Screw A Vogue: 13 People Who REALLY Made Big Butts Cool

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12 People Who Made Big Butts Cool

Recently, Vogue came out with an article praising the “new” trend of bigger butts. It’s classic revisionist history as we’ve been celebrating derrieres forever. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these people who made big butts cool before big butts got Columbus’d.

Nicki Minaj – She’s been toting that big thing around for ages. Manufactured or not, it’s something people have taken to.

J. Lo – She’s the donk queen and is pretty much undefeated.

Sir Mix-A-Lot – He made the definitive big butt anthem of the 90s.

Juvenile – He made the definitive big butt anthem of the 99 and 2000.

Hype Williams – His videos of women with their donks became pop culture masterpieces.

Beyonce – Remember “Bootylicious”…?

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    Serena Williams – She brought big butts to the mainstream sports world in ways people weren’t ready for.

    Q-Tip – Remember the “Vivrant Thing” video? All those rumps? Whoo lawd.

    LL Cool J – Remember “Keisha got a big ol’ butt…I hate to say it but it’s trueeee?” Yeah, he was a big butt advocate.

    Buffy The Body – She’s one of the rump pioneers in the “urban model” game

    Cherokee D’A$$ – She really made big butts the thing to do in the adult industry. Respect.

    Uncle Luke – How could we forget? He made rump shaking a national treasure.

    NOT Iggy Azalea – Anyone but Iggy Azalea

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