October 7th 9:05am

Jennifer Lopez Is Back As… “Lola” With New Jawn “Fresh Out The Oven”

Your girl J. Lo is back on the scene with a new jawn, Fresh Out The Oven. Her new album is produced by the Neptunes and the new jawn has Pitbull on it. Pop it for the listen

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October 7th 8:55am

In White Folks News: Ted Kennedy Slept with Over 1,000 Broads

Just when we thought Lil Wayne was bad, reports have hit the scene that Ted Kennedy slept with over 1,000 women.

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October 7th 8:45am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Lunatic Mother Sliced Infant Son’s Neck

A Brooklyn mother is sitting in one of New York’s infamous jail cells right now, a condition bestowed upon her after she initiated a horrendous attack on her son. 29-year-old Tineka Johnson was arrested before sunrise after police learned that she assaulted her 5-month-old son. Local authorities arrived to find the infant covered in blood.…

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October 7th 8:34am

Free Shyne Po!

Shyne was supposed to be released yesterday, but you know how fake the NY System is. They seem to do what they want, when they want. Now that sorry system has abruptly decided to deport Shyne instead of release him: Shyne will be deported back to Belize as soon as…

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October 7th 8:25am

Diddy Wants One More Chance

Diddy is looking to reunite with the Lox and do their upcoming album.

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October 7th 8:20am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Both Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall hit up the “Law Abiding Citizen” LA Premiere last night. But we want to know…Who looked more bangin??? Flip the script for more pics including Jamie Foxx, Eva Pigford, Tyrese, etc..

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October 7th 8:15am

Kids are Getting High Off of Salvia and It’s Legal!!!

A lot of kids try to experiment with drugs. They normally start off with marijuana and then go for something harder or even prescription drugs. Well now, they don’t need a prescription, nor will you get in trouble for buying it. It’s called Salvia and over the past 3 years, it has been getting worse.

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October 7th 8:10am

Usher is Ready to Sign Them Papers… But He Is Stalling Like a Motha

Seems like Usher isn’t practicing what he preaches in his new jawn “Papers.” Instead of signing his divorce papers and moving on from his nasty split, he’s been delaying signing the divorce documents. Why?

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October 7th 8:05am

Claudia Go Home and Try Again Boo

Claudia Jordan came out the house to an LA premiere with her hair looking like she rinsed it in a bottle of peroxide. We want her to go home and try again like so many other people who took our advice. More pics of Claudia on the flipside

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October 7th 8:00am

When Pigs Fly: We Have Seen It All Now

We have seen little white girls and all types of others drop it low, but never have we seen anything like this. SMH Pop the top and watch a white boy… dip it low in his bloomers

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October 7th 7:55am

Leona Lewis Is Black… Right?

Leona Lewis has a new album called, Echo. We don’t think most of our readers are checking for it, so Leona released some new photos to promote the album. BTW, doesn’t she look like a very tanned white girl? Pop the top to see more airbrushed pictures (the girl is not as skinny as the…

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October 7th 7:50am

Mike Vick’s Fiancee Breaks Her Silence!!!

Kijafa Frink is Michael Vick’s fiancee. She is interviewed by Kendra G. and breaks down the real about their bankruptcy, wedding plans, and more. Pop it and peep

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October 6th 2:30pm

Kandi Burruss’ Ex-Fiance A.J. Kicked the Dog Mess Out of Dude Accused Of Killing Him… Look At His Mugshot!!!

The person pictured above is Frederick Richardson, the man accused of killing A.J.. Today he was denied bond. We have his mugshot from the night of the incident. Frederick got his @ss whooped from the look of the mug shot… Pop it and peep

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October 6th 2:29pm

Did Top Chef Freak Padma Lakshmi Get Chopped Down by Her Own Cousin? Refuses to Say Name of Baby’s Father

That “POT” or ‘Pretty Old Thang’ Padma Lakshmi refuses to mention the name of the man who knocked her up. She has been stepping out with her Hollyweird agent “cousin” Manu and we think he has been diggin’ in her “curry” on the low.

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October 6th 10:54am

Twitter Files: AJ’s Last Words…

AJ’s twitter account was up and poppin before he was murdered, and from the looks of it, someone really pissed him off.  Pop the hood to see his last words over the net.

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