July 7th 8:10am

Dawn Looks Like Honey

Nice to see Dawn sans Que this time in Honey Magazine wearing her natural hair and staying in the mix, even if Diddy is paying her crumbs and scraps. Pop the top for the rest

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July 7th 8:07am

President Barack Obama Talks Possibility of North Korea War

President Obama is talking about the prospect of a North Korea war with the U.S.:

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July 7th 8:05am

Mini Michael Jackson!

A tip came in pointing us in this Michael Jackson impersonator’s direction.  Mini Michael…LOL&SMH. R.I.P. Michael… Click Here to Watch

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July 7th 8:00am

Some Morning Fug

Lil Wayne was in Miami last night for the D Woods birthday party. That dress on D Woods looks flea market bought and poor Lil Wayne and all those tats…looks like he didn’t get to mature before someone let him make the adolescent decision of getting them done. SMH Pop the top for more people in…

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July 7th 6:45am

Debbie Rowe Chooses Not to Attend Jackson Funeral; Doesn’t Want to be a ‘Distraction’

Looks like MJ’s ole sea hag won’t be attending the funeral after all: Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother of his two oldest children ,has decided to not to attend the singer’s memorial service Tuesday afternoon. Continue..

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July 6th 9:00am

Victim’s Sister Claims “Third Party” Involved in McNair Murder

This twisted story regarding the double homicide/suicide of Steve McNair and his girlfriend Shaleh is spiraling further out of control. Rumors are floating around that her ex-boyfriend might have something to do with their death. Flip the lid for more

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July 6th 8:50am

Breezy Brings His Latest Piece to Diddy’s White Party While Lauren London Shows Off Her Baby Mama Steez

Chris Brown and his new “Y.T.” Teyana Taylor attended Puffy’s “White Party”. They are hanging out something tough, but where is Teyana getting the money to fly from coast to coast so frequently? Also in attendance was Lauren London with her pregnant-protruding belly. Pop the top to see the first picture of Lauren knocked up…

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July 6th 8:46am

Rihanna Pasties Her Nips While Partying With Jay-Z and The ROC

Rihanna was out in Vegas over the weekend, hooking up with Jay-Z’s BFF, wearing pasties to cover her nip’s, getting cozy with another member of the R.O.C., and even chit chatting with Jamie Foxx. All of this went down yesterday at Club Tao as well as The Palms in Las Vegas. Pop the top for…

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July 6th 8:40am

Sextra: Top 10 Kama Sutra Positions Part 2

No matter how skilled you may think you are sexually, there’s always room for improvement. Check out these unique sexual positions so you can step up your sex game. Pop the top for more

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July 6th 8:38am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Breaking News! Katherine Jackson Denied Control Over Michael Jackson’s Estate LiveSteez A Brief Burst of Sunshine Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Jillian Beyor F-Listed Where is Kim Porter Part 34: He Loves Baby Oil All Over His Body Bossip Throwback

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July 6th 8:38am

MJ’s Doc Prescribed Medications to Janet Jackson?

It wasn’t bad enough that MJ’s doctors have all come into question regarding his death and the fact that they facilitated the destruction of the world’s greatest performer but now its being said that one of MJ’s doctors might have been hitting Janet off with some illegal prescriptions too.

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July 6th 8:37am

Bad News For Kanye: Breezy Tongue’s It Up With Amber Rose at the ‘White Party’

The rumor mill is going crazy this morning saying that Chris Brown and Amber Rose got it in at the White Party

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July 6th 8:37am

Question of The Day: What is Diddy Doing to His Artists to Make Them Religious After Dealing With Him?

We don’t understand what Diddy can be doing to these artists to turn them stone cold on the music business, but he does it. First there was Mase, and this is Loon people. It’s not a fake beard, Loon changed his name and converted to Islam. Nothing wrong with turning your life around, but…. We…

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July 6th 8:36am

Drake and BET Apologize for BET Awards 2009 Performance While Lil’ Wayne is Mum

With last Sunday’s suspect performance at the BET Awards, its not surprising that Drake would apologize for the R-Kelly inspired performance put on by him and Lil Wayne. Is it just us or does Lil Wayne seem to be on a path of self-destruction? He needs Jesus in his life. Fareal. Flip the script for…

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July 6th 8:35am

Khloe Kardashian Back Together With Brotha’s For the “White” Reasons

Diddy held his annual “White Party” in Beverly Hills over the weekend; guess who showed up? Not only did Khloe Kardashian show the world she is still letting a black man chop her plump-loins up, but Cassie, Amber Rose, and Lil Kim were present to show how hoodrat-rich they are as well. Pop the top…

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