A List Of Famous Names Who Have Shown Their Ignorance On Ferguson

You’re Not Helping: 14 Famous People Who Are Trolling Us About Ferguson

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We all know better than to look for celebrities to give us words of wisdom in a time of crisis.

Celebrities Talking Out Of Turn On Ferguson

This Ferguson, Missouri ordeal is no exception. But for some reason the famous folks always want to speak out anyway.

Here are 14 famous names who could have kept it to themselves.


KeKe Palmer

The new Cinderella is definitely living in a fairy tale.  After calling for citizens that are under attack to seek unity with their attackers, she bizarrely asks “How can you Fight ME if I’m not fighting YOU? When all the turmoil in Ferguson is about an unarmed person being shot dead and people standing in their own yards being teargassed, we think she might have gotten confused along the way. She also got curved repeatedly trying to get interviews from protesters who have been keeping the story alive on social media.





No stranger to saying idiotic things at the wrong time, Tyrese took to twitter to insensitively compare civilian crime to a dead teenager being shot by police and refused CPR. You would think by now Jody would be tired of getting dragged across social networks by annoyed readers.


This St. Lunatic took a break from thirsting on Instagram to tell the media that his neighbors in Ferguson were overreacting. Although he has not shown up next door to Ferguson to assist in person, he wants to see more strategy in place and accused the  protesters of wanting to justify looting. Rather than help with the immediate matters at hand, Nelly pledged a scholarship fund in the dead boy’s name.




Jhene Aiko fired off a series of odd tweets about making each other suffer, a diseased human condition and emotions. Saying “it” starts with you and other weirdo comments that seemed to point the blame for the midwest drama on folks not being Zen enough. The whispering singer can say what she wants but in the middle of the Ferguson fire her followers found her spacey comments offensive.

Donald Glover  Another weirdo having strange outbursts on Twitter, this dude went on a rant about wanting to be white and then added that Twitter activism doesn’t work and neither do marches. A few hours later thousands of people worldwide took to the streets in peace to speak out against police brutality due to Twitter activism (#NMOS14) spreading the word and message. Thousands of dollars to support protesters on the ground in Ferguson was subsequently raised. From Twitter activism.


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Tye Tribbett. The hyped up gospel singer first posted pics celebrating #NMOS14 with people taking a a stand against police brutality. Then he turned around and posted a paragraph about us killing each other and the focus not being on the cop! He sounds confused and so are we about his flip-flopping. The issue at  hand is police murdering people. Stay on message.

Gilbert Arenas  called Al Sharpton a THOT coon ( we don’t really disagree with him there) but then he went on to call black people dumb and accuse them of robbing and burning down everything when they hear bad news. With crazy talk like this always coming out of his mouth it’s no wonder he’s no longer in the league.



Justin Timberlake. He’s been trolling us all since he left Janet hanging at the Super Bowl. But most recently he decided to call Madonna the N-word for her birthday smack dab in the middle of the Ferguson unrest . But Madonna calls her kids N-words. So I guess they have a special trolling connection. He deleted the tweet but we all know what’s up.



Jesse Jackson. We’re not sure what Jesse was planning to do when he got to Ferguson and apparently he didn’t either. After arriving a few days too late, the reverend was booed  at a rally for asking for donations.



J. Cole.  dropped a single for Mike Brown. While we understand the sentiment, how is this different than people spamming us with mixtape links on Twitter with a #Ferguson hashtag? Not Now Cole. We’ll give him a pass since he traveled to Ferguson to talk to the people.

T.I.  Always one for contradiction, the rapping actor told the press that  “we should have waited to see if justice was going to be served first … We shouldn’t have played our strongest hand first.” Umm  Tip who is WE? And who is playing??? And aren’t you the same person that tells young women you will END them for talking slick on social networks? Or catches the fade from prize fighters over a few pics? But you want the citizens of Ferguson to relax when someone gets murdered? Ok. Cool.


Don Lemon has been trolling us for years with his respectability politics and criticizing of black people’s clothing. But he took the cake this time by implying on air that violence was part of black people’s nature. Not only is this idiotic and untrue (only people killing people in Ferguson are the cops), we wonder if he knows he’s black too? Are you violent Mr. Lemon? Your comments certainly are.


B.O.B. must have been feeling bitter about being washed as he hopped online to say that all anybody does is “Tweet” (because we really see B.O.B. organizing communities). Then he compared someone named  “Twon” shooting up 12 neighbors to a uniformed officer killing a teenager with his hands up by shooting him six times. In other words he needs to have a seat and figure out why his career tanked.



Al Sharpton. Permed up claymation Al went to Ferguson and St. Louis late in the game to make some speeches and be the “voice” for the people he doesn’t know. And he just couldn’t resist taking yet another jab at sagging pants and fake looters. We think he wanted high-profile photo ops for his weight-loss journey.









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