Get Your Casts: The Most Gruesome Sports Injuries Of All Time

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The Most Gruesome Sports Injuries Of All Time

Injuries happen in sports all the time. It’s part of the job description. But some injuries are worst than others. These injuries might make you lose your lunch and cry a bit. But at least you’re not these athletes.

Kevin Ware – This Louisville player had his leg basically break in two on live television.

Paul George – He had a similar injury when his leg shattered during the FIBA World Cup scrimmage.

Evander Holyfield – He got half his ear bitten by Mike Tyson.

Marcus Lattimore – Just look at this video. He eventually signed to the 49ers after healing up.

Anderson Silva – His leg split in half during this fight gone wrong.

Willis Mcgahee – He had his leg break in college but went on to a decent career in the NFL.

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    Owen Hart – He plummeted to his death in the middle of a WWE ring back in 1999.

    Dale Earnhardt – He died in the middle of a race when his car hit the wall.

    RGIII – Just yesterday he dislocated his ankle and it turned sideways. Yikes.

    Mick Foley – He lost an ear during a wrestling match…an entire ear.

    Joe Theisman – Probably the most famous sports injury of all time. His ankle got shattered by Lawrence Taylor and his career was over.

    Llewellyn Starks – This long jumper had a gruesome injury at the Olympics and that was the end.

    Buster Posey – He got hit while trying to block home plate and had his ankle turn inside out.

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