May 16th 9:35am

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Joy Bryant, Zoe Saldana and Gabrielle Union attended the Rogan for Target Debut at Barneys, NYC last night. Zoe looks rather worn, perhaps some Starbucks would’ve hit the spot. Sanaa Lathan hit up the event as well. Check out close ups just below. Check out pics of Kenan Thomspon & co.…

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May 16th 9:32am

“What The F*%k Are You Doing??”

Posted by Bossip Staff This week News anchor Sue Simmons of New York’s WNBC/Channel 4 got riggedy raw on the airwaves and cussed some dude out. Click HERE to watch the hilarious clip and read about the apparent cause of the famously foul outburst.

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May 16th 9:31am

I Pity the Fool

Posted by Bossip Staff That’s right, T is for Tyrese in the new A-Team film: John Singleton has apparently decided that Tyrese Gibson will play BA Baracus in his forthcoming feature film update of the popular television series “The A Team.” WTF?? Tyrese as Mr T? It boggles the mind. Last we heard Ice Cube…

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May 16th 8:56am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff The ever-deflating Star Jones recently hosted a taping of “The Bad Girls Club” where one of the girls accused another of being “a cheeseburger away from being obese” – which caused a huge brawl. Here’s what Star had to say about the comment: “If I punched every b*tch who called me…

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May 16th 8:41am

Meagan Good Does Vanity Fair

Posted by Bossip Staff She must have a movie or something coming out, because all of a sudden Meagan Good is popping up two days in a row. Here she is in the June issue of Vanity Fair “Vanities Girls” Edition. She was also caught by the paps outside of American Apparel in Beverly Hills…

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May 16th 8:30am

Excuses, Excuses

Posted by Bossip Staff Foxy’s long awaited album “Brooklyn’s Don Diva” has been released. Here’s what ole Inga had to say about it: “‘Unfortunately, during my incarceration, this CD was compiled without my approval. I heard this CD in its entirety, for the first time, just says ago and was devastated. In another phase of…

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May 15th 3:04pm

Make Up Works Wonders

Posted by Bossip Staff Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted outside of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills yesterday looking rather rough, raggedy and worn the hell out. She’s got that slob swag on lock – yikes!

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May 15th 2:34pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In

Posted by Bossip Staff It is being previously said about his gambling addiction: Barkley has made no secret of his gambling over the years. He estimated during a May 2006 interview with ESPN that he’d gambled away about $10 million over the years. “Do I have a gambling problem? Yeah, I do have a gambling…

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May 15th 2:00pm

Who Wouldn’t Pay To Watch This?

Posted by Bossip Staff By years end, we may be able to watch Suge get his ass handed to him on pay-per-view: “Suge Knight might have a chance for redemption. [Apparently] several Las Vegas promoters are offering the Death Row Records founder and the infamous man who reportedly knocked him out a chance to fight…

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May 15th 1:53pm

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff An interrupted lady was charged for a Myspace suicide after she posed as a a 16 year-old boy and tried to get at a young girl with some Myspace harassment. The little girl later committed suicide. SMH. White folks sho can be crazy.

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May 15th 1:00pm

Tatted Up Chubby Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff Ricky Ross should never leave the house without a shirt mainly because the sight of his bare belly is a fright before noon. However, we couldn’t resist; he steals the show in this July ’08 XXL cover shot . We didn’t even notice Trina, Flo Rida, and DJ Khaled with all…

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May 15th 12:00pm

The Role of a Lifetime

Posted by Bossip Staff A source has told us that Canadian songstress Keshia Chante has been casted for the leading role of Aaliyah in the biopic set to start shooting in August. A couple of years back – it was supposed to be some video vixen type. This new jawn definitely appears more suitable for…

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May 15th 11:45am

Desert Storm Trooper

Posted by Bossip Staff Chilli was spotted outside of the Waverly Inn in NYC last night in her Desert Storm get-up. She needs to step it up before she finds herself completely off the radar. We’ve also got pics of Estelle performing at the Crystal Club in London in the thumbs. A lil more Estelle…

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May 15th 11:30am


Posted by Bossip Staff This scuzzball racist named “Dog” the Bounty Hunter had his TV program pulled from A&E behind the fact that he made some foul statements about his son’s black girlfriend. Click HERE to read up on this wretched tale and learn about A&E’s recent decision about the fate of his program.

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