Why Pretend? The 13 Fakest Celebrities In The World

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The 13 Fakest Celebrities In The World

You know what people like? Authenticity. But some celebrities seem to lack it. These 13 celebrities are leading the league in fake and we can’t deny it.


Rick Ross-New York-WENN

Rick Ross – No, we still haven’t forgotten about his parole officer days.

Iggy Azalea-New York-WENN

Iggy Azalea – Her rump is fake. Her accent is fake. Fake fake fake.

Dwight Howard-California-WENN

Dwight Howard – He came in the league acting all holier than thou while getting chicks pregnant left and right.

Miley Cyrus-United States-WENN

Miley Cyrus – She wants to be a Black woman soooooo bad…nobody is buying that crap.


Eddie Long – No country for false teaching and messing with kids.

Kim Kardashian-Ontario-WENN

Kim Kardashian – Fake is skin deep sometimes too.

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    Taylor Swift-New York -WENN

    Taylor Swift – She pretends to be wholesome and girl next door but everyone is getting fed up with the act.

    James Franco-California-WENN

    James Franco – He wants to be all “weird” and unique but he’s seen as pretty much a pretentious guy.

    Riff Raff-Nevada-WENN

    Riff Raff – Well. Look at him.

    Jermaine Jackson-California-WENN

    Tito and Jermaine Jackson – They bought their faces at K-Mart.

    Don Lemon-New York-WENN

    Don Lemon – Yeah. We’re seeing how he looks in the light.


    Apollo – Getting arrested for fraud is pretty fake, right?

    Kris Jenner-New York-WENN

    Kris Jenner – Everything she does is for publicity…nobody is buying it.

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