January 5th 1:34pm

Shaq’s Woman On The Side Of Five Years To File Harrassment Suit

We’re betting that Shaq isn’t doing too much celebrating off the court with today’s news that a longtime jumpoff of his has hired Gloria Allred to represent her in a harassment suit.

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January 5th 1:01pm

Attention Whores: The Game Decides to Clown Christina Milian’s Feet on Twitter

The Game is proving that he clearly has nothing to do with his time. He must have asked Dream to collaborate with him on some music and got declined because for some odd reason, he decided to cater some of his tweets to going in on Christina Milian’s feet… Pop if for the Foolishness…

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January 5th 1:01pm

Another Day, Another Arrest: Domestic Violence Rears Its Ugly Head Again

SMH. Lil Boog aka Jarell Damonte Houston was arrested for fighting with the mother of his children: “A patrol unit was dispatched to investigate a domestic violence call,” Harding said. “He was subsequently arrested and booked on suspicion of domestic assault, a felony.”

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January 5th 12:52pm

Certified Links

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Jade Huntington (GO) Alfamega’s Daughter Stabbed At Atlanta Nightclub (GO) Rihanna Gets Her Bikini on For Matt Kemp (GO) Bad Boy Films Sued Over ‘Notorious’ (GO) Snooki from Jersey Shore on Jay Leno (GO) Man Calls 911 & Informs Them Of Plan To Assassinate President Obama (GO) Ke$ha Admits to Being Bi-Sexual (GO)…

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January 5th 12:48pm

Whose Kid Just Turned 15???

This boy pictured above is Jordan, and he just turned 15. His dad was not at the party, but his NFL stepdaddy and reality star mother were. Pop the top to see to whom this newly turned 15-year-old belongs

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January 5th 12:40pm

Timbo Believes Haters Tried To Sabotage His Bromance With Camel

Timbaland wants to keep making producer/rapper magic with Jay-Z and has been publicly defending his loyalty to the Brooklyn MC. Timbo says he feared their relationship would be damaged when several of their Blueprint 3 collaborations took a leak and he believes the culprit was trying to sabotage his relationship with Hov. Continue

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January 5th 12:22pm

Tiger Woods May Not Claim to be Black but He Sure Does Enjoy the Perks!!!

Back in 1997, a writer from GQ magazine quoted what they say is the REAL Tiger Woods in an interview. Even though Tiger doesn’t associate himself with being black, he doesn’t shy away from the perks that come with it and clearly voiced it during his interview, for example let’s say his half black ___________.…

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January 5th 12:09pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Melody Thorton was seen on the scene at a New Year’s Bash wearing some sort of clown attire.  We know for a fact that this little broad tries entirely too hard to be ‘different’ and ‘edgy’ when it comes to fashion, but what you all think??   More flicks under the hood.

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January 5th 10:18am

Jayson Williams Injured In Car Crash, Possible D.U.I. Suspected

Hopefully after all he’s been through, this guy isn’t dumb enough to drink and drive: Ex-NBA player Jayson Williams was taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning after being injured in a car crash. Continue…

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January 5th 10:12am

R.I.P: Widow of Johnson Publishing Founder Dies

Eunice W. Johnson, 93, widow of Johnson Publishing Co. founder John H. Johnson has died.  She suffered from of renal failure on Sunday at her Chicago home, according to a company spokeswoman.  Details under the hood.

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January 5th 10:03am

Out of Pocket?? Forbes Editor Says the NBA is Full of Thugs

Forbes National Editor, Michael Ozanian, goes in on the Gilbert Arenas situation and says the NBA is “full of thugs”:

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January 5th 9:56am

New Video Breaks Down Freemason Symbology In Jay-Z *On To The Next One*

We told you this weekend that folks were up in arms about symbols from freemasonry being all up in the Jay-Z “On To The Next One” video. Now a video has emerged that breaks them down one by one.

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January 5th 9:44am

What is Wrong with This Picture???

One of our Bossip readers just sent us this picture and said that it should go under the category of “What is Wrong with This Picture??? ” Our reader also thought that there may be some low key racism going on. What do you think??? What is Wrong with This Picture??? Flip the Hood to…

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January 5th 9:13am

Ci-ERROR is L*Officiel Skinny and Greased Up in Baby Oil

A couple of months ago, we showed the pic above from Ciara’s photo shoot for L’Officiel magazine. She was so skinny in the pic that she looked like she needed to eat a bucket of chicken, well now we have all the pics from the entire shoot… THE GIRL STILL NEEDS TO EAT A BUCKET…

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