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Beautiful Women Who Date Unattractive Men

Most of us think hot women are unattainable. But a lot of famous women date regular guys the rest of us might not think are that attractive. So since these women dated less than stellar men, maybe you have a chance.

Christina Hendricks – She married Geoffrey Arend who looks like he’s in chemistry class.

Janet Jackson – She was with Jermaine Dupri for the loooongest time and we don’t get it.

Beyonce – Remember when she first started dating Jay Z? Everyone thought she was with the ugliest guy ever.

Adriana Lima – She’s with Marko Jaric. And though he’s an NBA player, he’s not even that good of one and…well…okay we’re just hating.

Olivia Wilde – She is giving it up to Jason Sudeikis, who’s just a regular guy, but before that she was with Salman Rushdie. Goodness.

Padma Lakshmi – She married freaking Salman Rushdie. Incredible.

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Garcelle Beauvais – She married a regular guy…and he cheated on her! SMH.

Eve – Max looks like a regular guy…worth a few billion bucks though.

Christina Milian – She was with The Dream and now is with Lil Wayne…really?

Lauren London – She also dated Lil Wayne and had his baby…now she’s dating regular rappers too.

Christina Aguilera – Her husband was also extremely regular.

Britney Spears – Wait…she dates backup dancers?

Jennifer Lopez – Once guys saw she was with a regular backup dancer, they all felt like they missed the chance.

Lisa Raye – She keeps getting with regular guys including Al Sharpton.

Vivica A. Fox – She’s dating regular guys ever since 50 Cent.


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