Things People Say When They're Not Interested In You

Thanks But No Thanks, Boo: 11 Curves You Never Saw Coming

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Whether texting, talking on the phone or in person, sometimes you got curved and you ain’t even know it.

Crafty Ways Your Advances Were Rejected

You’re flirting hard, using your best game and your crush seems into it. They’re responding and things are going well… So you think. Time goes by and you realize you never really got an answer out of them one way or the other. Damn.


Here are 14 curves you never saw coming.



You’re texting up a storm, talking about how you and your crush should go out and spelling out exactly what you’d like to see happen and all they type back is LOL. You’re stuck. And it ain’t no laughing matter.



K. You told your crush all the details of your life, your favorite colors, what type of thread count you have in your sheets, what gym you workout at, and they hit you with “K”. Couldn’t even be bothered to hit you with a full OKAY. Just one letter and a “do not disturb”.


One day next week! This person clearly has no intentions of linking up with you, but they throw a random time-frame to keep you guessing. Next week will come and go and you’ll still be at square one. Nice try though.



Soon.  Another arbitrary unspecified date term, “soon’ is the perfect curve because it’s slick enough to not be a dis, but clearly not a commitment to any action.


I know! We need to…  Here your crush has acknowledged your feelings. They have let you know that they hear you and they say they agree you need to hook up. But that’s it. They say it. Good luck getting them to do.

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“You know you got my messages…”



I don’t even know. Often said in response to “How are you?” this curve is solid. At this point your crush doesn’t even try to be gentle or cool. They just feign ignorance.


You need to stop playing. This is where your crush is messing with your head. You know you’ve done everything in your power to show them that  you’re interested. Instead of just admitting that the feelings aren’t mutual, they try to trick you into trying a little harder. Basically you’ve been curved.


I’ll see. Your crush may be a little tense if they use this one. You’re not sure what they’ll be seeing or when, but it’s safe to say they won’t be seeing you.


I’m just so busy. Sure. some people are more busy than others but we always make time for what we want to do. If someone keeps hitting you with the “busy” excuse, you are just not a priority at this time.

If you’re waiting by the phone, you’ve been curved.


You didn’t call me either! Your crush flips the blame right back onto you. They still don’t want to hang out, but they pretend as if you curved them, so as not to be the bad guy.


You see that? Sometimes your crush will create a diversion to switch your attention to something else and get you distracted from the curve.




Sometimes you gotta just see the writing on the wall. If  a person is not reciprocating or is always leaving you confused? You’ve been curved. Get your self-esteem together and deal with people who want to deal with you.









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